Creative Writing Classes: 10 Best Ways to Learn Creative Writing Online

Want to make use of your free time? Then you should definitely learn creative writingCreative writing is a talent, a skill that enables you to express your emotions in the right manner, a means of escape from reality and/or to serve some other purpose of your life. The pandemic has locked us inside our homes away from the outside world; we must make use of this time and learn new usable skills that will benefit us in near future.

Here are 10 ways you can learn creative writing online:

Enrol in an online class

Register yourself for an online class, to learn creative writing online, where a mentor will guide you and make you understand the basic important things that one should keep in mind while doing creative writing. The mentor will explain the various aspects like character sketch, plot formation, structure, and more. The mentor or the teacher will allow you to explore the section of your mind that you, yourself, didn’t know existed; the part of your mind, brain full of ideas.

The classes will add a sense of discipline and responsibility to you. The teacher will help you understand the different genres and styles of writing. The mentor will help you understand the best way to express your emotions, feelings and ideas. So carefully choose the class that you wish to enrol in.

Think out of the box

While doing creative writing, you should always keep your door open for new and unique ideas. You can discuss it with your mentor or just jot them down and see what you can make out of it. Creative writing can sometimes be like a trial-and-error kind of art where you have an idea and you’ll have to see where it fits best. Try combining different ideas and themes and create a masterpiece. Try to collaborate with different genres, go for the high road. Don’t hesitate while experimenting and trying new things while writing; switch roles of characters and introduce some new twist to the story.

Track your progress

Keeping a track of your progress and work is very essential, the work you’ve done so far or whatever you’ve learned stays in the consciousness. Tracking your progress reduces the chances of failure and brings you closer to your goal. You should regularly attend your classes and maintain a notebook for the notes and practice.

how to start creative writing

Keep a diary of ideas to learn creative writing

Ideas and thoughts are something that can pop up in your mind unexpectedly at any time. It’s important that you note down these ideas and thoughts so that you look back at them while writing your script or paper. The ideas can be combined and be used in different contexts and will extricate you from “writer’s block”. This diary of ideas will be like a treasure box of yours full of precious and unique ideas and thoughts always and only accessible by you.

Understand the basics

Understanding the basics while writing any type of paper is very necessary, your mentor or teacher will guide you about this. Your teacher will tell you some unique tips and tricks that will allow you to write flawlessly and with the flow. Knowing your basics will allow you to write without mistakes and regrets. You should know the basic formats, genres, styles, grammar and some other things.

Grammar is very important while writing, as it will help you form perfect sentences and increase the readability of your text. Having a structure and style also increases readability along with engagement. The readers will like to read more of your work if it has a flow to it and this flow will come if you know the basics. Hence knowing your basics is very necessary and significant.

Expand your vocabulary

Vocabulary is a part of English without which you can not make use of the language English. It is the basis of good communication skill from writing to speaking to listening to reading. Vocabulary expands your view of the world and invites new ideas and thoughts. It also improves your writing and understanding as a writer and an English speaker.

To learn creative writing, Read, Read & Read

Reading exercises your mind. It refreshes and fills the mind with ideas. Creative writing is a skill that requires you to have ideas and thoughts that you can express; reading boosts that power of yours.

Complete the course

Completing the course that you are enrolled or registered in is very important. You’ll be able to learn creative writing properly only when you commit to the course properly and complete it. Completing the course means that you were sincere with your work and art. You’ll also learn significant tips and tricks.

Try new genres and topics

As I’ve mentioned before, it’s important to take risks and try new things. Play with themes and concepts. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes or failing, you’ll learn new things. In this process, you’ll create an amazing text; something very original and individual.

Practice is the key to learn creative writing

It is rightly said that practice makes a man perfect. Practising creative writing will sharpen your vision as a writer and broaden your horizon. You should make it a rule to contribute at least an hour daily to practice your creative writing skills by picking a random topic to write about. You should maintain a record of your daily practice so that you can look back at your progress as a creative writer.

Tips for better creative writing

In conclusion, I would like to tell you that everything takes time, creative writing is a wonderful investment of your time; as it is something that will help you in the long run. It’ll make a lot of things easier for you from academics to normal day-to-day life. I hope this article was helpful, and you understood if not the whole thing but some of it. Best of luck on your journey as a creative writer.

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