Bonafide Certificate Format, Uses and Different Types

All of us have either been required to submit a bonafide certificate or will be required to one prove our past credentials. When we apply for a new job or pursue a master’s degree overseas, we must verify that we have previously studied or worked in another country. Here’s where a bonafide certificate like this comes in handy.

Do you have any questions regarding how a bonafide certificate works? Therefore, learn all about the application and format of a bonafide certificate This article will teach you all you need to know about bonafide certificate, including how to write a proper application letter if required. You must have a good understanding of what you are seeking with this article.

What Is a Bonafide Certificate?

Bonafide Certificate

In Latin, the word bonafide means “in good faith”. It means which effectively signifies that the individual who has the certificate has no intention of deceiving or cheating anyone. The certificate serves as a confirmation of the institute, organisation, or corporation.
It is a document proving that he/she is enrolled in a given class. It is required for a reason. For example – visa applications, job applications, and student loan applications, among others.
In other words, a Bonafide certificate demonstrates that someone was formerly a member of a specific organisation.

Uses Of Bonafide Certificate

Bonafide certificate has many contextual uses and it is primarily used in many scenarios such as an education loan application, a new job application, or profiting from government initiatives.

As you are all aware, Bonafide certificate demonstrates that someone is working or studying at a specific institution or organisation. It is typically used or required in the below mentioned scenarios-

  • It is used when we are requesting for student discounts from public transportation organisations such as city buses, local trains, and metros.
  • Bonafide certificate is used while applying for a passport.
  • This certificate is the occasional requirement for visa applications. This is particularly used when a separate student visa is provided to students studying abroad or a work visa is issued to a corporate employee.
  • Using bonafide certificates, students can get loans at low-interest rates from certain lending organisations. To access this advantage, the student may be asked to provide this certificate. An application requesting the certificate from the respective institution can be submitted.
  • This certificate could be used as an extra ID evidence may be included in the papers submitted to various traffic authorities to apply for a driver’s license.
  • Certain conferences, seminars, and other similar activities are held solely for students/employees, and admission may be permitted upon the presentation of bonafide certificate.
  • To enrol for some different student scholarships.
  • Businesses and corporations may form alliances to bring extra benefits. For example, a corporation may establish a deal with a cab service to provide their employees with a discount. Bonafide certificate can be used by employees to establish their eligibility.

How to write a Bonafide certificate application

Types Of Bonafide Certificates

It’s important for a variety of reasons, including applying for college loans to study abroad, finding a new job, and taking advantage of government programmes. Now that you know what it means, let’s look at some of the most common uses for it:

Bonafide Certificates For Students

  • To apply for a student loan
  • To go for a field visit for a project
  • Attending a lecture, conference, or workshop at another college
  • For providing students with travel discounts
  • Application for a passport
  • In order to join a public library
  • Extension of student visas

Bonafide Certificates For Employees

  • To begin with the process of opening a bank account.
  • In order to take a bank loan.
  • To attend a formal seminar or a conference.

How to get the Bonafide Certification?

Bonafide Certificate From School

Either the student or the parent can apply for the scholarship. When applying to other universities, obtaining a passport or visa, or even opening a bank account, this certificate may be useful. They may request a Bonafide certificate from the prior institution of study while changing schools or enrolling in college. Students can apply for it at the school’s administrative office, and the certificate will include information such as the school’s name, the student’s name, the year of graduation, the class, and the student’s rank or total marks.

Bonafide Certificate From College

When applying for international colleges, obtaining a scholarship, opening a bank account, or even asking for a bank loan, a certificate from college is required. It verifies the student’s affiliation with a certain institution and even serves as evidence of their overall success.

Furthermore, when it comes to applying for internships and employment, the credential is really important. Certain universities need a paper application, while others offer an online site where students may apply for a Bonafide. Thus, make sure the certificate application follows the guidelines, is clear and concise, and has all of the required information.

Bonafide Certificate From Work

When it comes to workers, the certificate must include information on the individual, their job description, and the firm or employer’s contact information. In certain situations, the certificate additionally includes the employee’s date of birth, as well as their unique characteristics or years of service. To obtain such a certificate, the employee must present the administration with the following documents:

  • Payslip
  • Employee ID Card
  • Date of Birth Certificate

Bonafide Certificate Application Format for Different Uses

When applying for a bonafide certificate, you must include your complete name, the name of the institution, your registration number, and the current class you are studying in. This bonafide certificate will be provided to the student on the letterhead of a certain organisation.

It must be signed and sealed by the institution/school or corporation. The validity period of this certificate will only last for three months.

Format of Bonafide Certificate Application for Students!

You must contact the administrative department of your university to get a student Bonafide certificate. Seek the certificate in writing from the institution’s head. You must provide a physical copy of your request for the certificate. Clearly state the explanation for the Bonafide’s need so that the managers have no confusions about the purpose. Also, submit this application to the head of the institution.

The following documents must be attached to the application for it to be considered complete:

  • Photocopy of your ID Card
  • Application Form
  • Fee Receipt

While each institution’s certificate may have its own structure, it often includes information such as

  • the institution’s name printed on the letterhead,
  • the date of issuance,
  • the applicant’s information,
  • and the signature of the institution’s head.
Bonafide application for students

Note: If you are a college student in your first or second year who is going to another school directly, you must additionally submit a leaving certificate with your application. If you’re looking for a loan, it should also state the organization’s fee structure.

Format of Bonafide Certificate Application For Employees

You must write a letter to the head of your department or organisation in order to obtain this certificate from the corporation. Here’s an example:

Bonafide application for employees

Format of Bonafide Certificate Application for Passport

When applying for a passport, you may be asked to present documentation that you are studying/have studied at a specific university or that you work for a specific company. The following is the application format you may use to write your passport application:

Bonafide application for passport

Format of Bonafide Certificate Application for Internship

Students may require this certificate to confirm the college or institution they are studying at while applying for an internship or apprenticeship. The application is as follows:

Bonafide application for internship

Format of Bonafide Certificate Application for Aadhar Card

It may be required as proof of residency or student ID when applying for an Aadhar card. The first and most important thing to remember while writing an application for this certificate for an Aadhar card is that it is normally made by a student requesting that their college’s principle or director provide them this certificate. Take a look at the following application format to get one for your child’s Aadhar card:

Bonafide application for adhaar card

Format of Bonafide Certificate Application For Scholarship

When it comes to applying for scholarships, the certificate is a crucial document. It contains information on the institute where you are now studying or previously studied, as well as certain personality character traits and accomplishments. Also, it serves as a physical example of the same.

  • Application phase is crucial.
  • The application must follow the guidelines as per the format.
  • The application should be well-written and must contain all of the relevant information.
  • It is important to emphasise relevant accomplishments and personality qualities.
  • It’s important to address the right individual.
  • Necessarily include all essential documents, such as a student ID card, mark sheets, and certificates of achievement.
Bonafide application for scholarship

Format of Bonafide Certificate Application For School Project

The professors give certificates to the students as a way of acknowledging their work. As a result this proves the completion of the project under their supervision and assistance. This, in turn contributes to the project report’s credibility.

Format for Bonafide Certificate Application For School Project

Bonafide Certificate Formats

Bonafide Certificate Format For Students

Every institution, whether a school or a college, will require a specific bonafide certificate type to meet the various standards. So, if you’re wondering what a student bonafide certificate from an institution comprises of, below are some of the main characteristics of the certificate:

  • Institution’s Name on the Letterhead
  • Date of Issuing
  • Details of the Student
  • Details stating that the person in question is or was a part of the institution.
  • Signature of the Head of the Institution
Format for students of school or college

Bonafide Certificate Format For Working Professionals

A working professional’s certificate format may differ from that of a student since it includes information about their professional past and the organisation with which they are/were affiliated. Here is a list of general elements that are usually a part of the Bonafide certificate of a person who works:

  • Organisation’s Name on the Letterhead
  • Details about the working employee including the joining date and working experience.
  • Date of Issuing
  • A statement proving that the individual is or was a part of a specific organisation.
  • Signature of the Head of the Organization
Format for working professionals

Content of Bonafide Certificate

In the case of students, the certificate normally includes:

  • the name of the school,
  • student information,
  • and the admission number, as well as the class in which the student is now studying.

If the certificate is given to an employee, it will include

  • the person’s contact information,
  • his or her position at the firm,
  • and crucial information about the employer.

In some situations, depending on the nature of the certificate and the necessity, the date of birth is also included in the certificate.

How to Apply for a Bonafide Certificate?

  • It is not difficult to apply for a bonafide application. Every school, institution, business, or organisation has its own simple application process.
  • You must contact the appropriate office and clarify about the situation.
  • Obtain an application form and fill in the necessary information.
  • It’s a simple procedure that asks you to submit the relevant paperwork in order to obtain the certificate.
  • If the institution does not have an application process for the certificate, you can write to the office and seek a bonafide certificate.
  • You can apply for bonafide certification online, and you can specify which information you want your institution to include in your certificate.
  • A bonafide application will include all of the precise information of your time working or studying at a certain institution.
  • You can obtain a bonafide certificate from your place of employment by requesting one and presenting the necessary documentation to the office.
  • Parents, on the other hand, can apply for the bonafide from the school and submit the necessary paperwork.
  • College or university students can apply for the same on their own.

Note: To be safe, you should collect a certificate from your previous school, college, or university where you studied.

Application for Bonafide Certificate

You need to submit an application to the head of the institution/organization from which you wish to obtain this certificate. Though the content of a Bonafide Certificate application may vary depending on the objective, certain places already have a standard format. If there isn’t one, the applicant is usually asked to compose a letter instead.

How does a Bonafide Certificate differ from a Study Certificate?

They differ in terms of information as well as the purpose of their use. A bonafide certificate verifies that a student is/was studying at a school/college/university for a specific period and lived in a particular region. On the other hand, a study certificate only shows that an individual is studying at a specific academic institution and contains their name and class or course details.

Thus, a bonafide document includes not only the person’s class/course but also facts such as their residence, date of birth, and other information that is essential to verify their eligibility for educational loans, scholarships, and government programmes.

Who issues a Bonafide Certificate?

The time it takes for a bonafide certificate to be issued varies depending on the institution. It is printed on the institution’s letterhead and appropriately signed/stamped. Include the fee structure in the bonafide certificate. if you applying for an education loan. This is an example copy of the certificate.

FAQ Section

Is it necessary to have a bonafide certificate in order to obtain a visa?

Yes, having a bonafide certificate is necessary for visa processing. This is necessary for students who are actively studying in school and seeking a student or tourist visa. You’ll also need a NOC and a leave letter from your institution or school, in addition to the Bonafide certificate.

Is there a similarity between a character certificate and a bonafide certificate?

They certainly aren’t! A bonafide certificate is a document that proves your association with a certain organisation. It has a three-month maximum validity period. Character Certificate, on the other hand, is a six-month-valid document that issues the grant of your character.

Is bonafide certificate necessary?

Students who are residing away from home and wish to apply for a passport must have a bonafide certificate. The passport agency then demands it as proof of current schooling and for additional purposes of verification. It is also a must-have for police verification.

Why do we need this certificate?

Essentially, the certificate serves as a confirmation of the institute, organisation, or corporation with which someone was formerly a member, whether as a student or as an employee. In other words, a Bonafide certificate demonstrates that someone was formerly a member of a specific organisation.

What is bonafide certificate for employee?

So, in the case of an employee, a bonafide certificate is an evidence of affiliation with a certain company, institution, or firm, and provides basic information such as name, date of birth, father’s name, course pursued/designation of the employee, and so on.

What is the validity period of a Bonafide Certificate?

Issued on the educational institution’s or company’s letterhead with a proper signature and office seal, the validity period of this certificate is usually three months.

What Does Bonafide Student Mean?

A bonafide student is someone who is
Studying in a recognised school, college, or university.
A student studying at a state-run technical college or institute for a sufficient period of time in order to be considered a full-time regular student by the school.
A student at a proprietary institution of higher education who is enrolled in an off-campus college work-study course or academic programme.

Final Thoughts

We must have previously understood the significance, purpose, and use of a Bonafide Certification from institutions or organisations at this time. Wherever you are from or where you wish to go, you may find yourself in need of one. For whatever reason, making a Bonafide certificate is very vital.

Whether you’re starting a new company or applying for university admissions in another country, the value of certificates and documentation is very much. The documents are an integral part of the admissions process, supplementing your application.

As a result, this bonafide certificate serves as confirmation that you are a student, similar to your identity proof. Candidates can obtain this certificate from a specific school or college. These certificates may be used in a variety of situations, such as Aadhar renewal, passport renewal, and so on. We, at Podium, therefore hope that the preceding article has been of great use to you in learning about bonafide certificates.

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