How are Ravens Different from Crows?

Do you have an idea how many species of birds are on this planet and how do they look? We might have an idea about the rough numbers but there are high likely chances of being clueless about how they are different from each other and what properties do they have. And the thing that makes it more complex is that there are a lot of species that are very identical to each other but are very different at the same time. Two such species of birds are ravens and crows. They are so identical that we can’t even easily differentiate between the two.

But the fact is that they both have their own set of different properties and physical features. In this article, we are going to discuss what are crows and ravens, their different properties, and how they are different from each other.

Crow vs Raven

Crows and Their Properties

Let’s begin with crows. Corvus commonly known as crows are blackbirds, that belong to the family of Corvidae. They are  known for their intelligence, adaptability skills, and for their loud, harsh “caw.” They are very common birds and can be easily seen in our surroundings. They are omnivorous, have a high IQ, and live up to 12 years. These birds have a lot of variations and are called by different names in different languages. Most of the time they are taken in an evil view but they play a very crucial role in waste management and helps in keeping the surrounding clean up to some extent.

For a matter of fact crows are an integral part of mythologies all around the world. Some of their features include their big black beak, huge black and shiny wings and small bills. They are great when it comes to adapting to their surroundings.

Crows and Their Properties

Ravens and Their Properties

Then comes very identical-looking birds known as Ravens which are also referred to as western or norther Ravens. Their scientific name is Corvus corax and belongs to the Corvidae family of the Animalia kingdom. They are usually found in the wilds and are native to the northern hemisphere. They are one of the most popular species of the Corvidae family. Their life span lies between 1 to 20 years and is known for their fierce-looking eyes and sharp black beaks.

Some of its properties include a wedge-shaped tail and wings that appear shiny with a blue or purple tint in the sun.

Ravens and Their Properties

The video mentioned below will help you in understanding why ravens and crows are considered as some of the most intelligent birds in the world:

Why are Ravens and Crows considered to be intelligent?

How To Tell the Difference Between Ravens and Crows

These two species of birds are so identical that it is difficult to tell a difference between the two. But if you look closely you will be able to see the difference in their head and feather structure. Crows have fewer feathers on their body and are lined properly whereas the feathers of ravens are more in number and look more dispersed. Then if you look at their tails in a proper way you will get to know that crows have fan-shaped tails whereas ravens have wedge-shaped tails.

The difference does not lie only in their outer appearance but also in the sound they make because crows make high-pitched sounds like caw-caw and on the other hand ravens make the sound croooaaak which is low and hoarse.

How To Tell the Difference Between Ravens and Crows

Ravens and Crows Comparison Chart

Have a look at this video to understand better how crows and ravens are different from each other and what are some of their main properties

FeathersTheir feathers are a little less shiny and may have lighter markingsTheir feathers are very Shiny and have a wet sheen
TailsThey have a fan-shaped tailThey have a wedge-shaped tail
Their SizeThey are small in size as their dimensions vary between 17 inches to 20 inches; weight around 20 ozThey are a little Larger; almost the size of Red-tailed Hawks; 24-27 inches long; Weight around 40 oz
Life SpanTheir life span is up to 8 yearsTheir life span is up to 30 years.
Habitat or Living SurroundingsThey usually live in urban surroundings like cities and towns.They can be found in wild areas
VocalizationThe sounds that they make are Caw- Caw; nasal, high pitched callSounds made by them are Gronk-Gronk, croooaaak; low and hoarse
Their Skill SetTheir adaptive skills include being in human-populated areas; more social and audaciousTheir adaptive skills include being drawn to carrion cattle and sheep; less social, more cautious
WingsTheir wings are blunt and splayed; wingspan 32 to 40 inchesTheir wings are Pointed wings; wingspan 46 to 54 inches
BillsSmaller and flat. There is no tuft of hair atop the bill.Bigger, more powerful, and curved. There is a tuft of hair atop the bill.
Wings in The SunTheir wings appear Purple with green-tinted wings in the sunTheir wings appear Shiny with a blue or purple tint in the sun.

Basis of Differentiation between Crows and Ravens

Difference between a raven and a crow

Final Thoughts on the Difference Between Ravens and Crows

It is not actually possible for us to know about all the species of this planet, their properties, and their properties. But we can still try to learn a little about animals and birds that we see in our surroundings on a regular basis. Crows and ravens are common birds that we sometimes find sitting in our garden or terrace. But they resemble a lot that we can’t easily differentiate between the two. But this article will help you in understanding all about them and what kind of differences do they hold. It will help you to get to know about your surroundings and the living organisms that live in them.

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