Flowerpot Decoration: The Best Flowerpot Decoration Ideas for Your Kids!

Gardening allows children to get in touch with nature and appreciate its beauty. Parents can also bring in small home plants or enlist the help of their children to make a small garden in an open space near their residence. However, a dash of creativity can further perk up this natural paradise- with brilliantly painted flowerpots to plant those blooms in. We’ll suggest to you some good flowerpot decoration ideas you can try with your children.

Why Flower Pot Decoration?

At the end of such a project, the kids get to care for a tiny plant friend in their self-painted pots. Spending time in the garden tending plants and cultivating their own food can help children learn new skills, have fun, play, and develop self-confidence.

The majority of children enjoy being outside, digging in the dirt, getting messy, making things. Further, they can watch the plants develop. Also, designing the pots of their choice adds to the fun.

The following materials are all that you need to get started with making some unique flower pots! Join your kids in some crafty fun while caring for nature!

Materials Required

  • Clay Flowerpots, ceramics, terracotta or plastics can also be used
  • Gesso or Primer Coat (You can buy it here.)
  • Masking Tape
  • Acrylic or emulsion paints
  • Markers and Sketch Pens
  • Brushes
  • Chalk or pencil- to trace any patterns on the pot

With these readily available materials, flowerpot decoration can be a fun-filled family activity.

Begin by covering your work surface with any tablecloth and putting on old clothes or an apron for yourself. You’ll be smothered in paint if you don’t wear them.

Pots can be customized in a variety of ways, which is a nice contrast from painting on paper. So, here are a few innovative ideas we’ve gathered to help you get started!

Easy Patterns for Flower Pot Decoration


  • Apply two coats of gesso to your flowerpot first. Earthen and terracotta flowerpots soak up a lot of paint, so a base coat of Gesso is a good idea. If you don’t have any Gesso, apply two coats of white acrylic paint on the surface. You can do the same with ceramic pots, but you can choose to skip on the gesso and begin directly in that case.
  • Tape off areas of your flower planter using thin washi tape or masking tape. Make sure the tape is firmly in place to prevent paint from leaking underneath. Although, you can use a thicker tape if you’re using a bigger pot.
  • Using different colours of acrylic paint, carefully paint each section of your pot. This will be easier for kids if they use a little detail brush.
  • Carefully pull off the tape once your paint is dry.

Remember not to soak the brush with huge amounts of water as it may dilute the paint and may ruin the opaque effect of acrylic.

Emoji Pots

Emoji pots
  • Apply a bright coloured paint on the surface of the pot. The colour can be completely upto your choice.
  • You might need to apply two coats of paint, depending on the sort of paint you’re using. Gesso will use only one coat.
  • Between coatings, make sure they’re absolutely dry.
  • Continue swiping vertical lines around the top of the pot with the foam brush in the same manner until you’ve used all of your chosen colours.
  • Allow each shade to dry completely before moving on to the next.

Draw the face with a black marker or paint pen. You can also make it with a brush and acrylic paint if you’re confident about your strokes.

Sketch the outline of the faces before painting them on. You can also use a white paint pen to add little highlights to the eyes, as shown in the picture. Let us know how you liked your Mr. Pots the Mouthful! You can also paint a pot family by giving each pot different features and expressions.

Floral Patterns

On your painted flower pot, you can use your thumbprint for the center of the flowers and fingerprints for the petals. These hand-painted flower pots are quick and easy to make. And they look adorable! Allow your youngster to select whether they want to make handprints or fingerprint flowers on the flower pot.

Floral patterns
  • For the decorative painted flower pots, you can choose finger and thumbprint flowers. These will help if your kid hasn’t yet learnt to hold pencils or brushes.
Diy Printed plant pots

Abstract Inverted Drip

Abstract inverted dip
  • Paint the outside of the terra cotta pot with white paint or gesso. The inside of the container should not be painted.
  • Place the pot upside down over a jar or similar cylindrical item once the white paint is dry to keep it suspended.
  • To begin with, decide on a paint colour. Dilute the paint if it is thick for a smooth-flowing consistency like in Fluid Art. Check out this article on Fluid Art to know how to thin your paints for a liquid chocolate like consistency.
  • Squeeze enough of that colour onto the pot’s bottom to completely cover it and cause it to leak over the inverted pot. Let it dry and then revert the pot to plant your little green friend in there.

And there you go! Your abstract pot is ready to host a plant.

Colourful Mandala

Colourful mandala
  • Take a newspaper or any rough paper.
  • Grab some glue and paste the paper properly on the outside of the pot. No need to cover the inside. You might want to coat the pot with another layer of paper.
  • Now, take a white paint and paint the outside of the pot with a brush. Let it dry.
  • Do not use too much water, otherwise the paper may start soaking it in and can tear up.
  • After it has dried, take your black sketch pen and draw the outlines as shown in the picture.
  • Fill the inside of the boundaries with your favourite colour. Tadaa! Here we go with our favourite, colourful flower pot.
Terracotta pot painting

Final Thoughts

Flowerpot decoration can become your new obsession with these innovative decoration ideas. Let us know if you liked the above basic designs. Add a spark of cheer with these basic, but bright patterns for flower pot decoration.

We, at Podium School, believe in maintaining this spirit of creativity even with the most basic of all resources. Since art is not dependent on expensive materials, we believe that with innovative techniques such as these- one can pep up their routine with some color. Stay tuned for more updates on the Podium Blog for such artsy tips and tricks!

Don’t forget to check out our updates on all things related to Art and Craft. We dabble in Calligraphy and Origami too!

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