Know Everything About Krumping, Voguing, and Whacking!

There are different dance styles that one can find around the globe. However, three dance forms: Krumping, Voguing, and Whacking, are popular worldwide and are different from each other in their styles. 


Krumping is a street dance style that originally originated in the United States and is a dance style that was derived from clowning. It can be regarded as an off-shoot of clowning. 

Clowning was generally performed to entertain children. Later it became popular as a street dance form. Krumping is all about showcasing your energetic moves while keeping one body part rigid while the other is swinging.

Krumping dances moves are energetic, fast-paced, and sharp. The versatility component in this dance form allows dancers to adapt it following their persona or what fits them the best. This dance form was created with a motive to release anger, aggression, and frustration positively in a way that is not violent.

Footwork in Krumping

Footwork is the basic of Krumping. Without having incredible footwork, your krumping style will collapse. Michael Jackson is one such example who has an incredible footwork skills. His moves were sharp, smooth, and gentle, which is what a dancer who is into krumping form should aim for.

Some of the main moves in Krumping are arms swings, chest pop, and stomps. 

  • Arm Swings are a movement of arms in an aggressive way or like punching movement. 
  • Chest Pop is all about keeping your other part of the body still while the chest makes a popping moment.
  • Stomps are one of the core factors of Krumping. 
  • Lift stomp, kick stomp or slide stomp in these moves needs to have a leg moment with a stomp at the end.

If you’re a beginner and you want to start Krumping, follow a few tips mentioned below:

  • Try to master your moves.
  • Work on your balance, work on isolations, begin with stance and learn the stomps.
  • Keep practising daily
  • Feel the music  


Voguing is a dance style that the models perform during their photoshoots. Madonna’s 1990 hit “Vogue” brought a revolution in the style of model photo shooting while dancing. Voguing is a modern American dance style that was first introduced in black and Latin LGBTQ communities. It was originated in the 70s and 80s, at the House of Extravaganza or the House of LaBeija, when the gay men felt free and started feeling themselves and started expressing it through dance performance. 

They can be anything a drag queen or a ‘real’ boy, whatever they want to. These houses organized balls where members of different houses competed with each other in a fearsome catwalk. This was the time during these “faceoff” that ‘Voguing’ was born. Voguing consists of five elements: 


It is a type of walking style in which the person moves his/her hip side-to-side rhythmically. Nowadays, you might see in fashion shows where models walk on-ramp, cats walking on the ramp. 


The person tries to walk like a duck and maintain a deep squatting position while keeping it sensual. 

Spins and Dips

The movement of the body in a circular motion is spin. In the case of dips, there are different types of dips, such as a soft dip in which the dancer innovatively moves to the floor and the death drop dip in which the dancer starts while standing and suddenly falls to the floor.

You can learn Voguing by

  • Join Voguing masterclasses to learn from the best.
  • You can also watch YouTube videos on Voguing.
  • First, learn the elements of Voguing such as catwalk, duckwalk, etc. 
  • Try to learn ballet and mix ballet with Voguing. You will do something incredibly great.


Whacking or Waacking is a dance form in which arm movements play an important role. It was originated in the 1970s in the gay clubs of California. The word whacking/waacking is derived from ‘Waack’, which means ‘Waving arms.’ This dance form is extremely expressive, free and a form of dance in which arm movements and posing while being in the flow of music make it interesting to watch out for. 

Icons such as Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich, and Marilyn Monroe were inspirations for the gay men’s back then; they used to copy the dance moves and pose like them with the music playing in the background. Whacking is about crazy hand movements and is a mixture of great footwork, house dance, and tap, which develops each dancer individually and makes them even better and better in this dance form. 

Waacking is now not only popular in states of America or Europe but all over the world. Dance battles and reality shows are the places where a large group of people performs waacking, and watching their hands synching together makes the eyes mesmerized. 

We have mentioned a few tips for beginners to start their journey to learn Whacking:

  • Try to master your arm movements
  • Arm movements should be neat and clean while performing
  • Try to Sync your hands with your group if performing together; it makes the performance look great.
  • Practice daily to achieve perfection. btw Krumping & Whacking

Difference between Voguing, Whacking, and Krumping

Voguing, Whacking, and Krumping three are popular dance forms and are performed worldwide today. While Krumping is a dance form in which the dancer can express his/her energetic dance moves, keeping one part of the body rigid and the other part is swinging. It was used as a way to release anger and stress. In contrast, the whacking dance form is performed with arm movements synching with the music, and Voguing is a dance form performed by the models while walking on the ramp using different moves in Voguing such as Catwalk, Duckwalk, etc. Vogue Dance created by LGBTQ


There are different dance forms in this world, and all are unique in a sense. Whacking, Voguing, and Krumping are the dance forms covered here. But be it any form, knowing their basic movements and practicing them with music is the only way to master it.

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