Online Learning: 10 tips for effective online learning and education

Online mode of education and learning is the in-trend method of imparting and accessing education at various levels. Be it school education, higher studies or professional learning, the online mode of learning is the new normal. The recent Covid-19 pandemic forced the educational and institutional setup to mould their infrastructure so as to shift to online education and learning. The shift of teaching and learning methods from the traditional in-person mode of teaching to the virtual online method led to the rising of many unforeseen challenges. It is important to understand how online learning affects students when we talk about online teaching and learning at the school education level. As an educational institution and teacher, knowledge of how online learning affects students could help in making online teaching and learning more effective.

Advantages and disadvantages of online learning

Effective online learning requires a lot more effort than that in the traditional physical mode of learning. The lack of a disciplined study environment and dedicated attention are some of the major hurdles that come in the way of effective online learning. Although, there are surplus benefits of virtual teaching and learning there is a need for reforms at some places in order to make it more effective.

How online learning affects students?

Online learning affects students in many ways that can be quite challenging to them. For effective online learning, students need to adapt themselves at various levels. It challenges all the three aspects of an individual, either directly or indirectly- the physical, the mental, and the emotional state.

Dedication and attention-

Among all the impacts of online learning on students, lack of dedication and attention while studying is the most serious issue. Virtual teaching and online learning lack a well-structured and disciplined environment that is provided in the traditional schooling system.


Online learning has a serious drawback that it might indirectly lead to students being more careless in terms of their self-discipline. Online learning allows a great degree of flexibility and at the same time creates a sense of irresponsibility among students.

Lack of effective monitoring-

Another important point to be noted while understanding how online learning affects students is that online learning and virtual teaching lacks effective monitoring by the teachers. The traditional physical model of education allows a systematic and effective monitoring cum guidance of the students by their teachers and mentors.

Social and community participation-

Online learning affects the sense of social engagement and community-based interaction of the students. As it does not involve effective interactions among students and teachers which is a characteristic feature and advantage of the traditional offline schooling system.

Proven tips for online learning success-

Online learning as well as virtual teaching, both possess some serious challenges. Although, online learning affects students in many ways that can hamper their effective learning. But there are several proven tips for online learning success.

Podium School Online Co-curricular Learning

The surrounding environment-

After going through all the scientific researches conducted to find out tips for online learning success, it is now an established fact that the surrounding environment while kids study online has a great impact on their learning. It is very crucial that students find a permanent spot that is free of any other distractions while they study online. Setting up a dedicated space helps in improving the effectiveness of online learning.

Sticking to a schedule-

A great piece of advice to the kids learning online by various experts in online teaching is that they should stick to and follow a specific schedule. An ideal schedule is one that involves allocated time spaces to review the weekly or daily progress.

Interaction among peers-

The lack of physical interactions in online learning can be fulfilled by virtual interaction to some extent. Interacting with peers virtually with the help of digital platforms like google meet and the Microsoft team helps in developing the sense of community participation and involvement.

Organised breaks-

Another very crucial tip for online learning success is to take frequent but organized breaks in between the online studies. As it helps in preventing excessive strain to the eyes caused as a result of increased screen time for the purpose of online learning. Many scientific papers prove that short and frequent breaks in between online learning help students in staying alert and attentive.

Brief study sessions-

A group of scientists conducted social experiments based on the topic- ”Improving students’ learning with Effective learning techniques”. The conclusion of the research was that instead of studying continuously for long stretches of time, students should organize brief study sessions of not more than 45 minutes at a time. it helps in effective online learning.

Dunlosky, J., Rawson, K. A., Marsh, E. J., Nathan, M. J., & Willingham, D. T. (2013). Improving Students’ Learning with Effective Learning Techniques: Promising Directions From Cognitive and Educational Psychology. Psychological Science in the Public Interest, 14, 4–58.

A Positive mindset-

It’s a known fact in psychology that any work when done with a positive frame of mind produces much better outcomes. Studying online with a positive mindset helps in increasing the attentiveness and effectiveness of the learning.

Flexible approach towards learning-

Another tip for online learning success is to have a flexible approach towards online studies. Students can customize their study schedules as per their preferences. It is better to allocate time for online learning during the most active state of your brain throughout the day.

advantages of online learning

Using digital resources-

There are many free-to-use digital resources that are available to make your online learning more effective. Some examples include the use of digital libraries, audio-visual representations, online simulators for subjects like programming and coding as a result of which the effectiveness of online learning increases.

Utilising technological benefits-

Online learning and virtual teaching have their own inherent advantages when compared to the traditional in-person model of teaching and learning. Students can make use of several technological aids available to make their online learning more effective. Programs like google docs can be used for automated notes taking while the teacher continues studying.

  • Google docs can be used for automated notes taking of whatecver the teacher speaks throughout the online lecture.
  • Live video chat feature of platforms like google meet and microsoft teams can be used to ask away all the queries and doubts almost instantly during the lecture itself.
  • Screen sharing feature helps in easy and effective virtual teaching.

Virtual guidance from teachers-

Although, the online learning and virtual teaching model of schooling don’t allow to seek in-person guidance from teachers. But you can always ask for help and guidance virtually via emails or video sessions.

Podium school offers effective online learning experience-

Online Learning Made Effective

Podium school is the ultimate destination for students to experience effective online learning. The Podium school utilizes several techniques that help in effective online learning of the students. And with the use of technological advancements, podium school provides a hybrid model of educating students, as a result of which the effectiveness of online learning increases many folds. Some significant features of online learning at Podium school are listed below-

  • use of technologial aids for easy online learning
  • employing proven techniques for efeective virtual teaching and online learning
  • allow students to customize their study schedule
  • organised peer and mentor interactions
  • weekly progress review sessions

Final thoughts- Podium School

Podium school is the perfect choice for effective online learning. At Podium school, educators work in the direction of how online learning can be made more effective and interactive through various techniques and activities at Podium school. For the online study of kids in various disciplines, Podium school provides cutting-edge resources for effective learning.


How can I be successful in online learning?

Online learning can be more effective and interesting by the use of various proven scientific tips and techniques. Tips for online learning success have been described above in the article.

What skills are needed for online learning?

As such, there is no need for any specific skill for the purpose of online learning. But students need attentiveness, dedication, devotion, and motivation for effective online learning.

How effective is online learning?

Although, online learning has several limitations. Yet it provides many advantages when compared with the in-person model of learning. Online learning is quite effective as it provides a wide range of flexibility to students. Podiums school provides effective online education to kids at various levels.

What are the effects of online classes to students?

There are several harmful effects of online classes on the health of students. It affects the overall mental, physical and emotional state of the body. Continuous online classes over long stretches of time cause strain in the eye leading to ophthalmic disorders.

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