5 best online courses to learn 21st century skills

The period of lockdown as a precautionary measure against the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic across the world is among some of the fierce and novel challenges we are facing. The pandemic hit forced the world to opt for adaptive measures for incorporating flexibility in the basics of the systems. Due to the challenging situations that arose because of the pandemic spread, the whole of the national population faced its impact. And among all of the affected communities, some of the age groups are among the most affected ones. These include kids and young adults, that are the future and present developers of the country, respectively. In this article, we will learn about the best online courses for kids during lockdown.

The lockdown indirectly made the kids suffer the most. The daily routine life of kids got disturbed as a result of the shut down of schools, parks, playgrounds and all the other recreational sources for kids. And in response to these negative impacts of lockdown, the implementation of several adaptive measures and innovative ideas took place. Online classes for kids during lockdown are one such important innovative adaptation. Many educational institutes are now offering free virtual classes to kids for various courses. There has been a steep rise in the popularity of online classes for kids during the lockdown as a result of the advantages that these courses provide.

Top 5 online classes for kids during lockdown

Creative writing, drawing and sketching, communication skills are among the subjects in trend for courses to do during the lockdown. Skills like creative writing are the skills of the 21st century. There are so many institutes providing online classes for kids so as to help them in learning these vital skills.

Best online courses for kids

1. Creative writing

It is the skill that is in demand under the current scenarios of the flexible business world. The period of lockdown led to revolutionary changes across all the sectors and the learning and teaching sector is also no exception to it. Online classes for kids to learn skills like creative writing are now very much popular. Virtual lessons for kids help them in better learning at their comfort. There are so many reasons for opting for online classes for kids to learn creative writing. A few of them are-

  • Creative writing triggers the three crucial C’s- Creativity, Comprehension, and Communicability.
  • Online classes for kids during lockdown are safest method of learning during the global pandemic hit.
  • Creative writing helps in unleashing the innovative potential of a child.
  • It triggers the release of Dopamine and serotonine from the neurons which helps in better concise development of the kids.

2. Chess

Online chess lessons are another revolutionary outcome as a response to the global Covid-19 pandemic hit. Several virtual tutorials and lessons are available on the internet for beginners to learn about chess. Online coaching of chess made it easy for beginners to learn about basic moves and rules of chess. Some of the advantages of getting your kid enrolled for virtual chess lessons are as follows-

  • Virtual chess lessons help beginners a lot in learning basic chess moves.
  • Online tutorials and simulators make the experience of virtual learning more real and interactive.
  • Learning chess has many benefits for kids that involve development of mental ability.

3. Coding and Programming for kids

Coding lessons for kids had their existence before the lockdown was enacted following the global pandemic hit. But it is only after the enforcement of lockdown that these virtual coding tutorials for kids witnessed a steep rise in popularity. Now, there are many online classes for kids to learn coding skills are available. With a revolutionary change in the education policy, the new NEP-2020 led to the inclusion of coding for primary school kids as an educational subject. More details can be found at-

Coding for kids

4. Piano or Keyboard lessons for kids

Learning how to play the piano is one of the best ways to make your kid utilize his free time during the period of the lockdown. Virtual classes of the piano are another example of how the traditional system of teaching and learning shifted to the modern virtual mode of learning. Online lessons on learning piano for kids help a lot in brushing the basics of the piano. With the help of technological advancements, virtual lessons are more effective nowadays.

5. Communication skills and Public speaking

Working on communication skills and public speaking skills of kids during their childhood leads to an amazing boost in their self-confidence and morale. Online classes for kids on developing the skills of communication and social participation became the talk of society after the global pandemic hit.

Build a new education system

Why is it important to engage your child during the pandemic?

The pandemic spread across the world has made us face novel challenges without any prior experience. Every individual has been facing the adverse effects of this pandemic hit. And children being more vulnerable, are among the ones facing a high risk of deterioration of all the aspects- Physical, Mental, and Emotional. It is very crucial to engage kids during the pandemic so as to maintain their mental and physical health status. To summarise,

An empty mind is a devil’s workshop.

Are online classes the next big thing?

Yes, online classes are definitely among the next big things we are going to witness after the revolutionary changes forced by the Covid-19 pandemic spread. Online classes and virtual teaching are here to stay owing to the plethora of advantages they provide over the traditional model of education.

Online classes are way more beneficial if utilized properly. Some of the major advantages are-

  • Online classes provide flexibility to both the teacher and the student as well.
  • Virtual lessons add to ease of accessibility of the education overriding physical hindrances.
  • Technological advancements have made learning more interactive and engaging.

Final thoughts- Podium School

Podium school is the ultimate destination for different types of online courses for kids during the lockdown. Podium school offers various virtual classes in disciplines like Creative writing, Calligraphy, Public speaking, chess, piano etc… The educators at Podium school believe in the art of creative teaching which makes the online classes more effective and relevant. Peculiar features of some of the courses at Podium school are as follows-

Creative writing-

  • Educators at Podium school imply creative teaching modules to make kids get engaged in learning.
  • The creative writing course at Podium school is curated by subject matter experts so as to maximize the outcome.
  • One to one classes are best for solving all the queries and doubts of the kids.


Learn chess with podium School
  • The complete online guide to chess for beginners’ is best choice to opt for learning chess.
  • Chess experts at Podium school have created high yield online chess lessons.
  • Timely periodic assesment helps in better evaluation of the progress of the kids.

STEM(Science, Tech, Engineering and Maths)-

  • Subject matter experts at Podium school put all their efforts in making the learning fun based and engaging.
  • Various detailed explainatory online lessons are provided on different concepts.
  • Prompt doubt and query solving support sessions.


Which online course is best for kids?

Courses like Creative writing, Public speaking and Communication skills, Drawing and Sketching are best for kids. Because learning these skills develop the mental conscience of the kids and also nurtures the ability to think creatively. These courses aid in the overall Physical, Mental, and Emotional growth of the kids.

How online classes are helpful for students during this lockdown?

The lockdown led to the shutdown of all the schools and educational institutions and thus, a shut down of educational learning of the students. Online classes are the best alternative to the traditional model of education and learning. Online classes reduce the risk of pandemic spread to a minimum while making the learning of students more effective.

How do children handle online classes?

Online classes are very beneficial for children in these adverse conditions due to the pandemic. But it is very crucial to manage online learning in an effective and health-conscious way. Scientists claim that organizing the study schedule with short breaks in between is the best way to handle online classes for children.

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