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Books by David Walliams are an emerging and groundbreaking trend in children’s fiction, along with the unconventional Dr. Suess and whimsical Eric Carle books.

David Walliams begun publishing for kids in 2008, and many people recognize him as the UK’s fastest rising children’s author. He is mainly remembered for his comic timing in BBC’s Little Britain. Many organizations have adapted his works into 53 dialects. 

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With a literary approach akin to Roald Dahl, Walliams has written 25 children’s books spanning full-length novels, short tales, and graphic novels, all of which are illustrated. 

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Though Walliams’ graphic novels appeal kids of all ages; we suggest his brief tales for children aged 5 and up and his full-length fiction for kids aged 8 and above. Hesitant readers could appreciate the David Walliams audiobooks narrated by him with funny voiceovers. Do check out this reading of Billionaire Boy!

The impeccable David Walliams (L) in Little Britain with Matt Lucas (R)

Most grownups would recognize David Walliams from his comedic sketch program Little Britain or as a judge on ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent. However, kids fondly recall him as a darling author and poet.

The Boy in the Dress, was one of the first books by David Walliams. He has subsequently gone further to create a lengthy list of additional children’s books over the last decade.

David Walliams: UK’S Best spelling children’s author

The Best Books by David Walliams

Billionaire Boy

Joe Spud is an 11-year-old kid having all the typical adolescent issues. Besides that, he is also a millionaire. Joe seems to have everything money can buy. From Olympic-sized indoor pools to cutting-edge technology, although there’s something he doesn’t have: a friend.

Billionaire boy

Thus, Joe sets out to persuade his father (a guy from modest beginnings who has now become a millionaire) to allow him to enroll at the local comprehensive school. But Joe’s problems don’t stop there.

Beginning a new school is only the beginning of a long process of self-discovery. Joe understands that money cannot buy pleasure and that families and friendships are much more essential than materialistic possessions.

This book is chock-full of oddball characters illustrated by Tony Ross. One of the most touching and smile-inducing books by David Walliams, Billionaire Boy is heart-warming and hilarious for both youngsters and adults.

The Ice Monster

The Ice Monster, David Walliams’ latest book, has received praise and accolades from critics and fans worldwide. This Victorian-era tale about the British orphan Elsie, this read promises a ‘MAMMOTH’ adventure, in the words of Walliams himself.

As word breaks about the existence of a strange ‘Ice Monster’ in the Arctic, Elsie takes off on a dangerous and thrilling journey across the ocean to learn more about the monstrous entity.

The ice monster

An immense and exciting tale that transports the readers from Victorian London to the frozen wastelands of the North Pole, the story demonstrates that superheroes exist in all shapes and sizes, from courageous little girls to 10,000-year-old woolly mammoths! Trust books by David Walliams to deliver the dramatic irony with a comic twist.

Mr. Stink

Mr. Stink by David Walliams examines that looks (and sometimes, scents) are deceptive. The tale of a lonesome tramp who develops a relationship with Chloe, a disturbed young woman from the very same area, is brought to life in this delightful British children’s book. 

Mr. Stink

Chloe isn’t penniless, but she in spirit, she is homeless and lonely. She quickly develops a connection with Mr. Stink and his dog, Duchess, and sometimes hides them in her garden shed because it seems that they may be chased out of town.

This creative story tackles strong ideas of deceit, perspectives, and affection. Poignant and funny, Mr. Stink educates youngsters that everybody has secrets, that actual worth lies beyond the exterior, and true friendships may be discovered in the strangest of places. And the stinkiest of people!

The Boy in the Dress

The Boy in the Dress is notable for several reasons, given that it is Walliams’ debut. It recounts the tale of Dennis, who enjoys both soccer and clothing (that amuses his elder brother and lorry-driving father). 

The boy in the dress

He feels isolated and lonely by his mother’s departure from the family, whom he misses dearly. Dennis’s obsession with fashion baffles his father. Once he discovers an issue of Vogue magazine hidden beneath his son’s bed, and all the hell ensues.

However, after spending some time in detention with Lisa, the trendiest girl in school and a budding fashionista, he discovers that being “unique” isn’t that terrible after all. The novel deals with delicate topics such as non-conformity, preconceptions, and teenage relations with elegance and humor. 

Dennis’s excursion into cross-dressing, his humorous claims to be a foreign exchange student, and the nostalgic allusions to Um-Bongo inspire laughter as well as a hope for acceptance and self-esteem. We affirm, that readers will not be disappointed with this read by the witty, but conscious Walliams.

Gangsta Granny

Ben does not believe he and his old Granny have anything in common. He’s eleven years old, an only kid who despises reading. At the same time, Granny prefers to play scrabble and relish stinky cabbage soup. Whenever his folks go to watch ballroom dances, he dreads his monthly trips to her home. 

Trust Gangsta Granny to include all the unconventional ingredients of books by David Walliams

Everything changes, though, when he learns that his grandmother has a fascinating mystery. Her grandmother was once an infamous jewelry burglar, and her life’s goal is to steal the Crown Jewels! They embark upon a journey that will alter Ben’s life forever. 

Gangsta Granny is a beautiful novel that is thrilling, funny, and thought-provoking all at the same time. Several fascinating observations about our connections with parental expectations and the unique link between kids and their elders are hidden gems among humorous drawings and the corny puns.

Final Words

David Walliams is on his way to become a worldwide sensation, given the immense popularity of his writing. With worldwide sales of over 14.1 million books, his capacity to amaze audiences is unrivalled. Walliams has also been writing graphic novels. The most recent, The Bear Who Went Boo!, was released in November 2015 and has sold over 85,000 copies. 

His third picture book, The Queen’s Orang-utan, was explicitly published for Comic Relief. Walliams donated 100% of the profits to the charity. We at Podium school wish that these witty tales are read more by enthusiastic readers like you. Acquaint yourself with fascinating and unconventional tales by David Walliams and classic authors like Beatrix PotterC.S. Lewis and Enid Blyton to regale children and grown-ups alike!

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