6 Best Math Games For Kids

The education system in this 21st Century has changed rapidly. Starting from small kids to elders has turned themselves into the digital world. The same goes with mathematics, math, arithmetic, or anything that is called.

Maths Game

Multinational companies from around the world have come with various online “math games” applications. There are various applications or websites where the young generation can gain their math skills.

As a result, In some way, we could thank the current situation for turning the young generation into the digital world. Kids tend to learn more when education or teaching is offered on any digital platform. In fact, it is highly helpful for those who think that math is a tough subject to learn.

Best Math Games for Kids

Currently, we have thousands of online applications for great learning, and more when it comes to kids. In fact, there are over 500,000 educational applications for both elders and young children. But, finding good and high-quality educational applications is always tricky and tough to download.

This is where we come in and help the parents or kids to select the best math games to gain skills. Below we have shortlisted some of the fine math games for your kids.

Prodigy Math Game (Video Game)

“Prodigy Math Game” is quite an interesting platform for young children to learn math while playing. This game has been published by SMARTeacher, Prodigy Education Inc. In fact, the game is made available on three different platforms:

  • Official Website
  • IOS
  • Android Play Store

It is a free fantasy-based math game that is highly recommended by millions of teachers around the world. This beautiful game has more than 50,000 problems for the young generation to solve.

The students will have to answer each question correctly and as a result, the game will grant them a spell. As a result, the player will need to cast the spell during the battle and defeat the opponent player. The opponent player could be a monster or any other character.

As a result, any player with a good winning streak will earn huge points and will boost the player’s stats. Earning many points and stats will earn hearts and many other rewards. Moreover, it is one of the best math game for young children.

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Monster Math 2: Fun Math Games

Maths is always fun with “Monster Math 2”. It is a math educational video game that has a mission to improve over 70 different math skills. Kids using this adventurous fun video game would surely love playing the game.

This beautiful math game has been published by Makkajai Edu Tech Private Limited. In fact, the game is made available on Android and IOS platforms only. In fact, the game has received 4.1 out of 5 from Google Play Store.

This game helps k-5 students to practice strongly build their common core aligned math skills. Interestingly, this application is completely customizable to suit the student’s aptitude. The students as per their level can choose the difficulty from basic to advanced tasks.

The detailed scores or any other reports are mailed to the student and they can view how they are progressing.

Download Monster Math 2 Fun Math Games. Kids Grade K-5 Free for Android - Monster  Math 2 Fun Math Games. Kids Grade K-5 APK Download - STEPrimo.com
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SplashLearn Math Game for Kids

This is one of the best learning games that any child can use. In fact, it is the world’s first scientifically-designed, game-based Pre Kindergarten to Grade 5 game. The game was founded a decade ago in 2010 and is developed by SplashLearn Software Developer.

SplashLearn is mostly used as teaching material for the teachers and students in many schools. Students and their teachers can always be connected through this app by logging in to the same room through a mutual code.

In fact, teachers can give the students various assignments on maths and check the students’ understanding. The platform has both formative and summative assessments that can be used throughout the current units. Parents can use this application of how is the progress going for their child.

Read more about it at https://www.parents.com/kids/education/math-and-science/best-math-apps-for-kids/

SplashLearn: Math & Reading - Kids Learning Games review - App Ed Review
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Rocket Maths Game for Kids

Rocket Math is one of the best math games to learn while playing for young children. The game has been published by “Rocket Math” themselves. This game has received 3.6 out of 5 from Google Play Store and 5 out of 5 from Educational App Store.

This math game is a supplemental learning program that teaches the students all the basics of maths. Playing the game is quite simple. The players need to complete all the missions and build their rocket and launch them into space.

There are 26 levels starting from A-Z in this game. Interestingly, all the levels have three achievements and they are as follows:-

  • Take-off
  • Orbit and
  • Universe.

The students who have logged in need to answer a question correctly in three seconds or less. If they have made a correct answer then they will be able to make a rocket or else fall a step back.

Rocket Math - Apps on Google Play
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Twelve a Dozen Math Game for Kids

The original name of this interesting game is Twelve. This is a touch game or just a running and jumping game. Bossa Game Studios is the developer and the publisher of this game. The game has received 5 out of 5 from Common Sense Media. In fact, the game had been nominated for various game awards.

In the game we see, twelve a numeric hero, who is on a journey through the universe of numbers. She is on a serious mission to rescue her family from the dangerous world of Dozenopolis. A mixture of all this make the game very interesting for the kids.

Educational Math Application

Read more about it at https://www.taminggaming.com/game/Twelve+a+Dozen

Twelve a Dozen (By Bossa Studios) - iOS - iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch Gameplay -  YouTube
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Elephant Learning Math Academy

This math learning platform guarantees today’s children that they will learn a year’s math within three months. In addition, they have revealed that, as per their data, children learn 1.5 years of math just within 10 weeks using their system.

In fact, children using the platform have gained very highly and have appreciated it. This platform is specially designed for those children who have no idea of the “Basics of Maths”. The algorithm in this beautiful platform provides real-time reports.

The children aged between 3-5 years old would surely build a great math base from this platform.

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