Best E-book Sites for Downloading Books for Free

What is better than reading books? Reading books for free! This article provides you with all the information regarding free e-book sites from where you can download books and start reading right away!

From cheesy romances and fantasy to daring adventures, from spine-chilling horror to thoughtful literary fiction and so many other genres, books have always been the gateway to an escape from the daily drudgery of existence. Despite the fact that a real copy feels divine between your fingers, you may have had difficulty in obtaining yours.

20+ Ebook Websites

You could run out of money in a month, or you might not be able to locate the book you’re looking for in any place. We are all aware of what happens to avid readers! It is usually preferable to have backup plans in such situations. As a result, e-books come to the rescue.

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Reading E-books

There are many advantages of reading an e-book since you get it right away, often for free. It saves space because all your e-books can be organised in one device. Not only are these books easily shareable, but also accessible everywhere. You do not have to carry physical books everywhere, anymore. You do not even have to decide which one to take, since you can take hundreds of books together on your next trip. Isn’t that exciting!

Many websites are offering free downloading options for gorgeous e-books. You can download them in any format, get them on your phone, laptop or tablet and start reading anywhere and anytime. Want to know the best e-book sites to offer free downloads? Read on!

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Free E-Book Sites


The Z-Library offers an impeccable collection of e-books and articles to choose from, in different formats. The best thing about it is that you can easily convert the book from one format to the other according to your convenience. How nice is that!


Signing up with a free account will let you download ten books daily. It is very easy to use since you just have to type the name of the author or the name of the book in the search bar and it would show a wide range of suggestions for it. That way, the website is very organized.

Z-Library has a huge collection of books and articles, about 9,341,973 and 84, 837,646 respectively. From academic and reference books to storybooks and poetry, there is almost nothing that Z-Library doesn’t have.

PDF Drive

PDF Drive is another great website to download books from. It currently has about 76,050,886 e-books to choose from. The good thing? The number is increasing almost every second, so you will never run out of books to read!

PDF Drive

PDF Drive is easy to use since the books are categorized under different genres, as shown in the picture above. It is organized in a way that will win your heart. You can even preview the book to ensure that you will like the book.

The website also has a mobile application to make the process of downloading and reading e-books easier for you!

Google Play (Books)

Google Play (Books) hosts millions of popular e-books, audiobooks and comics to choose from. The free section of the website offers a range of books to download and read.

The collection may not be as good as the others on our list, which can be disheartening but the site is extremely easy to use. Rest assured, I can ensure that you will thoroughly enjoy browsing through the titles!

Google Play (Books)

Read Print

Read Print

With thousands of free e-books to download and read, Read Print is absolutely splendid. The easy-to-use website remembers what you looked for and helps you keep track of what you read and what you want to read.

Want to know a unique thing about Read Print? You can even join book clubs and groups to discuss books. What can be better!

The books are arranged which makes the website really easy to use. You can browse through thousands of free e-books to find your favourite!

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg has been distributing books for the last five decades and if that doesn’t speak for its authenticity and popularity, nothing will. The website currently hosts about 60,000 free e-books to download and read anytime.

Project Gutenberg

The website may seem a little old style but it has a nice collection of books which you can enjoy browsing through.

Open Library hosts millions of unique books organised according to different genres. This website is really splendid in the sense that it helps you keep track of your favourite books. The site is also easy to use since the books are organised in shelves like a physical library.

Open Library

Open Library

From classics to recipes, from thrillers to textbooks, Open Library has an amazing collection of books to choose from! It is easy to use, all you have to do is make an account and borrow books to read or listen to. As you can see, the layout is simple but beautiful!



The website is not completely free, however, the free section of BookBub hosts a range of e-books to download. The selection may be a little restricted. Nonetheless, that wouldn’t stop you from indulging in the greatest books written, for free.

With personalized recommendations and great deals on books, this website is an absolute treasure! It has an impeccable collection of free e-books too, so what are you waiting for? Sign up today!

Parting Thoughts

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Books are one of our best friends! To avid readers, taking a book in their bags is a must. However, with tons of books published every day, it can be difficult to buy the ones you love. E-books are a nice alternative, which you can read on any device, be it, laptop, personal computer, kindle or mobile phone. Check out the free e-book sites to download books from and enjoy your time indulging in the best books ever written!

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