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As soon as you hear a familiar rhythm kicking in, you will definitely put up a little performance- complete with the lyrics, the dance, and the promotion of the product. This is the world of advertising jingles, which have touched audiences far and wide.

Advertising jingles are an effective device to promote a certain product or service which creates an indelible impression on us. But, however simple it looks, creating an advertising jingle from scratch requires nuance. However, don’t sweat it, as Podium School is here to your rescue with our beginner-friendly article on writing the most powerful advertising jingles! Read on to find out how.

Advertising Jingles

What are Advertising Jingles?

Advertising Jingle is the sound brand of an advertising company. It creates an emotional connection with our mind when we listen to it repetitively.

A jingle is a particular musical arrangement that follows the psychology of an earworm song. In other words, it is a resounding musical autograph that helps users identify with a particular brand.

What are advertising jingles?

Music is the shorthand of emotions and that is what a jingle proves true. An advertising jingle creates an emotional connection that has a long-term effect on the mind of the customer with regards to a particular brand.

Features of a Great Advertising Jingle


An advertising jingle should be consistent and repetitive to create an emotional and mental connection with the mind of the customer. Consistency also has to do with the frequency of jingles- the more frequently you hear that catchy rhythm, the more likely it is for the jingle to create a pattern. This pattern is that of immediate identification- where simple words and catchy rhythm become a part of our consumerist thinking.



An advertising jingle should be simple, sweet, and melodious. Some of the best jingles have a great arrangement of music and lyrics. A poor jingle can also create an adverse effect on the mind of the customers. Therefore, a successful jingle employs a simplistic but genius quality.

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Catchy Tune

An advertising jingle should have a simple and catchy tune. Do not use difficult words to increase its quality otherwise, your jingle might have an adverse effect on the mind of your audience. You may check out this acapella tribute to some of India’s oldest ad jingles, here.

Steps to Write an Advertisement Jingle

Identify Product

Before creating an advertising jingle, you need to identify the product in order to target your customer base. For instance, if you are going to create a jingle for a bike, you need to be familiar with its qualities- speed, mileage, look as well as price.

Identify Customers

One of the most important tips to write a blockbuster advertising jingle is to identify the audience. Since your ad jingle is meant to target your audience and promote the product among them, you must research your consumers. Do whatever you can- surveys, layman observation, interaction- to get a whiff of what they would prefer. Since, ad jingles are an important area of creative writing, determining the audience becomes imperative to their success.

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Identify customer

Rhyming Words

After Identifying your product and customer range now you can start to make a jingle. But firstly, you should remember that a line should comprise rhyming words. This is because it will be much more catchy than a line containing standard words. For example, the advertising jingle of Everest spices ” Taste main Best, Mummy Aur Everest”.


Your advertising jingle always should be simple and easy as only a simple jingle can attract the maximum crowd. For example,” Take a break, have a KitKat” or ‘KFC- It’s Finger-Lickin’ Good’.

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Keep it simple

Product Benefits

This is very important content of an advertising Jingle and makes it more attractive and beautiful. If your ad jingle would contain the benefits of your product then it would yield maximum productivity for the brand.

For example the Advertising Jingle of Vico ” Vico Turmeric Ayurvedic Cream”. Here Turmeric and Ayurvedic words are representing the  connectivity of the cream with natural elements.

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Company Name in Between

Mentioning the company’s name in the jingle is imperative to write a successful advertisement jingle. You must give a tag to the jingle by mentioning the brand. This is so that the customer is able to establish an immediate connection between the brand and the jingle.

Company name in between

Some Famous Brands Advertising Jingles

1)Nescafe’s “ Pa Para Ra Pa Ra Ra” is so catchy that people cannot stop themselves from uttering the word ” Nescafe”.

2) The advertising Jingle of AMUL due to its repetitive and catchy tune always draws the attention of customers to rhyme the words ” AMUL the taste of India.”

How to Use Advertising Jingles ?

TV / YouTube Advertisement

Advertising jingles can be extremely effective if used in television advertisement as there are audio and visual media to further enhance its appeal.

Print Advertisement

Advertising Jingles used in print media is much more economical than TV advertisements. Brand owners can use different jingles on various occasions as the cost of production is also low. AMUL advertising Jingles  are one of the best examples of it.

Radio Commercial

Radio Advertisements are more economical than TV Advertisements. Using jingles in podcasts and radio programs is a more effective way to use them.

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Final Thoughts on Advertising Jingles

Therefore, armed with these important, but basic facts about advertising jingles- you can write one of your own! But this, like any other craft, will also require patience and practice. After all when Rome wasn’t built in a day, then a simple jingle also requires considerable understanding of rhyme, tempo and lyrics.

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