Festivals of India: Know About the Importance


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Festival of India

In textbooks, we often come across a line that is “India is land of festivals.” There are a total of 24 national festivals in India. Along with local traditions and religious festivals. These festivals portray the cultural diversity that is present in India. This post will look at what festivals and celebrations mean to kids and the importance of a child’s character development.

Celebrations help in uniting people separated by different religions, cultures, and states. You raise awareness and allow others to discover what they have in common, despite their seeming differences, by honouring all the celebrations.

Festivals help prevent tradition and culture from becoming obsolete; they all carry a similar message, that is, to “spread peace.” Besides, it helps in defining the character of the children from an adolescent age.

All these festivals foster the idea of Harmony, Peace, and Amalgamation in adults and their kids. Moreover, as a secular country, it helps establish a good example of tolerance towards other people. This post will look at what festivals and celebrations mean to kids.

What is the importance of festivals for kids?

It promotes the idea of tolerance and peace.

Promotes the idea of tolerance and peace

Festivals celebrated in India are often a reason for people to unite and stand together. People from different cultures, traditions, and religions celebrate a day together, promoting harmony among them. In addition, we often exchange gifts on various occasions, Diwali being the most prevalent. It teaches the valuable lesson of sharing and caring for each other. 

Exchanging gifts symbolizes gratitude and companionship.

Kids could learn a lot from the festivals, like being grateful for everything. When a kid indulges in the activity of sharing or donating to those in need. They understand how grateful they should be for what they have. 

Besides, it also makes them acquainted with the idea of being humble and kind towards others. Furthermore, we often see a plethora of festivals of different cultures and participate in those festivals, which helps eradicate the feeling of alienation among different people.

Festival time helps in keeping children attached to their origins.

Children getting acquainted with their origins.
Festival time helps in keeping children attached to their origins.

Festivals are a creative approach to honour our rich history, culture, and traditions. All these incongruent clothes worn during different festivals are a part of a tradition followed for ages. These traditions define what a person stands for and who he is.

For example, on Diwali, people generally prefer brighter clothes over dark clothes and jewellery. This helps them to illuminate light which is the theme of Diwali. Light symbolizes the win of good over evil. Hence, traditional clothes could teach kids a lot about their history and tradition.

   Different songs played during festivals are a symptomatic of various events that occurred throughout the time, thus making the people aware of their history and origins.

Even different cuisines conceal many facts about the traditions and culture. Therefore, a festival time is the best opportunity for parents and children to become acquainted with their origins, history, culture and roots. In addition, it is as vital to get acquainted with the importance of festivals and the message it carries.

Celebrating Togetherness

Hefty work schedules leave people with less time to share with their families. This can make the children feel disconnected from their family and their relatives.

During festivals, especially national festivals, families tend to share the celebrations together. Thus, this renders the bond between them more substantial. It is often seen that children growing in healthy environmental conditions are least likely to get surrounded by any mental diseases, moreover, in public gatherings. Kids will be most likely to develop social and public speaking skills which are indispensable for their future. Being confident around people is one of the most essential personality traits.

Presenting family members with gifts helps to establish a vital cornerstone for the relationships. Moreover, it teaches children many values that are imperative for their character development.

What is importance of festivals

Thus, a festival is the best time to teach the children the importance of companionship and togetherness.

Escape from stressful life

Santa presenting gifts to a kid.
Escape from stressful life

Nowadays, everyone has a monotonous life that doesn’t help in relieving stress. Stress could engender many problems such as anxiety and depression, which severely impact mental health. Therefore, it is essential to give emphasis on mental health as well. According to many different studies, people affected by any mental illness are most likely to see a downfall in their performance. 

Therefore, the time of festival presents children with a joyful time and escape from their strenuous lifestyle. Moreover, it bestows them with an excellent opportunity to seek their interest and hobbies. Time spent on decorations and shopping would help them to refresh their mind. A healthy kid is more likely to succeed in their respective fields. In addition, it presents them the time to make new friends and connect with their old friends.

Children could find new interests.

A kid learning how to read.
Children could find new interests.

Nowadays, it is difficult for every to find time to invest in their hobbies and other interests. Moreover, due to insufficient time, children often evade participating in extra co-curricular activities due to their work schedules.

During festivals, there are many activities to take part in. Singing and dancing are the most prevalent ones. Children these days rarely get the time to take part in different activities due to their strenuous schedules. Festivals give them the appropriate time to ponder their interests. 

In their free time, children could work on their character development and lacking abilities by developing certain habits such as Reading or attending relevant classes. 

Final Thoughts

Festival time is the best opportunity for the parents to spend more time with their children. It helps to strengthen the bond between them. A festival time imparts positivity in the environment, making the ambience convivial and healthy. Parents must check on their kid’s mental health.

Learn why festivals are important

 In addition, festivals bestow kids with many opportunities to connect with their friends, family, and relative. Children acquainted with many different festivals belonging to different cultures and traditions will become more tolerant towards other people. At the same time, it presents the parents with the best time to teach their kids the importance of festivals and their origins, traditions, and different values.

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