Guitar Classes: 7 Best Guitars for Beginners to Learn on

Types of Guitars

This article will tell you about the 7 best guitars that a beginner can start off with. We will try to include durability and value for money for each guitar. Remember that this is a guide only to help you refer and make the best choices.

This article is only for acoustic guitars and for electric guitars the price range significantly goes up due to the technicality involved. There are different shapes sizes in acoustic guitars. You can get a full-sized, medium or small-sized guitar depending on your comfort level. There is no stopping once you have the right guitar in your hands!

Also, note that the best guitar is the one that feels just right in your hands. Trying a few guitars or getting someone to try it for you can help you make a better choice. With that said, let’s kick off our list of the 7 best guitars.

1. Cort AD810-OP Guitar

This may sound like a lesser-known company but let me tell you it’s not. There is a reason why this guitar has made on top of our list of the 7 best guitars for beginners. In fact, Cort makes guitars for some of the most popular brands like Fender and Ibanez. You can find plenty of low-budget models from Cort to suit a variety of music types. They have been in this business for 50+ years and they know exactly what you need!

Cort AD810-OP Guitar
Cort AD810-OP Guitar


  • It has a dreadnought body made of laminate wood.
  • Features a mahogany back that looks quite good.
  • Great tone clarity with a tight bass.
  • Standard sized body.
  • Rosewood fretboard for durability.

These are just some of the features but this guitar has. Cort has kept beginners in mind while designing this guitar. The strums have a sweet tone to them and having open pores gives further improves the tone. The volume is also loud and makes you want to keep playing. Add a pickguard and it looks stunning!

2. Yamaha F310 Guitar

This is one of the best guitars for beginner level to intermediate levels. The price is a little high but it offers excellent value for money. Yamaha is a well-known brand for not just bikes but also for their keyboards and guitars. They don’t compromise on quality and will always deliver.

Yamaha F310 Guitar
Yamaha F310 Guitar


  • Natural-finish laminate body.
  • Full body size.
  • Rosewood fretboard and bridge.
  • Amazing tone clarity with good bass.
  • Good playability.
  • Decent volume, can sound better with good strings.
  • Locally sourced wood with a glossy finish.

The reviews on amazon for the guitar are proof of the value it offers. The powerful bass along with the response makes it great to play. The action can be a little high when it’s new but once you start playing it sounds crisp.

3. Epiphone Pro-1 Guitar

Another guitar that has made it in our list of the 7 best guitars is the Epiphone Pro-1 Guitar. Known for its signature electric guitars, Epiphone from Gibson offers the best playability on this list. It is slightly more expensive than the Yamaha F310 but the features really make up for it. It is especially good for beginners as it has a low neck profile offering a very good grip.

Epiphone Pro-1 Guitar
Epiphone Pro-1 Guitar


  • Special fretboard lubricant for smooth playing.
  • Overall balanced sound with good tone and decent bass.
  • Available in two-tone sunburst, black.
  • Pin-less string through bridge.

This Epiphone guitar makes learning fun due to its playability. For the price range, it is one of the best-featured guitars. The clear and balanced tone highlights its sound projection, with good sustain as well.

4. Fender CD-60 Dread V3

No guitar list in the world is complete without a Fender! It is a well-known brand with lots of offerings in different price ranges. The Indian market has plenty of budget mentions from Fender. This particular one isn’t exactly cheap but it is just great for any beginner to fiddle with.

Fender CD-60 Dread V3
Fender CD-60 Dread V3


  • Laminated spruce body.
  • Offers a rich tone that goes with Fenders.
  • Balanced sound with good clarity.
  • Great build quality for the price.
  • Walnut fretboard.

You can trust Fender to always deliver a product that never disappoints quality-wise. This one comes in black colour and sunburst that is so good on the eye(in your room as well!) Since Fenders are popular you can come across counterfeit ones, so be careful while buying online. It’s always good to visit a nearby store so you can play the guitar as well before buying it.

5. Yamaha FX310A

Another Yamaha guitar? We had to add this one due to the fact that it’s just so amazing! If you’re a bass-lover this guitar will just blow your mind. It sounds just as good as the 310 but with more features.

Yamaha FX310A
Yamaha FX310A


  • On-board pickups with preamp.
  • Equaliser system for customisation.
  • Greater control with playing
  • LED indicator for the battery on the preamp.
  • Does not require a microphone for live performances.

If your guitar-playing goals are long-term, then look no further than this one. You won’t have to spend to upgrade once you’re ready to pay in front of an audience. The feature-rich equaliser onboard offers you customizability along with a loud bass that can impress. You may have to spend on an acoustic amplifier but it’s totally worth it!

5. Vault EA40

One of the up and coming brands in India with budget offerings. This guitar is their premium offering and still falls in the price range below some of the Fenders and Yamaha ones. If you’re looking for something that looks premium and offers a decent life, you can check this out.

Vault EA40
Vault EA40


  • Ashwood veneer body with an exotic finish.
  • Balanced tone, not too rich.
  • Adjustable truss rod.
  • Lubricated machine heads.

6. Kadence Frontier Series

The Kadence brand of guitars have become quite popular in India and any guitar from this series offers great value for money. They look good as well so make sure to visit a store so you can choose better.

Kadence Frontier Series
Kadence Frontier Series


  • Decent sound, overall balanced.
  • Clarity is good but packs a punch for the price range.
  • Rosewood bridge.
  • Comes along with bag, strap and picks.
  • Average playability.

7. Juarez JRZ38C Guitar

If your budget is tight or you’re looking for something more short-term, this guitar by Juarez is the pick. It has a good look that offers decent playability.

Juarez JRZ38C Guitar
Juarez JRZ38C Guitar


  • Linden wood body.
  • Ebony wood fretboard.
  • Good grip.

This guitar is good if you’re a beginner who does not intend to spend too much on a musical instrument. It looks affordable and is not good for a professional look.


These 7 best guitars are in different price ranges but you should carefully consider what your objectives are before making a purchase. Value for money and cheap are not the same thing so think carefully. Depending on your requirements, playability, size and budget, go ahead and choose.

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