How Classical Dance can add Discipline to Your Child’s Life?

Classical dance has a beauty of its own. No matter how many new dance forms come but none of them can outpower the elegance and presentability of Indian cultural dance. When a dancer arrives in a proper traditional Indian attire it can outshine anyone. Different states of India has different beautiful dance forms like BharatanatyamKathakaliKathak, Manipuri, and many other. Performing and practicing classical dance has a lot of benefits. lt is good for physical and mental fitness, improving coordination, and helps in gaining self-confidence. One such benefit of dance is that it helps in getting discipline in life. It is really important to introduce your child to dance. It helps in teaching them about the value of the rich literary and cultural heritage of India.

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Classical Dances of India

Below mentioned are a few ways by which classical dance can add discipline to your child’s life. It also makes their day more productive:

Adds a Routine to Day

Classical dance is not something which you can learn in a day or without doing practice regularly. So, it is important to practice this dance regularly. It adds a sense of routine to our life. If we know that we have to do dance practice at 5 in the evening then we will plan our day accordingly. We place our activities of the day in such a way that they don’t collide with dance practice. It also helps in creating a habit of making To-Do list for kids every morning. By this, they can plan their day by keeping in mind what all they need to do that day. It can also help in telling them the importance of time and time management. So, it would not be wrong to say that dance can add a much-needed routine to life.

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Dance and Routine

Classical Dance for Self Discipline

You cannot expect to learn how to dance, without being disciplined in your life. You need to keep in mind all the small details while doing the dance. Every beat and second counts because getting slipped away from the rhythm even a little bit can spoil the whole sequence of the dance. So, it helps the dancer to enhance their memory as they need to learn all the things properly. Other than that it also improves the coordination of different body parts. In dancing, all the body parts are involved as move differently. So, dancing also helps in improving hand and feet coordination.

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Dance and Self Discipline

Classical Dance is a Key to Perfection

Dance helps in creating a habit of practicing in kids. By this, they are inspired to practice the same thing over and over again till they are satisfied with it. As already mentioned that classical dance can’t be learned in a single day it is important for children to understand the importance of practicing. And regular practice will definitely lead to perfection one day. And this habit will not be confined to dance only. They will use this habit in all the other aspects of life and learning. By this actual learning will take place. And not only this greed for perfection will ultimately make them learn things properly.

Dance for Perfection

Gives a spirit of Dedication and Passion

Dedication and passion are two really important things in life. They are the driving force if you really want to achieve something. Dance helps in giving birth to these spirits in an individual. Being a classical dancer requires immense dedication. The same things require to be worked upon again and again and if you are not dedicated to it, it can’t be done. And having a passion for the same thing motivates you to do well in that field. If these two things are developed in a person they can excel in whatever thing they want to. If a person has these things then no block or difficulty can stop them from achieving the things they dream for.

Passion and Grace
Dance for Passion and Dedication

Classical Dance makes you a Team Player

We can’t always move forward as an individual. A lot of time in life we need to work with others in a form of a team. So one must know how to be a team player and work with others. Because a lot of times people find it difficult to do so. So, if you introduce your child to classical dance at a young age he will be able to learn easily how to work with others. Another thing is that they will learn how to coordinate with others. Like in group dance one should know when and what will the other person do by this they can learn the importance of coordination. It would not be wrong to say that it is an important benefit of Indian dance.

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Dance for Team Player

Final Word

It would not be wrong to say that classical dance is not only a performing art. It also teaches us a lot of things and one such thing is ‘Discipline’. Dancing also gives rise to a feeling of passion, dedication, and greed for perfection which can help in various aspects of life. So, one must introduce their young children to classical dancing.

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