Learn Vedic Math: Amazing Benefits of Learning Vedic Math for Children

Firstly, whenever people encounter the word “Vedic,” their imaginations immediately conjure images of a Yogi or a Guru clutching tree branches and creating scripts with nails. Nonetheless, Vedic Maths is as historic as it seems. However, nobody knows about its creation or creator certainly; it is a beautiful old method of computation. Medieval Indian Sages brought it to the universe. In this lesson, let’s know about some of the amazing benefits of learning Vedic Maths.

Did you know?Shakuntala Devi was known as the Human-Computer in Math. In addition to that, she significantly promoted the use of Vedic Maths.

Vedic Maths: History

Sri Bharati Krishna Tirthaji Maharaj unearthed this technique from the Vedas in 1911 and 1918. He named it “Vedic Mathematics“. In addition to that, he also found that all of these computations are vertically crosswise. This pattern is the same as the logical manner in which the human minds operate.

The most noteworthy aspect of his techniques is his well-coordinated approach to problem-solving. The term “Vedic” comes from the Sanskrit word “Veda,” which means “knowledge.”

Vedic Mathematics refers to 16 sutras (arithmetic formulas), and thirteen sub sutras (corollaries) used to solve arithmetical questions in a much more intuitive and straightforward manner.

Vedic Math enables people to enhance their master factoring calculations in a matter of seconds by using techniques and numerous shortcut alternatives.

Why should one learn Vedic Maths?

Vedic Math Benefits

Most people might feel comfortable solving mathematical equations in a conventional manner. So, the million-dollar question would be, ‘Why should one go for Vedic Maths?’

Vedic maths should be preferred over other methods precisely because it helps instil a “Can Do” attitude amongst students. It changes how pupils look at arithmetic problems.

The learner will find it helpful in many areas of his life. Similarly, the student would then presume that” Every challenge does have an obvious solution.”

Vedic mathematics

Unique features of Vedic Maths


All the sixteen sutras are linked amongst one another to make comprehension simpler. Just one sutra can answer numerous arithmetic problems with only one rule. Such is the integrity of Vedic Maths.

Minimalistic methods

In today’s fast-paced world, simplification is the most distinctive approach to save effort and increase efficiency. Our forefathers devised a method for solving the most arduous multiplication equations, including more than five steps in a single, easy step; this is the originality of Vedic Maths.


The preferred technique to tackle any issue is to examine all perceptions that require creative thinking and recognize that there is far more than one method to tackle the challenge. Evidently, Vedic Maths motivates the students to come up with an innovative solution.

Quick and Precise Results

Vedic Maths’ primary approach is cognitive computation; whenever one solves a question using a simple computing method and calculating in mind, we save time, improving productivity. Comparatively, the steps involved are way lesser. Furthermore, the likelihood of correctness is higher than conventional means.

The magical Vedic maths

Other properties of Vedic Maths

Instinctive skills

According to the characteristics mentioned above, it is evident that Vedic Maths produces quicker and more correct results; generally, this trait helps the learner to become more assured and adept, thus improving his intuitive skills.

Enhance Memory and Focus

Because all the equations require cognitive abilities, and with just a couple of steps, learners can recall the fundamentals with confidence, improving their focus and memory retention skills.

Algebraic Linkage

It is simpler to utilize these mathematical techniques on arithmetic calculations based on the Vedic Maths’ way of studying to just about any algebraic challenge whenever one practices them.

Implementation Territory

Vedic Maths Sutras encompasses all of the nook and cranny in Arithmetic, beginning from arithmetic functions, geometrical operations, trigonometry, analytical astronomy, calculus, differential equations and integral, etc.

The list continues and on, offering limitless potential applications in various fields of mathematics.

Scope for Creativity and Innovation

Several academicians and mathematicians are encouraged to use Vedic Maths, apply those techniques with more ingenuity, and invent new mathematical tactics in contemporary mathematics.

Benefits of Learning Vedic Maths

Robust and credible

The clarity of Vedic Maths is its first benefit. The Vedic Maths learning approach employs methods that are inextricably linked. These are linked methodically and operate together.

The performance developing technique of addition is further linked to speed developing processes of multiplication. Hence it can be seen that the framework of Vedic Maths is entirely reusable and legitimate.

Improve mental maths skills.

Mental math is a talent that allows you to do equations in your mind without ever using paper or pen. Developing a consistent mental mathematics foundation boosts self-esteem and encourages self-interest in arithmetic. Enhancing cognitive abilities is precisely what Vedic Maths and its Sutras do to the learner.

Aids in boosting performance in competitive exams

Students who understand the quick techniques of computation taught in Vedic Maths have significantly profited, from performing well in elementary math examinations to placing first in math tournaments. All exams and contests have a shorter time limit and a greater difficulty level to assess a child’s competency.

Very Little effort Required.

Pupils may repeat the processes and formulae with little exertion, which aids individuals in enhancing their memorization skills and attention.

Optimized Brain Utilization

The most important advantage of studying Vedic Maths is that it allows individuals to utilize both the left and right sides of their brains for creativity and instinct, allowing them to solve unique manners and methods.


If you are currently struggling with arithmetic problems daily, Vedic Math may help you change your perspective on approaching complicated issues in the first place. If one could see the value in merging knowledge with ease, there’s a good chance they will become enamoured with Vedic Math.

It can turn humans into arithmetic geniuses. It uses a variety of brief tactics and methods to improve mental math abilities. Furthermore, it’s not only for arithmetic operations; used in all areas of mathematics. With Vedic mathematics, Algebra, Geometry, and other higher maths become easy. It has also played an essential part in technological advancement.

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