14 Amazingly Useful Educational Websites for Children

Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) or digital learning is also known as digital education. It is the creative use of digital technology and resources in teaching and learning. Digital learning is a type of learning that is supported by technology. It gives students some control over where they study, when they learn, and how they learn. Digital learning is taking over traditional learning practices every day and rapidly. Therefore, Podium today presents the best educational websites for children.

The COVID-19 epidemic ushered in a massive and abrupt shift in society’s digital landscape. The epidemic compelled us to make a massive digital leap in children’s fundamental education as well. Fortunately, for us, there are several companies and organizations that specialize in doing exactly that.

There are numerous online learning platforms in the market such as Udemy, Coursera, Khan Academy, Skillshare that serve millions of people. When it comes to your child, you want the best there is. Ever since online classes have become the new norm, it is only natural to worry about quality education and reliable sources of information. Therefore, while educational websites and online learning have become premier sources of education, it is important to determine the best and the most beneficial out of them.

But how do you determine what is best? There are close to thousands of genius sources children can cite for help with homework right now and explore. But, very few offer the whole package of learning and fun. Therefore, we make this tedious task easier for you- from homework videos, live classes, interactive courses, and premium worksheets for your little learner. Check out this read by Podium School on the best educational websites and online forums to help your kids snap out of regular rote learning and step into the world of edutainment!

Useful Educational Websites for kids

Best Educational Websites for Your Kids

1. Khan Academy

For most academic subjects, the best place to look for some of the best education videos is Khan Academy. It is a free online learning service with course material covering science, math, art history, and a few other subjects. The lessons contain readings, videos, and interactive components. It makes the new learners study properly step by step and easier to manage their studies. Exclusively designed for a flexible pace, Khan Academy offers you immense knowledge.

Khan academy focuses on courses starting from Kindergarten to early college. There is a however a tiny gap in the content catalog. They do not offer classes in music or foreign languages to name a few.

Nonetheless, Khan offers valuable courses to speakers of other languages, Spanish, French, and Portuguese including others. It also offers non-academic learning, like building skills and professional development. Khan Academy also provides a deeper understanding of a few selected areas, such as cooking, filmmaking, writing, sports, etc.

Khan Academy Logo (PRNewsfoto/Khan Academy)


Coursera was founded by Stanford University computer science professors Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng, in the year 2012. With Coursera, you are free to take individual courses, pursue a specialization, embark on a professional certificate or MasterTrack certificate. There are also courses available to earn a full degree. Each one will vary in terms of its length, difficulty, and cost.

Coursera offers thousands of courses that would help you explore and expand your interests and career opportunities into any field you choose. What sets Coursera apart from others is some of the most prestigious Ivy League schools were the first to offer content on this platform.

Therefore, this allowed users to gain Ivy League-quality education without ever having to leave home. Coursera also includes specializations, that are unique and designed to build skills in certain areas/subjects. Each course lasts for about four to twelve weeks in general. Like any other course, you’ll observe Coursera courses differ between options, where some include quizzes, assignments, and weekly or daily exercises, others include final exams or projects. They may even include honours assignments.

Coursera logo

3. Podium School

Podium School is an online platform that offers private classes, flexible courses, and a premium subscription for workshops and interactive sessions. We believe that “Every child is Unique”!

Podium School offers myriad courses- from STEM to Origami- you name it! Spanning over live, interactive, and online sessions, the students are supported by expert faculty. Students also get a certificate upon admission and completion of courses at various levels- namely, beginner, intermediate, and advanced. On successful completion of a course, children obtain a globally valid certificate. Every course follows a well-structured curriculum and comprehensible learning outcomes.

Based on Howard Gardener’s Multiple Intelligences, Podium seeks to apply the theory to practice. All the study material and the courses in Podium school are designed for children between the age of 3-13 years. Courses at Podium range from contemporary dance, creative writing, acting & drama, public speaking, and many more. One can also refer to the Podium Blog- a venture where you can find the latest updates on a plethora of topics. Therefore, Podium School is one of the best educational websites for children.

Top mentors like Ruskin Bond, Shakti Mohan, Rajeev Kumar, Anjjan Srivastava, etc. offer flexible courses at this forum. Therefore, Podium happens to be one of the best user-friendly educational websites for little learners.

Podium School logo

4. edX

MIT and Harvard School jointly founded the nonprofit organization known as edX. It offers a range of 3,000 courses and programs from 140 different institutions, which is by far the highest. edX provides courses for all levels, from beginners to advanced. The self-paced courses make it quite easy to learn anywhere, at your own pace.

The forum makes it easy to earn a degree while working full-time. Therefore, students, young learners, and working professionals can refer to this staple educational website at any time. Financial aid makes it even more attainable for people who want to access the content at edX. They also provide certificates for each course taken, which are acceptable globally.

edX offers a wide selection of university-level courses from the best universities and institutions in the world. Examples include MIT, Harvard, Microsoft. It also comes with diverse and niche courses (“Women Making History”, “Cyber Security”, etc) with Excellent Micro Bachelors and Micro Masters programs. They also offer over 2,500 courses covering a variety of subjects: Architecture, Biology & Life Sciences, Business & Management, Chemistry, Computer Science, Design, Economics & Finance, and many more.

The most important of all is the course material, which is available for free to everyone. Video lectures, reading materials, assignments, quizzes, exams, and short tests are what make up most of all edX courses.

EdX logo

5. FutureLearn

FutureLearn launched in 2013 to bring education to the masses via the digital streaming platform, has partnered with a diverse group of institutions. This online platform has collaborated with reputed organizations like the BBC, and Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) along with the British Museum. FutureLearn covers learning that is 100% online. They provide courses that help with job-related education and have a 7-days trial period. For doing better this is one of those genius sources children can cite for help with homework right now.

There are a total of 16 ExpertTracks to choose from in FutureLearn. Each ExpertTrack consists of about three to four courses. Their courses are essentially designed to run over ten to twelve weeks. Courses are comfortable enough for an average beginner. FutureLearn courses range from “The Ultimate Digital Marketing Training: SEO, Google Ads, and Cold Email,” and many more.

Each course is drawn to teach a skill that is advantageous for young learners. Those who are taking courses but not looking to commit to an ExpertTrack should check out the individual courses. Updation of skills is the intent of the contents in FutureLearn.

Future learn logo

6. Udemy

Udemy, Inc. is an American massive open online course (MOOC) provider. It is geared towards working people and students. Eren Bali, Gagan Biyani, and Oktay Caglar formed it in May 2010.

The platform includes over 44 million students, 183,000 courses, and 65,000 teachers delivering courses in 75 languages as of June 2021. Over 594 million people have enrolled in courses. Students enroll in courses to improve their job-related abilities. Some courses can be used to get technical certification credit. Udemy has made a concerted attempt to recruit corporate trainers who want to offer courses for their company’s employees.

Business and entrepreneurship, academics, the arts, health, and fitness, language, music, and technology are only a few of the several topics covered in the courses. The majority of programmes include practical topics like Excel software or how to use an iPhone camera. Udemy for Business is a focused collection of over 7,000 training courses on topics ranging from digital marketing methods to office efficiency, design, management, programming, and more. Organizations may now construct unique learning portals for corporate training using Udemy for Business.

Udemy courses are either free or paid depending on the instructor and Udemy is one of the best educational websites.

Udemy logo

7. Unacademy

Unacademy is a Bangalore-based educational technology startup in India. Gaurav Munjal started the firm in 2015 with the help of Roman Saini and Hemesh Singh after starting it as a YouTube channel in 2010. The organization has over 5,00,000 registered instructors and provides test preparation materials for a variety of professional and educational entrance examinations. Unacademy classes are available in the form of Live Classes, which are both free and available on a subscription basis.

Unacademy has a number of instructors on board who are well-known specialists in various professions. On a wide range of topics, you may discover a selection of free, paid, and even live sessions. To access Unacademy’s content, click on their website or download their mobile app. The following are some of the free features: Unacademy Economics Live Sessions with Legends,  UPSC Exam Preparation Classes, and Learning Aptitude for SSC and Bank Exams.

Unacademy logo

8. Meritnation

Meritnation was one of the earliest names in the e-learning industry in India. They have maintained a constant lead in their industry and user base, which speaks volumes about their commitment to attempt new things and ensuring that users can profit from the notion of online education.

They presently conduct one of the most popular live courses for school children as well as JEE and AIPMT aspirants. Meritnation also offers these courses in Gulf countries. Meritnation’s live class faculty is made up of IIT alumni, which means they have the skills and years of expertise to answer students’ issues. Students will never run out of exam and test questions to practice in that class. The Meritnation question and answer forum are highly active. Experts and other users have responded to a variety of questions. There are also solutions to textbook problems and practice papers. These features simply make it much easier for students to understand ideas, practice, and study for tests.

Meritnation logo


SKILLSHARE is an online learning community-based in the United States for people interested in learning via instructional videos. The non-accredited courses can be accessed with a subscription.

The bulk of courses emphasizes interaction over lecture, with the primary purpose being learning through project completion. Creative arts, design, entrepreneurship, lifestyle, and technology are the key course categories.

Skillshare offers classes in advertising, business, design, fashion and style, film and video, food and drink, music, photography, gaming, technology, and writing and publishing, with many of the instructors being industry professionals. All of the online courses may be completed at your own leisure.

Seth Godin (entrepreneurship), Jessica Hische (lettering), Susan Orlean (creative nonfiction), Young Guru (audio mixing and recording), Yuko Shimizu (inking and drawing techniques), Marc Ecko (entrepreneurship and brand creation), Gary Vaynerchuk (social media strategy), Guy Kawasaki (entrepreneurship), and Paula Scher (entrepreneurship) are just a few of the notable instructors (graphic design).

Skillshare Originals, a collection of courses created by the company’s in-house staff, debuted in June 2018.

Skillshare logo

10. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn is an American employment service. It is the world’s largest professional network, helping people find and share opportunities every day. Managing your career is just one reason to join LinkedIn and LinkedIn always tries to take things forward with new and effective features. As you develop your professional profile, you establish an authoritative resource on your experience and capabilities that let people find you when they search the internet. In two minutes, you will be up and running with the most important page on the web you will ever have.

With LinkedIn, you will have more control over what Google shows when they search your name for example. Thus, having a robust profile encourages people to approach you with opportunities. Whether people are working in an office or on the go, LinkedIn keeps you in touch with the people that matter to your career. And since signing up is free, LinkedIn just might be the best investment you will make.

Apart from the introduction of LinkedIn and how it is generally used, it also decided to spread its wings more in the field of learning and educating people through LinkedIn Learning. It is one of the newly added features to arguably the biggest job portal in the world.

It specializes and emphasizes the actual job training courses and the operations. There are thousands of courses and great instructors who provide excellent knowledge and information about certain aspects of a particular job.

LinkedIn learning logo

11. BYJU’S

BYJU’S is one of the most leading platforms for education. The education app gained massive popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic like every other online and remote education service. From a local giant to an international company, it took the opportunity that the COVID-19 pandemic presented. One of the biggest proofs of it is the average daily screen time of BYJU’S learning went from 71 minutes a day to 90 minutes. A very healthy and massive growth. BYJU’s is one of the topmost educational websites for kids.

The company offers study material and extras on multiple exams and subjects. For example, NCERT solutions, CBSE, ICSE, IAS, JEE, NEET, Government exams, entrance exams in India, state boards, online tuition, CAT, and more. It is an all-in-one package for kids to learn almost every kind of study and prepare for any exam.

Byju’s learning app logo

12. YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids app is a great addition to both kids’ and parents’ life. The app is very kid-friendly, from the interface of the application to the actual content that it provides. The app has loads of motivational videos, educational videos, audio storybooks, nursery rhymes, and everything that a kid loves. They have designed and produced the app in such a way that learning has become really fun for the kids. Apart from the features, YouTube is obviously a Google property. Therefore, it provides a sense of security and no fraudulent activities regarding any payment which a customer chooses.

YouTube kids logoYouTube kids logo

13. Duolingo

Duolingo is probably the best option if you want your kids to learn a foreign language. The app flourishes in this aspect better than any of its competitors. Duolingo has languages such as Spanish, Dutch, Danish, French, German, Italian, Irish, and English available.

Duolingo takes inspiration from video games to bring a wider audience. And also the element of fun to the activity of learning. Duolingo project started developing in 2009. It happened at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania by Luis von Ahn and his former student, Severin Hacker. It quickly became the number one education app receiving 1 million downloads in only the first three weeks of its release.

Duolingo app

14. Spelling Stage

As the name suggests, The Spelling Stage focuses on enhancing and improving people’s spelling abilities. Spelling Stage uses fun games and entertaining methods that help in making the learning easier and interesting. It is a great fun exercise and game for the entire family. This application can surely help one become a great speller considering how easy and fun the learning it has made. You can play games, complete stages, challenge your friends and family for a quick and short spelling game which will only help you increase your spelling knowledge and vocabulary. Therefore, Spelling Stage is the app for mastering spelling.

Spelling stage

Parting Words

All of these point to one thing, people are eager to study online. The quick change of the globe may be the explanation for this need and rapid expansion of the industry with a broad diversity of platform possibilities for different groups of people.

Learners’ greatest issue is determining what talents are emerging and what they can do to compete in the global economy. We live in a world that changes so fast that talents that were valuable three or four years ago are now obsolete. People are perplexed and unsure about what they should study. At this time, online learning is proving to be a powerful catalyst for people and businesses to embrace this fast change in the globe.

Therefore, we highly recommend these credible and expert-driven sources to help satiate your young learner’s quest for knowledge. We agree that knowledge is a luxury- however, we wish to make it easier for you to achieve those goals which you felt were impossible. We don’t know how to quit at Podium, and we hope that we inculcate this spirit in every person associated with us. After all, success is a journey, not a destination.

We would love for you to visit our Online Classes archive for more informative articles on this revolutionary paradigm in learning. And don’t forget to book a free trial for your favourite neo-academic skill with us, here!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Are the courses and programmes free of cost?

Answer: In most websites and apps a customer gets a part or some courses free. It depends on the courses and the companies. However, to fully attain the benefits it is recommended to go to the premium or paid version of your preferred application or website.

Q2: Are the lectures live?

Answer: It depends on what course you are opting for. For instance, courses are pre-recorded and are provided to the students. In some cases, there are live sessions for some parts of the course. And some courses are totally live from beginning to end. Therefore, it is advised to properly read the description of any course or programme before purchasing and signing up for it.

Q3: How to clear queries and doubts in pre-recorded courses?

Answer: There is usually a doubt and query column in every website or application from where you are studying a course. It allows students to ask questions directly to the instructor and FAQs are always provided. Thus, the doubts in a pre-recorded are attended this way.

Q4: Do we get a certificate after completion of a course?

Answer: Yes, most platforms nowadays provide certified courses, and those certificates can be shown or presented in a CV or Resume as well. Therefore, it is advised to check out courses of your relevant field and interests.

Q5: Are the certificates valuable?

Answer: Yes, the certificates are valuable. Employers nowadays do check and give them importance. Hence, many people are opting for certified online courses.

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