Learn Chess Online: The complete beginners guide

To learn chess online is an outcome of the recent adaptations in response to the Covid-19 pandemic across the world. The pandemic hit made it mandatory for aspiring chess players and expert chess tutors to shift to an online mode of teaching and learning. As a result of which, now there are many institutions and tutors providing chess coaching online. With the help of chess coaching online, learning chess for beginners has now become a very easy task. There are several resources available on the internet that provide a complete beginner’s guide to chess.

To learn chess through chess coaching online not only makes it easy for beginners to know about basic chess moves and rules. Instead, it also makes chess learning much more interactive and interesting with the help of various digital simulations and challenging games. A complete beginner’s guide to chess serves as a crucial learning tool to novice chess players aspiring to become experts. With all that said, it is important to note that chess coaching online also has its disadvantages. There are several limitations of chess coaching online ranging from strain in the eye due to increased screen time to lack of concentration.

How good are you at chess?

It is vital to self-assess your existing knowledge about chess and its moves so as to take chess coaching online and become an expert. Below are some questions about basic rules and moves of chess curated by chess experts at Podium school. You can try to answer them by yourself first and then check if it’s correct or not.

Assess your chess knowledge

Which pawn can move backwards, black or white?

Neither of the pawns can move backwards on a chessboard. Pawns always move forward.

What is en-passant move in a chess game?

An en-passant move is a special type of attacking move which can be played with a pawn.

How does a bishop moves on a chess board, horizontally, vertically or diagonally?

A bishop always moves diagonally on a chessboard. There is no limitation on the number of steps it can move at a time.

What do you understand by ‘underpromotion’ in a chess game?

Underpromotion in a game of chess means that the pawn can be respawned into pieces other than queen such as rookie, bishop etc.

What do you mean by doubled pawns in a chess game?

Doubled pawns are when two pawns end up on similar files proceeding with a capture.

What are some of the best defensive tactics in chess?

  • Sicilian defense
  • Ruy-Lopez
  • King’s Indian defense
  • Queen’s Gambit
  • Caro-Kann defense

These are some of the best defensive chess openings.

A Beginner’s guide to chess-

The chess experts at Podium school have curated an excellent and high-yield complete beginner’s guide to chess. This guide helps novice chess players to learn about the chess tactics and moves starting from the basics.

A complete beginner’s guide to learn chess

An Introduction to the Chess-

Chess is among the games that have their origins dating back centuries ago. It is a board game and involves a specific chessboard that has 64 squares of contrasting colours, black and white. Chess is a dual-person game and involves two opponents with black and white pieces respectively. There are 16 pieces in total for each player. The pieces in a chess game are of six types, which are-

  • King
  • Queen
  • Rook
  • Bishop
  • Knight
  • Pawn

Each type of chess piece moves in a different and specific way on the chessboard. A chessboard is like a battleground where two opponent armies consisting of 16 pieces fight with each other. The aim for each is to win the battle by capturing the opponent’s king.

The Basic chess moves-

There is a specific way of moving different chess pieces on a chessboard. A king moves differently from a queen and other chess pieces.

  • King- a king can move one square at a time in any direction on a chessboard.
  • Queen- a queen has no restrictions on how many squares it can move at a time in any direction. But it can move in the file or rank in any particular direction untill there is no obstruction by any other chess piece.
  • Rook- a rook can move obstruction free file or rank for unlimited squares at atime but only in horizontal or vertical diections.
  • Bishop- a bishop can only move diagonally in chessboard squares till it faces any obstruction due to other chess piece.
  • Knight- a knight always moves 2 squares horizontally or vertically and then one square in the left or right to the current square.
  • Pawn- a pawn can move one step forwards in vertical directions only. During captures, it moves one square diagonally towards the opponent’s chess piece.

Each player has one king and one queen, two rooks, bishops, and knights, and eight pawns.

Vital and core chess moves-

Checkmate, stalemate and castling are some of the vital moves that constitute the core of all chess moves. It is crucial for a beginner to learn about these moves so as to achieve expertise in chess.

Learn the basics of chess


Checkmate is a situation to be faced by the opponent in a game of chess. It happens when the opponent is unable to defend its King by any moves and the capture of the king is evident. It declares the individual who checkmates the opponent as the winner of the game.


Stalemate is a situation in which the player having the turn to move his chess pieces has no legal moves yet his king is not in check by the opponent. It declares the game as a draw or tie.


Castling is one of the special moves in the game of chess. It adds to the safety of the most valuable chess piece, King. Castling involves moving the king towards the rook for two squares and then crossing the rook to the original square of the king.

Chess openings-

Chess openings are the specific sets of chess moves that are to be played at the starting of the game. There are several types of chess openings falling under different categories such as defensive or attacking types. Basic chess openings lead the game towards modified and engaging game setups. Some famous chess openings include the Sicilian defence, Ruy-Lopez, queen’s gambit, and Caro-Kann’s defence.

Basic rules and moves of the game-

The basic rules related to the moves of different types of chess pieces are in terms of the directions and the number of squares they can move at a time on the chessboard. There are some special moves in a game of chess such as En-passant move, Castling, Queen’s gambit etc.

Final thoughts- Podium school

Podium school is the right choice for beginners and kids to learn about the game of chess and its basic rules and moves. The online chess tutorials available at Podium school are crafted by skilled chess experts. The educators at Podium school believe in teaching interactively so as to make the learning process efficient.

Online chess tutorial by Podium school

Following are a few out of so many reasons for choosing podium school for online chess tutorial.

  • High yield online chess tutorials
  • Chess experts as educators for beginners
  • A complete beginners’ guide to chess
  • Individual interactive and engaging chess classes
  • Interactive chess moves simulations
  • Detailed descriptions of famous chess tactics
  • Excellent backend support and query resolution


How should a beginner learn chess?

A beginner should always start from the basics so as to learn all the minor details of the game. As a beginner, one must learn about the basic moves and rules of the game. He should familiarise himself with some of the vital chess moves such as Castling and Checkmate. Podium school provides a complete beginner’s guide to chess.

How can I teach myself to play chess?

Learning how to play chess has now become an easy task with the help of online chess tutorials and a beginner’s guide to chess. In order to learn to play chess by yourself, you can opt for various resources available on the internet. A complete beginner’s guide to chess by Podiums school is a good choice to start with and acquire expertise in the game.

What should chess beginners focus on?

As a beginner in learning the chess game, one should focus more on the basic and crucial chess moves and rules. The foundation of famous chess openings such as Ruy-Lopez or the Sicilian Defence is laid over basic chess moves. Therefore, it is crucial to focus on minor and basic details of the game as a beginner.

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