5 Calligraphy Styles For Children You Must Know

Have you ever thought of how beautiful the letters are written on your certificates? Or have you ever tried doing letters, the way they are on the invitation card of your friend’s birthday party? No matter how beautiful the pages or the walls are, we always look for what is written on it and how it is written. The swirls of letters and their equal lengths grab our attention the most. And we term it calligraphy.  


If asked about calligraphy, most of us would say that we have known about it for a long. Some might call it the designing of words and letters. Some might say that it is the perfect alignment or arrangement of words or letters. But, is that all about calligraphy? There is less known and more unknown about calligraphy, and its exotic world. 

Calligraphy- Into a World Of Mosaic Designs

In its truest essence, calligraphy refers to the artistic process of creating symbols by hand and aligning them in such a way that it reflects integrity, harmony, ancestry, and the underlying rhythm. In an elucidated sense, these calligraphic symbols must have equal proportions, preserve the legacy of words, shapes, letters, and spellbind the eyes of the viewer. 


It is not just skillful handwriting or beautiful handwriting. With every calligraphic pattern, there is a hidden story, value, and belief which is to be discovered. Today, this pattern of writing has been inculcated in multiple events including weddings, birthdays, and other ceremonies. It is also being used for logo designing, graphic designing, religious art, memorial documents, and inscription. Each one of these conveys a set of ideas with the choices of patterned words and sentences. 

The 5 Calligraphy Styles You Must Know

There are multitudes of calligraphic strings, educating you about different patterns to write in and associate it with your thoughts too. But just like every veto power in an organization, the calligraphic universe has its kinds which are trending and being practiced a lot these days.

Here are 5 calligraphic styles by Podium School that you must know of and practice if you aspire to be a calligrapher. 

 Faux Calligraphy

This calligraphic style is done with ballpoint pens, chalks, or markers. It is also known as fake calligraphic style. This is because it is considered to be an imitation of original calligraphic styles. The pivotal criteria of this style are the downstrokes and additional strokes that you have to do. Along with this, this style is also a soft start to enter the modern calligraphic world. You can start by learning strokes and swirls to do with the letters, before actually entering into the complexities. 

How To Do

To try out the Faux calligraphic style, you should start by writing in cursive style and roll it down to make the basic strokes. After that, keep the upper strokes thin and downstrokes thick. Make sure that you maintain the consistency between the letters and only add additional strokes by keeping reasonable gaps. 

Broad Edged Style

Broad Edged Style

This calligraphic pattern can be your ideal style to learn a bunch of other calligraphies. This style prominently depends on how you use the flat calligraphic pen. The tackling part is handling the volume of strokes width. In other words, you must be knowledgeable on where to do thin strokes and where to do the thick strokes. Another part of this style is the right use of flat nibs of the pen. This style is predominantly found in appreciation letters, certificates, and ceremonial invitations. 

How To Do

Hold your flat pen at one angle and then pull it down to make a flat or thick line. The hurdle is to master the stroke art for this kind of calligraphy. To do it, keep your and your pen’s position stable, maintain the angles, and do not stop your hand until you finish the stroke. 

Brush Pen Calligraphy

Brush Pen Calligraphy

This calligraphic style is the trendiest today. Right from creating assignments to advertisements, this style has been in great use. This style requires you to have minimal supplements, a brush pen, and paper. This calligraphic style requires you to have long tipped pens, exerting pressure to make thick strokes and releasing pressure to make thin strokes. 

How To Do

Place your pen on the paper and keep it stable. As you draw the letters, make sure that you exert pressure while making a thick stroke. As soon as you finish the thick stroke, lightly and with less pressure make the thin strokes. Know which part of the letter and which letter do you want to have the thick or thin strokes. 

Pointed Pen Style

This calligraphic style is the most famous one amongst the modern calligraphy styles. As the name suggests, this style involves the use of a pointed pen. The pointed pen which you use will have a sharp edge and it is dipped in ink to draw out the letters and words. This style requires you to know how to apply pressure to the pen to produce the ranged thickness. This style grows out from the ancient practice of using feathers to draw symbols and archaic words. 

How To Do

The pen that you use, will have two parts, the holder and the sharpened edge nib. Start by holding the pen holder firmly. After that, you have to exert pressure if you wish to thicken the letter. You have to just glide your hand in shaping the letters if you wish to keep it thin. 


Bounce Lettered Calligraphy

This calligraphic style has become a quite known one and recently introduced one. Belonging to the family of modern calligraphic styles, this style suggests you do according to its name. The letters in this particular style must have the effect of bouncing up and down. The materials used for this style are minimal with pens and paper only.

How To Do

Keep your pen stable. Lightly glide the letters and make sure you have baselines, to maintain consistency. After that add the downstrokes and upper strokes but do not crowd them. Your words must have the bouncing look and for that keep the downstrokes thin and upper strokes thick. 

Final Words

To be a calligrapher and master different styles, you need patience and practice. This is also where we at Podium School, come to your help. Join our Calligraphic Sessions and make the most out of them. You will learn right from the basics to furnish your styles further. 

We hope to be your anchor and provide you with every unique piece of information. At our platform, you can gain the best of knowledge with our Blogs. Not just that, you can also tell us your feedback and suggestions. We would appreciate your support to let us branch out diligently. 

Till then, learn and swirl your words with the right strokes. Bye!

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