Anthony Horowitz: The Best Anthony Horowitz Series For You!

Our tributes to authors would be incomplete without Anthony Horowitz series. Anthony Horowitz is one of the most prominent and prolific authors in the U.K. A versatile writer, he is a natural polymath who is an author, a screenwriter and a journalist.

Horowitz has authored over 40 novels, including the popular Alex Rider series, an adolescent espionage saga. Adapted into a 2006 film of the same name, the series has a record sales of 19 million books worldwide. 

‘Oblivion’, the dramatic finale to the Power of Five series by Horowitz, came out in October 2012 to much fanfare. His book, The House of Silk was released to wide acclaim in November 2011. Critics hailed it as the best book of the fall. 

This talented writer surely deserves a fitting tribute honoring his best works. Therefore, we bring to you the best of Anthony Horowitz series which will keep young bibliophiles occupied for days at end!

More about Anthony Horowitz

In 2019, Horowitz became a Patron of Home-Start in Suffolk. This small regional family support organization helps families negotiate through difficult situations. These situations include mental health problems, grief, long-term or fatal illness, and so much more. 

Writing tips from Anthony Horowitz

Thus, Horowitz decided to pursue charity to contribute to the heart of the concerned community. In addition to that, the organization brings together qualified participants into families’ lives to help sustain them both essentially and intellectually. All thanks to Horowitz, Home-Start has been able to help students from these underprivileged families in every respect. We love an author who also serves the society!

The Best Anthony Horowitz series

Alex Rider Series

The Alex series

One of Anthony Horowitz’s finest collections of young adult books is the Alex Rider Series. The franchise revolves around the namesake adolescent spy. It consists of 12 outstanding books, the first of which is “Stormbreaker.”

Alex Rider, the 14-year-old protagonist of this espionage thriller, has a loyal fan following to egg him on in his adventures.

The story begins with how some enemies assassinate Ian, Alex’s protector and dear relative. Furthermore, Alex discovers that his uncle was not who he claimed to be. Since his uncle was a British government agent, the state now wishes Alex to take up his uncle’s investigation into Sayle Enterprises, the creators of the Stormbreaker computer.

Top 5 Alex Rider books Anthony Horowitz

Given the world’s recent lock-down, the most current read in the series of novels is ‘Nightshade’. We encourage our readers to pick up this interesting read if they haven’t done so already. Buy the whole Alex Rider box-set here!

Sherlock Holmes series

This Anthony Horowitz series is a thrilling duology. A reimagining of Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous ‘Sherlock Holmes’, the readers won’t be disappointed with this rendition.

Horowitz’s debut “The House of Silk,” is trailed by its successor, “Moriarty”. This is after receiving permission from Arthur Conan Doyle’s estates to create a new Sherlock Holmes tale. 

Sherlock homes series

The serie reintroduces Sherlock Holmes with all the subtlety and British class. In addition to this, Horowitz keeps us Sherlock’s famed superhuman skills of deduction. This duology is the perfect read for crime fiction enthusiasts who swear by Holmes’ impeccable timing and some brain-teaser adventures.

Gatekeeper series

Between 2005 and 2012, Horowitz’s Gatekeeper pentology kept his readers satiated. The novel centers on five children: Matthew Freeman, Pedro, Scott Tyler, Jamie Tyler, and Scarlett Adams. This gang of fifteen-year-olds is on a mission to fight the Old Ones with their new-found strengths. The first book in the sequence is titled “Raven’s Gate,” and the final installment is “Oblivion.”

gatekeeper series

Also known as The Power of Five in the United States, this thrilling adventure will keep fans of YA thriller series hooked. Human sacrifice and blood rituals form the key features of this adventure, which raise the stakes and invest the readers in the miasma.

Detective Daniel Hawthorne series

A strongly written trilogy from Horowitz features in this list as one of his best gifts to readers of crime-fiction. It consists the books ‘The Word is Murder’, ‘The Sentence is Death’ and ‘A Line to Kill’ .

Detective Daniel Hawthrone series

Death, deception and deducing forms the crux of these adventures which feature the namesake private investigator and his author sidekick named after Horowitz himself. Each novel explores the gruesome murders and Hawthorne himself, as he harbors some dark secrets of his own.

The Diamond Brothers

The Diamond Brother series is a treat for young adolescents. First released in 1986, the series follows the exploits of Tim Diamond, the world’s poorest investigator, and his little sibling Nick Diamond. The Falcon’s Malteser is the first novel in the collection trailed by six installments.

The Diamond Brothers

Groosham Grange series

Groosham Grange is about a covert operative of the Bishop of Bletchley who has always been on the trail to destroy a magical school of the same name as the novel.

Groosham Grange series

Yet another duology by Horowitz, the Groosham Grange series is a rib-tickling adventure which combines both the gags and the spooks, something which will remind readers of Oscar Wilde’s The Canterville Ghost.

Horowitz Horror Shorts

Anthony Horowitz released 2 volumes of brief horror tales, Horowitz Horror and Horowitz Horror II. The book makes liberal use of first-person and third-person perspectives throughout. The third batch of tales, with nine stories still awaits a release from the ardent Horowitz fans.

Horowitz Horror shorts

The Pentagram Chronicles

The Pentagram Series is a compilation which concerns some wicked events that endanger the existence of the people in the books. Horowitz authored The Devil’s Door-Bell in 1983, trailed by “The Night of the Scorpion” (1985), “The Silver Citadel” (1986), and “Day of the Dragon” (1989).

The Pentagram Chronicles

Final Thoughts

Therefore, one must admit that Anthony Horowitz series have inspired scores of generations to pick up reading again. This is due to the brilliant wordsmanship of Horowitz, who has been a dedicated contributor to children’s fiction, much like David Walliams and C.S. Lewis.

We at Podium hope that you must have discovered your new literary obsession. Trust Anthony Horowitz series to inspire in you a great love for writings that shout brilliance. Joining the league of writers such as Carolyn Keene of Nancy Drew Fame and ‘American Assassin’ author Vince Flynn, Horowitz is a deserved entry in our curated lists for children’s fiction.

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