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Disney Princess

Often confused why the term ‘Hero’ is symbolic of strength and power, but ‘heroine’ is rather glamourous? Characters of strength exist in many shapes, sizes, and genders. When it comes to writing a strong female character, every maker has their own interpretation of what it means to be strong. And what carries in it, always makes a statement. It gives a social message.


When we watch a Disney princess’s movie, we don’t usually expect for a feisty or muscular girl to come up and then keep chasing. Rather, we dove into a world of fairy-tale and it’s all blissful with a tiny portion of modernity. From Hermione Granger to Erin Brockovich, there is no denial that we have found a lot of bravery in female characters. But we must know that the Disney franchise plays a huge role in making contents for small children. Hence, we must take a look at some fine films that inspire female strength.

Making great female characters follows the same guidelines as creating strong male characters.

Namely, they require background, drive, and depth in order to develop a multi profile that feels like realistic, actual humans. A strong female leader will follow her intuition and make decisions based on her own set of values. Even villains have their reasons for their choices. She’ll make mistakes, but she’ll strive to learn from them as much as possible. Although, a strong character is vulnerable to manipulation. They have had their own emotions and opinions about their world and the events that occur inside it.

It is not a precursor that a strong woman/girl will have muscles or strong body strength to tackle down every negative individual around her. We must let go of its literal meaning. However, a strong female is mentally balanced, ready to take challenges and makes decisions that take courage.

Therefore, allow us to introduce you these amazing Disney characters who through character, gave a social message. They don’t bind themselves with the superficial standard of softness set for a princess. They are quite the opposite and portray the necessity for reality.


Movie- Mulan

Mulan Movie Trailer

Undoubtedly, Mulan has to be number one on this list. She is the first one who comes to our mind when we think of such a title. Mulan is without a doubt the most powerful Disney princess we have ever seen, as she takes the most drastic measures to defend her family and the world.

Mulan puts herself in grave danger for the sake of others, and she saves China as a whole, so sure. If you ask us, it’s quite savage. Her social message to the world speaks lengths! From competing with boys to making a mark with her identity.

Anna and Elsa


Because of how much they love and cherish each other, Anna and Elsa are highly inspiring Disney Princesses. Indeed, the true love tale in Disney’s Frozen is not between a prince and a princess, but between two sisters who love each other wholeheartedly irrespective about whether or not they follow society rules. Even when she is at her lowest, Anna refuses to budge on her sister Elsa. Their relationship is so sweet and selfless that we can’t help but notice it.

But that’s not all. We must know that Elsa is a powerful, courageous queen who is driven for the welfare her community. In the second movie, she leaves her kingdom to join her late mother’s land in order to serve and help them. Anna’s will is portrayed throughout the movie. Be it from her rampant search in the snow to becoming the queen. Elsa is wise, composed and careful. While Anna is cheerful, bubbly and a mark of happiness along with being responsible. Together they make a great combination!



Little Mermaid

A mermaid doesn’t have a leg. But she does have a brain.

When it comes to the things she cares about most, Ariel from The Little Mermaid is highly dedicated, and she will go to any length to see that her wildest wishes come true. Anyway, being with Prince Eric is one of her biggest goals, but she also wants to be on land and away from the sea.

Ariel is a princess who takes initiative and does not sit on the sidelines. Her father expects her to comply with all of his demands, but Ariel isn’t like that. She is the type of person that understands exactly what she wants, which demonstrates serious strength.



Pocahontas educates John Smith how to appreciate the beauty of the world around him in the movie’s most renowned song, “Colors of the Wind.” She educates him and the rest of us that everything on Earth has value and significance, and that understanding this is critical to avoiding human greed.

Every time we hear this song, our hearts melt because it teaches us so much about how to be more unselfish. She shares a social message by breaking the stereotype.



Tiana possesses an exceptional work ethic and is willing to go to any length to see her goals realised. Tiana, unlike other princesses we’ve seen in previous Disney flicks, is uninterested about meeting a husband that might save her. All she wants is to create her own restaurant and show off her incredible cooking talents while also sharing her delectable recipes with the rest of the globe.

Tiana is able to overcome numerous obstacles in order to realise her aspirations during a time when a female running her own business was looked upon. Especially as a black woman in America.


Movie- Brave

The movie is a namesake for Merida herself. Because the mother-daughter relationship in the film was based on Brenda Chapman’s own real-life experiences with her own teenage daughter, the mother-daughter relationship in the film appears to be particularly authentic.

Brave – Movie

Merida has polished her archery skills to the point where she is one of the best archers ever seen. She can also battle with a sword and ride her horse, Angus, across the countryside.

Because she shows us that it’s alright to follow your own path, Merida from Brave is one of the most powerful Disney princesses we’ve seen. Merida, like some of the other princesses on this list, is informed that in order to be successful, she must marry and have a family. This is not something Merida desires, and she will not stand by and watch as she is dragged into a life that is not meant for her. Without the aid of a Prince Charming, she takes action and rescues the day.

Parting Words from Podium

While many dismiss Disney princesses to be damsels in distress, these strong women give everyone the power to cruise on in life. While they are carved out from old legends, these Disney Princesses refuse to cower down in front of the curveballs life throws their way. You may also check out the Top Disney Princess Movies for more inspirational and strong female leads in animation.

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