Vedic Math Books: The Top 5 Vedic Math Books

Vedic Maths is a very vast topic. In this lesson, we will cover its importance, history and 5 Vedic math books.

Importance of Vedic Maths

To start with, The importance of Vedic Mathematics is very great. You can be aware of the importance of calculating when you prepare for a competitive exam, and then doing calculation Vedic helps at a high level. Moving on, now let us talk about it in specific terms:

  • Enhances Focus
  • Improves Accuracy
  • Increases Memory
  • Time-management Skills
  • It provides more systematic, simplified, unified & faster way of solving problems.
  • It develops Left & Right Sides of the brains

In contrast to several steps in traditional mathematics, Vedic maths provides answers in one direction. Six Vedanganas are present. One of the six is Jyotish Shastra. This Jyotish Shastra is part of Vedic Maths. 3 segments or ‘scandas’ are Vedic mathematics (branches). Vedic Math’s beauty lies in its simplicity. It is possible to calculate on plums and paper. The approach to problem-solving stimulates the mind, memory, and focus. It enhances creativity and encourages innovation.

Introduction to vedic maths

Vedic maths is basic and easy to understand. Once a student understands the fundamental concepts, his approach is creative. Their understanding is therefore improving. It is flexible and applies to all age groups. Vedic maths can provide students with an edge over others in competitive exams.

Now let’s discuss the various books that you can buy and start reading to get into the depth of Vedic maths

Top 5 Vedic Math Books

1. Sixteen Simple Mathematical Formulae From the Vedas

Sixteen Simple Mathematical Formulae From the Vedas

To begin with, the book was written by Sri Bharati Krsna Tirthaji Maharaja, Govardhan Matha, Puri, Holiness Jagadguru Shankaracharya. It addresses and aids in the mental execution of Vedic mathematical formulae and their application. Definitely, This is one of the best math books in the Vedic world.

Why is Sixteen Simple Mathematical Formulae From the Vedas a good Vedic Math book?

  • Solutions based on application of concepts
  • 16 significant 16 Jagadguru has lucid explanations for mathematical formulae arithmetical operations.
  • Detailed notes are provided for the first few chapters
  • It is really helpful in your tests

2. Maths Sutra

Maths Sutra

Gaurav Tekriwal has written this book based on the 16 Vedic sutras. Moreover, This book helps you solve algebras, algorithms, square roots, cubical roots, trigonometry, and much more.

Why is Maths Sutra a good Vedic Math book?

  • Provides easy to understand methods and concepts
  • Helps you do hard questions in minutes
  • Consists of various practice exercises to improve urself
  • helpful for high level competitive exams

3. Vedic Mathematics Made Easy

Vedic Mathematics Made Easy

To begin with, this book is an incredible book by Dhaval Bathia. This book includes many beautiful techniques and questions of practice that give a thorough overview. The book is divided into three main, intermediate, and advanced sections. And all students who want to achieve more will be helped.

Why is Vedic Mathematics Made Easy a good Vedic Math book?

  • Practice practice after each chapter.
  • Foreword for all concepts.
  • Full of graphic designs and illustrations.
  • Read and understand easily
  • The explained methods are simple to use and remember

4. The Power of Vedic Maths

The Power of Vedic Maths

Firstly, The Power of Vedic Maths from Atul Gupta explains the techniques in a simple language, and this book was written step by step and attempts to complete the existing void in a very interesting manner. Moreover, It contains a number of solved problems and high order questions.

Why is The Power of Vedic Maths a good Vedic Math book?

  • There are 1,000 problems with answers in the practice.
  • Includes a special chapter showing the use of techniques in competitive testing problems.
  • Competitive approach. competitive.
  • Solutions are step-by-step.

5. How to Be a Mathemagician

How to Be a Mathemagician

To begin with, Aditi Singhal and Sudhir Singhal have written this book. Furthermore, this is a two-sided book that includes tricks and delightful activities in one section, and the other stimulates problem-solving to simplify calculations and mathematical facts.

Why is How to Be a Mathemagician a good Vedic Math book?

  • Firstly, Have fun and easy-to-learn techniques.
  • Secondly, Will make you fall in love with numbers.
  • Demystify mathematical principles
  • step by step calculation simplification.
  • Helpful for every competitive Exams.

History Of Vedic Maths

To begin with, In the village of Puri, in Orissa, India, Bharati Krishna Tirtha was born in March 1844. In addition to mathematics, he was also an outstanding student in science, science, and Sanskrit. He loved meditation and spiritualism. For eight years in a forest near Singeri, he claims to have got knowledge of the Vedic sutras. He learned the Vedic sutras, like the Atharva Veda and Rig Veda, according to Krishna Tirtha. This is why it’s called ‘Vedic Mathematics.’.

Undoubtedly, its coherence is the most remarkable feature of the Tirthaji system. For example, it is easily reversed to allow one-line divisions, and the simple squaring process can be reversed to give one-line square roots. the entire system is linked and unified. And all of these are understandable. This unifying quality is highly satisfying, easy, and enjoyable in arithmetic and promotes innovation.

The Tirthaji methods can often solve difficult arithmetic problems and huge sums at once. These striking and beautiful methods are part of an arithmetic system that is claimed by Tirthaji to be much more methodical than modern.

In 1957, he wrote the first 16 sutras. In 1960, he planned to do more than that, but in both eyes, cataracts developed and he died.

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To end, Thank you for going through the article. We hope that you learnt something new!

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