How to use Social Media Platforms Productively

How to productively use Social-media platforms- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter?

Social media as a huge platform has altered the ways we reciprocate and has arrived as an arena of safety, learning, empathy, education, connection and entertainment for many. Also, many see this as a waste of time and like Wikipedia in terms of reliability. Don’t rely on everything that you come across on the platform. It is sub consciously understood, it all means “something”. It is nuanced, of course, like a system designed for constant (essentially addictive!) thoughts and worldwide interactions.

Kids using social media


It is worth it as it improves your overall academic performance and your personality / intelligence. It’s too easy. When it comes to lying online, it can be a reliable resource in the matter of information or infotainment (if you think it’s too salty). Share their experiences and worldviews with real people (except robots). It’s easy to practice critical thinking here. Think about something for at least 4 seconds.

Beware of speculations. What affects us the most is the tainted and beautified sponsored posts. Are you actually liking it, or are you simply paying for it? Does Using That Particular Method Really Work? Users who make a living out of social media spreading positivity etc. use the media platform to connect with people and individuals who share the same interests and goals as them. Media for 9 Yr old

New news published. Keeping up with everything in the world makes table discussions more sociable and complex. Social media can be a boon for students to enter their class with nee information every day, or the insights of current events.

Understand new thinking skills! There are some accounts that can make you enrich yourself, for example; Follow accounts like @thehindu and @natgeo on Instagram to see hourly changes. If you want you can also roam around Ranveer Allahbadia’s account for positivity. We know that education has become more and more obvious in recent weeks: use it.

By following Instagram best practices, you can use the platform as a marketing tool and increase engagement with the valuable audience you serve. Instagram continually updates its interface, adding new features like Stories and Reels.

Social Media for Youngsters

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Social Media for Youth

Facebook was amongst the very first social medias to dominate the social circle, but as of now, twitter has become an equally important web for sharing and creating your own herd of people and idea. Most importantly, it helps you build relationships with like-minded people. It will be a connector in real life as well. When you connect people with each other, your followers will know and improve your confidence. People are more interested to discuss things with you. Despite all the negative things that are happening on social media, there are also a lot of positives.

Follow inspiring Instagram accounts or Facebook pages to keep your feed full of inspiring sayings and images. Social productivity is a relevant and enduring aspect of today’s discipline.

As a young adult we use social media as a platform to get in touch with our peers and friends but more importantly to know what is happening in the lives of people world-wide, people of greater influence. But since sometimes this place can get into your head with all its toxicity, we must tend to take a break from the app. Maybe for a day or some hours but that all depends upon the person and his needs. All in all, we might agree we have always found these platforms more connecting and helping to structure my confidence and style.

Five-year old

Hey! If you want to introduce some playful apps to your kid below 6, here are some amazing suggestions. These are quite efficient.

The Kidzworld app is a kid-friendly, private, and fully controlled kids social network where kids can make new friends in the forums, use the childsafe messenger to send private messages, keep up with the latest kid-friendly news about their favourite teen celebrities, play fun games, and more. PlayKids is a globally recognised platform that features cartoons, stories, and activities for children aged 2 to 8. Kids may use the

PlayKids Talk app to access activities, games, and video content. Parents can also monitor their children’s contacts and grant access to the camera and microphone.

PlayKids Talk - Messenger for Kids | Logo by Nando Cordeiro on Dribbble

Spotlite app emphasises the necessity of providing a safe and sociable environment for children, tweens, and teens. Kids may share movies, photos, react to and comment on friends’ posts, and join groups to interact with others who share their interests in the app. The platform is fully compliant with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).The application’s primary goal is to teach preteens, tweens, and teens proper online manners. It contains continuous reminders to keep things positive, such as the comment box, which instructs users to “write a good comment.”

Popular Social Media Platforms

Moreover, social media is not all-bad. After all, people with good knowledge will post insights! So we have to refrain ourselves from the unnecessary stuffs and follow the good ones.

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