The 10 Best Outdoor Games to Keep Kids Entertained


Life is incomplete without games. Outdoor Games help us in staying active and healthy. It allows one to be more active and helps with productivity. Our physical and mental health are key factors in our achievements. The capabilities of a person can be improved by playing games. These games are essential for both youth and children. They likewise aid in their mental and physical growth. They help to shape their personalities. We play different games. Outdoor games are the games we play outside. Indoor games are those we play in our homes. Gaming allows us to get away from our daily lives and stress. All our tensions are relieved when we play video games. In this article, you shall read about the following sub-topics:-

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Outdoor Games

Tinkergarten is a company that creates outdoor games for kids. Children aren’t meant to stay indoors all day. Even simple outdoor activities can teach children skills in a fun and hands-on manner that is unlike anything else, even a screen. Fitzgerald says that while children may think they are having fun and learning science principles, they learn valuable social skills, get exercise and release stress. Playing outdoors is safer than indoors, even if the pandemic continues.

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This racquet sport, which is more child-friendly than tennis, is the newer and cooler version of the game. You will use a racquet made of solid material and a small, plastic ball similar to a Wiffleball. You can have two teams or play one-on-one with your child. The winner is the person who scores 11 points and has a lead of at least two points. For younger children, the official pickleball rules may be a bit complicated. However, they will still enjoy hitting the ball around the net. This pickleball starter set is great for the whole family.


Recess is calling! Grab a rubber playground ball and go to a baseball diamond. Or, set up four bases in a square shape in an open area. Similar to baseball, the pitcher will roll the ball to the kicker who then kicks it and (hopefully) runs the bases. You should set an equal number of innings. The winning team will score the most runs at the end.


Soccer is a popular pastime for many children. It turns a child’s love of kicking a ball into a goal into one of the most popular sports in the world. While the official soccer rules provide all the information, if you are just playing for fun, it is possible to keep things simple. Divide your group of eight children into two teams. You will give them a soccer ball. Tell them to kick it in the goal of their opponent. No hands! The winner is the team that has scored the most goals. This is, which is why Americans call soccer rather than football.


American football is a popular sport with kids. However, playing youth football requires a lot more equipment, safety gear, and rules than a game. You don’t have to own all that equipment to play a backyard game with your children. Divide at least eight children into two teams. You can set up a field with a goal-line at each end and ask them to carry or throw the football across the line. Avoid injuries by touching and not tackling.

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Although hitting a ball with the bat requires more coordination than other sports, it is still a fun challenge for children. There are many rules for little leagues. If you’re only playing for fun, you can stick to the “home rules”. Go to your local baseball diamond with at least 10 kids and divide them into two teams. It will be “at bat” or pitching in turn. You can score points by hitting the ball, bouncing it around, and bringing it home. You might have older kids’ equipment. However, you can get younger children started with this all in one set, which includes a bat, a ball, and a glove.


Outdoor games for kids

Well, all you need is a net! Nothing is more fun than throwing a basketball into a hole. This is the essence of basketball. Bring a basketball to your local court. Divide at least 10 children into two teams. Each child will be given a basket and they must pass, throw, or bounce it to their teammates. This will help them score baskets. Sports equipment is a great gift idea for kids with summer birthdays. You can utilize it immediately.


Hopscotch, another classic game that you can play with chalk, is also available. Draw a hopscotch-style board for your child(ren) on a flat, smooth surface. You should have a board made of basic shapes connected with numbers that indicate the order in which they should be jumped. Children who are younger than you or have never used a hopscotch board before may require your assistance. Each child picks a token, usually a small wood chip or rock. In order, they take turns placing the token onto a space. They jump the entire board if the token hits the space. However, they will not skip the area where their token is. Therefore, the winner is the child who completes the entire board.


Jacks is a great board game that you can play in the heat or when your kids are tired from running. You can play it with up to four children, but you can buy more jacks sets so you can have more. Place the children in a circle, on a smooth, paved surface. The first child throws the jacks into a circle. He then grabs the bouncy ball and grabs one of the jacks before it hits the ground again. Afterwards the second bounce, he catches the ball. The child then replaces the jack and then passes the ball to the next person. Each round adds one jack to the number of jacks that must be grabbed before a ball bounces.

Sharks and Minnows

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Shark and Mannows

This playground classic is best for large groups of children. The more the kids, the better! One child is a “shark” and the rest are minnows. The shark stands in an open area, while the minnows stand at one end facing the shark. The minnows slowly walk around the field when the shark calls, “Fishy fishy, come out to play!” All the minnows run to the other end of the field when the shark shouts, “Shark attack!” The shark chases down the minnows and tags them all. Each player tagged is now a shark. Continue the process until all players become sharks.


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Bean-bag toss, an old-fashioned game of bean-bag toss, is fun for both kids and adults. You can adjust the goal distances for different skill levels by moving them closer or further apart. kids can play it solo or with friends. You will need two cornhole boards. One board can be used by children at a time. When it is their turn they can each throw three bean bags at one of the boards, trying to reach the hole. Each bag that goes in the hole earns one point. You can make your own cornhole game, or get the starter set that includes boards, bean bags, and official rules.


Nowadays, most children are addicted to their smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets. Children are exposed to screen time for hours on end, which can have negative effects on their psychological, physical, and mental health.

It is therefore important to encourage outdoor play among children. Outdoor games are not only fun but also have many health benefits.

So, Continue reading to learn more.

Develops social skills 

Outdoor play allows children to interact with other kids and have fun. Hence, this allows them to improve their communication and behavior skills.

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Children who spend most of their time indoors are more likely to be isolated and meanwhile develop antisocial behavior patterns.

To help children feel free and confident, it is ofcourse important to let them make friends.

Physical Development

For children, physical activities are crucial for growth. Outdoor games require a lot of physical movements, such as running, jumping, and throwing a ball.

This helps children develop strong bones and muscles, as well as stamina. All outdoor activities contribute to the development of children’s cardiovascular and physical strength.

Vitamin D Supplementation

Children can enjoy the sunshine and fresh air that comes with being outside in the sun. This improves the vitamin D levels in their bones. The chances of children suffering from a vitamin deficiency have increased because they rarely go outside to play.

Vitamin D deficiency can lead to poor bone and muscle health. Vitamin D can be supplemented or multivitamins given to children, but sun exposure is the best and most cost-effective way to increase vitamin D.

Focus improves

Why not take a walk outside to clear our minds? Children are no different. Children who spend more time outdoors tend to be more focused and pay attention.

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Basketball, handball, football, and other team sports are great for improving attention in children with ADHD. If your children are interested in learning more about paintball, check out Paintball Select.

Strengthens Motor Skills

Motor skills are essential for the movement and function of our bones, muscles, and joints. To improve self-confidence and gain self-esteem, children need to learn motor skills.

Outdoor activities that involve running, throwing, catching, and other brain functions can help children develop their motor skills quicker and are equally important as indoor ones.

It improves their coordination and alertness, as well as their judgment.

Increases immunity

Are you worried about your child getting sick every moon?

Take him outside and watch how his health improves. Some studies show that children who enjoy physical activity outdoors are more immune than those who don’t.

Playing outside improves immunity and hence speeds up recovery.

Increases imagination and creativity

Smartphones and other devices have limited children’s creativity and imagination. Outdoor games are a great way for your child to develop their imagination and creativity efficiently.

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They can learn new things by playing outdoors and inventing new games/activities. Children’s creativity can be stimulated by being outdoors, among trees, flowers, and birds, as well as their brains.

It helps to release energy

The best way to get your kids’ energy out is through physical activities outdoors. This is especially beneficial for children with ADHD. outdoor games for kids

Children, of course, have lots of energy. They can even climb stairs endlessly without any exhaustion. It’s a great way for them to get rid of all that extra energy.

Give your children a break from the electronics and let them enjoy the sun, fresh air, and the sun’s rays also.

How can you encourage your child to play outside?

It doesn’t matter if your child is two years old or twelve, it is important to encourage their outdoor play. Playgrounds and parks can be a great way to encourage your children to enjoy the outdoors, with or without their friends.

These are some of the ways that you can encourage your child’s outdoor play.

Make it fun

If they find it boring, children won’t be able to go outside. You can spark your child’s imagination with things they enjoy, such as:

  • Basketball.
  • Playing catch.
  • Hunting for treasure.
  • Go on scavenger hunting.
  • Visit the local playground.

Many children enjoy technology. Although technology has many benefits for children, the outdoor play offers just as many. Children will then be more inclined to enjoy the outdoors and abandon their devices.

These Places Are Yours

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Playground Activities

Sometimes the boundaries of your yard or neighborhood can limit your child’s imagination. Outdoor play can be made memorable by taking your child to places like the playground.

Playground adventures are a great way to bring joy to children, and also other outdoor play areas in the community, in ways such as:

  • Learn how to play and collaborate with other children.
  • Gaining independence as well.
  • Experience a whole new set of emotions
  • Building self-confidence and also self-esteem

Offer Options

Boredom can be good for children’s development. It encourages children to be more curious about their surroundings. Remind your child of the options available to them if they complain of boredom. You can encourage your child’s boredom by telling them the following:

  • Bring outdoor toys.
  • Play with unfamiliar equipment.
  • Play outside education or board games.

Children can have many options, especially outdoor play activities. This allows them to explore their passions and therefore break down mental barriers.


Outdoor play can become more fun and reward by inviting family and friends to join the fun. As previously mentioned, children enjoy playing outside with their peers. Outdoor play can therefore help your child develop skills.

  • Motor skills.
  • Regulation of emotions.
  • Leadership skills for groups
  • Creativity.
  • Cognitive flexibility.

Invite your friends and family to your home for outdoor fun like a game night or relay race. You can also take the fun to your local park or playground.

Outside Regular

It is human nature to be comfortable in routines. Children who are comfortable with the status quo are more likely to be open to trying new things.

Your family should make going outside a daily activity. Make it a habit to take your children outside after school. You could also consider going to the playground every weekend. You can find what your child likes and stick with it.

Football (Soccer) – 4 Billion Fans

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With an estimated 4 billion followers, football, also known as soccer in Canada and the US, is the most loved sport in the world. Although football was founded in England in 19th century England, history shows that similar games were played in China for over two thousand years. Football’s popularity can be attributed to the fact that, unlike other sports which require expensive equipment and a lot of training, you only need a ball with your foot. The sport is accessible to everyone, regardless of their income. It’s played around the globe, but it is most popular in Europe, Central America, South America, and Africa.

Cricket – 2.5 billion fans

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The 2.5 billion cricket fans are a testament to the popularity of cricket. It is popular in the UK, as well as some ex-colonies, such as India, Pakistan, and Australia. It is similar to baseball in that it involves two teams: a bat and a large field. However, there are some differences. For example, a rectangular pitch in the middle of a cricket field is where the ball goes to a batsman. A mound at the base of a baseball diamond faces a batter at home plate.

Hockey – 2 Billion Fans

Two billion people are avid fans of hockey, on and off the ice. While field hockey is most popular in Europe, Africa, and Asia, as well as Australia, ice hockey is more popular in Canada, the US, and Northern Europe. Two teams compete to hit a puck with a hockey stick into the net of the opposing team. Field hockey is not like ice hockey in that it does not require anybody contact, such as checking.

Tennis – 1 Billion

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One billion people watch tennis worldwide, with many more tuning in from all over the globe. Tennis is a sport where players from both ends of an elongated net aim to hit a tennis ball with a racket to either pass their opponents or bounce on their opponent’s side twice to score points. Roger Federer and Serena Williams are household names in tennis.

Volleyball – 900 million

Volleyball is a sport that involves two teams. Each team has a net raised on their side and tries to “volley” the ball onto the ground for points. It is a popular game that has been played by over 900 million people worldwide, mainly in North America and Western Europe, but also in Asia and Australia. Beach volleyball is a popular version of the game. It’s played on sand and has two players per team as opposed to regular volleyball which has six.

Table Tennis – 875 million

It’s a game similar to tennis except that there is a net in the middle and players trying to pass their opponents. Table tennis, also known as Ping Pong first came to England in the early 20th century. With an estimated 875 million players, the game is very popular also. It is most popular in Asia, however, it is also very popular in Europe, Africa, and the Americas.


Q1. What are fun things to play outside?

ANS. 7 Fun & Simple Outdoor Activities for Kids

  • Water balloon T-Ball/Baseball …
  • Chalk obstacle course. …
  • Hula hoop race and catch. …
  • Sensory scavenger hunt. …
  • Toy-made obstacle course. …
  • Bubble wands for kitchen utensils …
  • Muffins and mud cakes can be made with “Bake”.

Q2. What is the difference between indoor and outdoor?

ANS. Indoor games are games that are played in a room, sitting down and in open. games like chess, carom, playing cards, ludo, table tennis, etc. outdoor games. Outdoor games can be played on a large scale or grounds. Like horse riding, cricket, hockey, and football.

Q3. Which games are played on open ground?

ANS. Which of these are India’s most popular outdoor games?

Cricket has been the most popular sport of India and has hosted and won multiple times the Cricket World Cup.

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