Top Disney Princess Movies All Kids Need to Watch


Every child is familiar with the big castle and fireworks and the celebrated background music. Yes!!! We are definitely talking about the charming and enchanting movies by Disney.

Disney have had inspired the young crowd for a very long time, thus creating an alternate universe of imagination.

Countless movies have been produced to serve different life lessons and morals for the audience to take away with them.

Disney Princesses, from the very first one that debuted in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to Frozen 2, have seen quite a lot of evolution.

Disney princesses

To begin with, they have enchanted and inspired millions of children. The love for their incredible stories has continued to grow among Disney fans for generations around the globe.

Moreover, these movies have always acted as a reminder to be kind to ourselves, everything that surrounds us, including wildlife and the environment.

But there are so many that it’s nearly impossible to pick just one. Podium brings to you the list of some top Disney Princess movies to start with.

Top Disney Princess Movies All Kids Need To Watch

FROZEN (2013)


A 2013 American computer-animated musical fantasy,”Frozen” is the 53rd animated feature in the Walt Disney Animated Classics series.

The story focuses on two sisters who are also the princesses of the kingdom Arendelle. Elsa, the elder one, possesses uncontrollable magical powers that can turn anything and everything to ice and snow.

During Elsa’s royal coronation, a fight between the sisters leads to Elsa losing control of her powers. Accidently she traps Arendelle in an eternal winter. To stop herself from causing any further harm to the kingdom and the people, Elsa runs away from the town.

Now it is upon younger princess Anna, to bring back Elsa, and to restore peace in Arendelle.

Anna along with Kristoff, Swen- the reindeer, and Olaf, the most adored character of this movie sets off on an action-packed adventure and thrilling journey.

“Frozen” is quite possibly the strongest film in Disney’s catalog and among their most enjoyable films ever. The movie comes to play with a stream of great songs and some good humor as the story unfolds.

A sequel that surrounds the mystery of Elsa’s magical powers was released in the year 2019. Catch its trailer here.

BRAVE ( 2012)

The movie BRAVE, is an entertaining, humorous, and heartfelt CGI film, with beautiful and memorable characters.

It tells the story of Merida, a princess by birth, and a rebellious daughter. In an attempt to change her fate and prove herself she ends up making a huge mistake. Merida must discover the true meaning of courage and undo a beastly curse before it’s too late.

The heart of the story is Merida’s relationship with her mother and how an understanding develops between the two. They begin to work together and grow closer than ever.

The environment, the costumes, the character movements among other things make this film a gigantic step forward. An inexplicably wonderful movie, with an uplifting message, continues to be a widely popular Disney princess movie.

MULAN ( 1998)

Disney Mulan 1998

Mulan; a well animated and entertaining movie, is Disney’s adaptation on the Chinese folk tale about a teenage girl Mulan.

As China is attacked by the Huns, the emperor passes the order to enlist one man from every family to help fight invaders. In order to save her father, who is the only male in her family, she disguises herself as a man and takes his place. Accompanied by Mushu, the dragon, and the lucky cricket, Mulan learns how to be a soldier and saves the day.

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The movie showcases very realistic situations where Mulan has to step up for her family and face the hardships and challenges that come her way all by herself. A story about empowerment, love for family, sacrifice and self-dependence, there’s something about Mulan which is so memorable, that makes it one among the must-watch Disney Princess movies.

MOANA ( 2016)


A phenomenal movie released in 2016 , Moana is a story about a girl growing up regarding herself destined for more than just living a quiet life.

She eventually finds herself to be the chosen one to go on a mission to save the world. As a result, she slowly gains the confidence to undertake a long journey across the sea to Te Fiti in order to save her people.

Moana is an inspiring movie that shows the determination of a girl, a blossoming friendship, hard work, and passion. It maintains a balance and bounces back and forth between evoking tears and laughter.

It addresses both the strengths of weaknesses of “going solo,” and working with a partner, as challenging as they can both be at times. Most importantly, Moana is also about love for and commitment to family, friends, and community.

TANGLED (2010)


Disney’s 50th animated feature, Tangled, is based on the German fairy tale “Rapunzel”.

The plot revolves around a princess named  Rapunzel who has magical powers bestowed in her long hair. She is kidnapped by Mother Gothel while she was still an infant and raised in a tall tower.

She grows up unaware of the world outside. On her 18th birthday, she manages to escape from the tower with the help of the kingdom’s most-wanted bandit, Flynn Rider. As the story unravels, she discovers truths about her past and her real identity as a princess and finally reunites with her family.

Tangled is a magically comforting movie that emphasizes the importance of finding courage within oneself, and how important one’s own freedom is. 

Beauty And The Beast (1991)

Beauty and the beast

The Beauty and the Beast is one of Disney’s finest classics, based on a French fairy tale of the same name.

An arrogant prince cursed by an enchantress lives with his dreaded appearance in a ruined castle while hoping for some love. As the years pass, the lovely Belle grows up in the neighboring village with her eccentric father Maurice.

Belle’s father takes a new invention through the woods to the fair and winds up at the Beast’s castle, where he’s taken prisoner. Belle, a spirited young woman, agrees to switch places with her father, and promises to stay with the beast forever.

As the magic unfolds, we witness a much softer and kinder version of the beast and also how Belle’s selfless love frees him from the curse. The movie resonates with a strong message that beauty is skin deep.

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Final Thoughts

Packed with action, magical beings, interesting characters as well as a lot of singing and dancing, these Disney princess movies for kids have the ability and power to shape how a child perceives his/her surroundings and situations. In the end, what matters is the lessons they pick on after watching these sumptuous films.

Therefore, Podium school brings to you a compilation of the top Disney Princess movies for your child. With these recommendations, we hope that your child, whilst having fun, also learns along the way.

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