9 Best Books for kids to Read This Vacation!

Ever wondered how can you take your little one to the summit of the Himalayas? To the deepest dreaded oceans? To the world of Hades and the magical, mystical fairyland? You can travel everywhere while staying at home. All thanks to books! With Podium School, find out the best books for kids to read this vacation. We would love for you to pick one from our list of choices below!

Books are our best friends!

Books for Kids to Read This Vacation

The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse

Curl up on your comfy sofa and let this heartwarming story conjure all the charm of short-form prose and beautiful drawings while the four titular friends converse with each other. The themes explored in this book are kindness, friendship, and love. Charlie Mackesy’s work of art is bound to leave an imprint on young minds this vacation.

The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse

The easy-to-understand illustrations and calligraphy attract children effortlessly. Surely, the uncluttered lessons on truth and honesty are something your child will cherish forever. Indeed, it’s a story you would wish you grew up reading! Buy this book, here!

The Dog who Saved the World

This fantasy story is about a thrilling experiment: virtual reality. Ross Welford in his adventurous story injected with science fiction leaves the readers enchanted. 11-year-old Georgia befriends an eccentric scientist. She becomes a test subject for her new experiment. The extraordinary journey of lovely and distinctive characters infused with elements of time travel hooks the readers.

The Dog who Saved the World

Regarded as one of the most relatable books for children because of its theme of love for animals, the story alludes to and eventually explores adults’ issues in its own way. The courageous and simultaneously innocent traits of children are heartwarming features of this book.

The Dog who Saved the World trailer

The Girl who Drank the Moon

Right from the magical setting, enthralling plot, and well-developed characters, this story enraptures its readers. Woven with multiple perspectives, Kelly Barnhill leaves us spellbound with her fairytale.

The Girl who Drank the Moon

The layered story unfolds as the witch who saved a baby girl from death feeds her moonlight. This is a story of a powerful and enigmatic world that comprises both integrity and treachery. Altogether, the bestseller tale takes the young readers on a journey of magic and wisdom replete with social complexities and escalating plot.

A Boy called Hope

Lara Williamson’s heartfelt novel is ideal for developing social and emotional skills. The novel speaks volumes about hope and courage. The author takes us to the world of an 11-year-old boy ‘Daniel Hope’ and his longing for his father.

A Boy called Hope

The raw emotions promise to make us laugh and cry in equal measures. Altogether, children are sure to love this emotional journey.


“Matilda” is a must-read for young children. The story is of a little bookworm who is also proficient in telekinesis. Matilda is a nerdy charmer who overcomes her struggles with her cleverness and conquers challenges with knowledge. She not only helps herself but also her classmates and her teacher from the dreaded headmistress Miss Trunchbull.


Instead of shielding the kids from the eternal darkness of this world, Dahl helps them understand it. Subtly, the story exposes children to the grim reality of the world. It urges them to stand up for themselves. Therefore, Matilda is one of our top preferences when it comes to the best books for kids.

The Indian In the Cupboard

The Indian in the cupboard

The fictional novel appeals immensely to children and emerges as a great vacation pick. The exciting plot, complex characters, and high-quality writing are attractive features of Lynne Reid Banks’ brilliant prose. The brave characters from these pages promise to teach us something new and something good.

Banks’ story revolves around a young boy Omri who is enchanted when he discovers the powers of a magical cupboard. Therefore, the story will become a favorite pick for young readers who love to dabble with the fantasy genre.

Lucky, it’s Summer

The third book in the Lucky series by Nalini Sorensen is lucid in its prose and cheerfulness. Aditi and Zara are at Nana and Nani’s house for the summer holidays. Lucky, the Cocker Spaniel puppy, and Vincent the parrot engage in playful banter. Amusingly, Vincent learns to screech, “Lucky, Lucky!.” We cannot forget Shabby the tortoise who is likely to disappear all of a sudden. Treat your young minds with this fun read!

Lucky, Its Summer

The Gopi Diaries: Coming Home

Sudha Murty- a darling of children’s fiction, The Gopi Diaries. It is inspired by her family’s youngest member, Gopi, her dog. The stories enunciate basic life lessons told from the perspective of a dog.

The Gopi Diaries: Coming Home

Gopi describes his journey of moving in with a loving family. Altogether, children are sure to cherish the unique writing style of the affable Murty and mesmerizing sketches by Sandhya Prabhat. Suitable for young kids, the Gopi Diaries will leave a heartwarming imprint on young readers.

Gopi diaries by Sudha Murty

The Blue Umbrella

The prolific Ruskin Bond is known for his lucidly written and nostalgic grip on children’s literature. The Blue Umbrella is one of Bond’s most famous and most loved reads which is suitable for kids aged 5 to 9. The classic is a story fresh from the Himalayan Foothills.

Blue Umbrella - Illustrated Storybook on Behance
The Blue Umbrella

Little Biniya acquires the coveted blue umbrella after trading in her most precious possession. However, while it propels her to celebrity status, some nasty people have their eyes on Biniya and her umbrella. And one day, the umbrella goes missing. What happens thereafter and who was the culprit forms the latter part of the story.

The end might take readers by surprise, but it will surely give them some life lessons to emulate. Biniya’s decisions throughout the book make for an interesting topic of discussion for youngsters.

Final Thoughts

Therefore, with these much-loved nine books, your child’s vacation reading list will be a vibrant one. These books entertain and perplex in equal measures, and this is why we think that adding such interesting books to your child’s vacation days will make it more memorable. Directing your child towards reading will help them develop excellent vocabulary and thinking skills.

Introducing children to new books can be quite tricky, but it is rewarding in the end. The right books can lay the foundation for a child’s personality development. Hence, we at Podium School desire that each child should unlock the world of reading to gift themselves a little bioscope that helps them make sense of the world while navigating it. With this, we encourage you to check out the Top 10 books by J.K. Rowling and other listicles on the Podium Blog for scouting the next read for your children!

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