How to Choose The Right Preschool For Your Child?


It’s wonderful to see your little human growing and learning! Kids are learning every day, someday they will surprise you with their incoherent lovely doodling while sometimes their experiments with your make-up products might vex you. No matter what your reservations are you cannot deny the curiosity and growth of your little one. At the same time, you might wonder is your kid growing too fast? Are they ready to take over the world and begin their new journey? Is the concept of preschools or playschools is something you should now get familiar with?

Pre School

Even though the thought of your kid entering a new phase of their life might excite you, it can seem overwhelming at the same time. Consequently, the word preschool might sound like an unnerving word that could have an adverse impact if not done correctly. Believe us, it’s quite normal to feel like that, after all, early education has life-altering impacts on a kid. However, do not be distress because here we are at your rescue helping you to choose the right preschool for your child.

When to Start Looking For a Preschool For Your Child?

Many parents find themselves in a dilemma of when they should consider sending their kids to preschools. After all, it’s a big decision which cannot be taken in a haste, right? They even wonder if it’s necessary to send kids to preschools or is it just a modern-day sham? Well, it’s a legit question as parents may argue that in their time’s concepts of preschools and early childhood education didn’t exist.

However, in recent times many research and studies have proved early childhood education plays a great role in determining a kid’s overall development. Preschools and early social interaction provides a platform for young mind to understand and recognise not only the world around them but also themselves and their inclination. It is vital for the mental, emotional and physical development of children.

Ideally, preschools and kindergarten are beneficial and open to children of 2.5 to 3 age and forward. However, it does not mean that you should rush into choosing a preschool for your child as soon they turn 3. Every child is different and therefore, we at Podium School believe so are their needs.

You may also consider teaching your kids a few things before they enter preschools:

  • Recognising basic shapes and colours
  • Reading basic texts or picture books
  • Toilet Training
  • Communicating their needs and interacting with their peers and teachers
  • Eating their food

To ensure your kids have a joyful learning experience and not a traumatic one, it is also advisable to make sure they are comfortable in being away from their parents for a few hours. Preschools are generally for 2 to 3 hours and therefore, it should not be difficult to convince your little human. The initial difficult phase will soon fade out and eventually, your kid will start looking forward to their playful time.

Choosing The Right Preschool For Your Child

Wondering how to choose the right preschool for your kid? Apart from assessing your child’s needs, there are a few things you may take into consideration. Understand your kid’s needs, your requirement and the role of playschools. Then, keeping all the parameters in the rearview choose the right preschool for your child. Preschools are stepping stones in a kid’s life, they not only play a major role in shaping a child’s future but also provide a lens to their perspective. Therefore, give wings to your little humans, let them fall and let them learn from an early age.


We are sending our kids to enjoy, learn and have fun, right? Therefore, avoid the exhausting long haul and choose a nearby quality preschool or kindergarten for your child. Also, the security and comfort the thought of your kid learning close to you provides is something parents often covet for. Ideally, two to three hours of preschools are productive for young kids.

Choose quality preschool for your child

No doubt, sending kids away from family to learn for a short duration is crucial to help them understand and enter into the world. However, keeping children, especially toddlers away from parents and family for a long duration may have counter effects. Kids are extremely sensitive and fragile as their young minds are still learning and exploring. Facing a sudden and extreme change may disrupt their sense of safety and security and consequently have negative impacts. Therefore, it is certainly not a promising venture to keep them away for a long duration or indulge them in exhausting commuting hours.

Children should take preschool juncture as exciting and playful, something they look forward to and not view as punitive hours. Hence, avoid the to and fro draining commuting hours. Let them enjoy and take as much as they can during spirited, short and stimulating preschool hours. However, if you are facing trouble in finding nearby quality preschools, then make sure to look for comfortable transportation facilities for your kid.

Serene and Safe Environment

Whether you are looking for a nurturing baby care centre or a holistic, cherishing kindergarten, prioritising a safe and loving environment is a must! It is proven that kids learn more easily and quickly in a loving and safe environment. Therefore, it is essential for not only you as parents to trust the educators and the environment of the school but also for your kid to feel loved and safe in the budding atmosphere.

Preschools are the first place children learn to socialise. Beginning their educational journey, they may seem apprehensive at first. Remember how we all were whiny and uneasy stepping out of our parents’ shadows for the first time, but eventually, we fell in love with the playful learning sessions, didn’t we? Similarly, at first, even if your kid seems reluctant to leave the familiar premises of your safe abode, do not let it worry you! It’s normal. Eventually, your kid would start looking forward to attending their playschools, meeting their pals and colouring the canvas with revolting rebellious colours!

Excited about your child’s new journey? Check out The best crayon sets for kids to begin colouring right away and give colours to their wild imaginations.

Preschools for children are built in a particular way. Kids can often get messy and too excited, right? Therefore, prioritize a child-centric school. Replenished with attractive colours, classrooms and accessories, a kid’s school must also have broad staircases. Also, hygienic and clean washrooms and anti-slippery materials are essential. Kids must feel safe at their schools as ultimately it becomes their second home.

Quality Teachers

Teachers play a crucial role in a child’s early development. Look for approachable and supportive teachers when looking for a preschool for your child. Educators brimming with patience, sense of humour, great communication skills and flexibility are vital for quality early childhood education. At this tender age, children need caregivers who are sensitive to their needs and connect to them on a personal level.

A place exuding love and warmth is crucial for a preschool environment. After all, the caregivers at kindergarten are second parents to your children. Therefore, when choosing a preschool for your kid, make sure to meet and assess the faculty. Review their expertise and qualifications and most importantly how well they handle little ones. Teachers involved in preschools ideally must have degrees in early childhood education, child development or any related field reflecting their expertise in the domain.

Research reveals quality teachers greatly affect early childhood education or education in preschools. Positive and skilled teachers are anchors of the preschools. Therefore, educators replete with positivity are essential when building bricks of early education. Healthy and trusting relationships are foundations on which early child development is built. Teachers who smile at kids, help them build a wishing habit and encourage or appreciate them on small accomplishments are eternal foundations of preschools. At this budding age, it is integral to refrain from negative interaction that involves around yelling and berating in any way. Hence, teachers must be upbeat and attentive to kids questions and needs. Encouraging positive discipline and healthy interactions initiated by caregivers yield lifelong benefits.

Holistic Programs

The newfangled world demands skills that are sparse beyond intellectual abilities and STEM knowledge. Therefore, it is indispensable to give equal weightage to art, music and soft skills. Let your kid learn, sing, dance, craft and dream!

As a parent of the 21st century, it is inevitable to distress over making your kid future-ready with automation and technology taking over all territories. It is essential to make them adaptable and acceptable towards new realities and technology. Moreover, caregivers must raise the kids in an environment where they can find their propensity. A holistic curriculum provides a kid with the opportunity to find their inclination towards art, music, craft, dance and many more from a young age. Therefore, it is vital to introduce kids to a well-blended holistic curriculum. It will ensure that they will easily be able to glide from playful kindergarten to a solemn high school.

You may give music, creative writing, dance, art and many more classes to your kids professionally depending on their interests. Podium School provides top-notch and interactive classes from revered mentors.

No one knew how a virus would change the dimension of the world, the education sector being one of the most affected. With the challenges thrown by online learning mode, the importance of adaptability is again highlighted. Hence, a holistic curriculum is essential to ensure the well-rounded development of children. You may check how to face the challenges of online learning.

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Affordability and Credibility

We agree that choosing a preschool for your child is rewarding but it might burn holes in your pocket if not done correctly. Therefore, it is necessary to look for affordable and credible playschools. Fees of playschools vary depending upon the facilities provided by them. Therefore, choose wisely considering the factors and facilities. Assess in what kind of environment your child thrives in and opt for those factors. Similarly, the credibility of a school plays a vital role in ensuring child development. Choosing an official credited and renowned playschool has its own perks and surety. Maintain the balance and choose wisely when it comes to affordability and credibility.

In order to ensure that your child is learning and growing in a safe and serene environment, you may consider visiting schools and talking to teachers about your child’s progress. Most importantly, do not forget to build a healthy bond with your kid. After all, nothing is better than being your child’s first fallback option, isn’t it? Consequently, you can know the benefits of effective parent-child communication.

Teaching Methodology

Today, there are various playschools in almost every residential area and each follows its own philosophy of education. While some are more inclined towards the “learning by playing” method, some follow the traditional approach. It can get tricky and confounding at the beginning to decide on which side you want to lean. Also, it’s important to decide this by examining your child’s interests. Therefore, before choosing a preschool for your child make a point to know the teaching methodology practised in the respective preschool.

Select School

One of the most important factors that distinguish between the traditional teaching methodology and play way methodology is the amount of freedom a kid gets. Play way methods are child-centric whereas the traditional approach is teacher-directed. While both methodologies have their own pros and cons, parents need to agree with the disciplinary approach in which their kids would be raised and given a headstart.

Podium’s Parting Words

Determine what are your expectations from preschools, your child’s needs and accordingly narrow down your choices. Undoubtedly, early education is critical for a child’s development. They are the building blocks and therefore, it has to be chosen wisely. Visit the premises, trust your instincts and talk to parents nearby or those whose kids are already learning at the preschools. This could help you in deciding the right preschool. Most importantly, you must know that this is just a phase in your kid’s life and whether you decide to send or not send your kid to playschools it is up to you and your child does not need anything more than you!

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