How to Cope With Pressures in Online Exams

Because of the sudden closure of schools, education policymakers, school principals, and instructors had to develop alternatives to offline classes and face to face interactions to ensure that children’s right to education remains protected. Several institutions by now already use internet or online teaching and learning on a massive scale.

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When a child used to enter the facilitated arena which specifically used to be the enclosed school building, he/ she had unlimited access to the prerequisite infrastructure, mandatory resources, a fixed routine, personal guidance and to a disciplined aura. Authorities need to understand, it’s the unavailability/ lack of one or more of these above mentioned requirements in the education system facilitated through online mode, which results in the non – attending of online classes by students.

Although, how to handle negative thoughts during online exam preparations at your home? is still an important question which troubles the masses largely nowadays. “Are you ready for it or have you missed something important?”, ” Where do you need to focus more? Questions like these can eat you up inside and out. I drive with some concerns in mind, so what should I do in this situation?


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If you pay attention to your studies and make mindful changes in your lifestyle little by little, things can begin falling in place for you. Now, the question arises, how to do so? Be careful when dealing with exam-related homework. What do you mean by negative thinking? What is a positive idea? How can it make a difference in your process of achieving goals? A positive idea is an idea that embraces an atmosphere close to us. Your positive approach can help you work judiciously towards the achievement of goals and even in times of shortcomings, a positive approach helps you stay motivated and make amends. So, stay Positive!

But when the atmosphere is negative, the idea is negative. Students are often exposed to negative thoughts when preparing for tests. These ideas apply to exams, results, preparation, future, peer pressure, etc. The preparation for the exam is the most difficult task for the candidates.

How to reduce stress, fear and failures?

During preparation, you are faced with many opinions from others regarding preparation, work, the future etc. These opinions can be both positive or negative. But always remember , it’s up to you, which one you choose to think about and for which one to not.

These opinions can affect your thought process, but only because you are ultimately the master of your thought process, you can control your stress levels. Stress can discourage you. To combat stress, you need to choose a healthy lifestyle.

Dietary Habits

Dietary habits

Eat light and healthy foods rich in fiber and protein. Delicious foods feel good, energetic and you will have a happy body. It will give you a healthy idea and at the same time improve your concentration. Add nuts to a healthier diet and rehydrate.

Try eating healthy and avoiding as much as junk food. Your body takes a long time to digest and all the energy is used to digest complex molecules without providing energy Caffeine is also addictive. So, stop whatever has the power to rule you.

Stress Releasing

Better in your study. Watch motivational lectures and revise all important concepts or notes carefully and be calm, go for walks, interact with friends or family and watch comedy movies. You have to learn to let go. Reduce stress that you can’t control.

Stress Releasing

So, do you suffer from stress and fear of failing the exam? Well, you don’t have to worry because that’s not the only thing, there are many students who feel pressure and stress when appearing for the exams. This pressure, which may be due to peer expectations, is mainly due to voluntary stress and tends to wear imaginary and unrealistic hats.

Have you ever tried meditating? To release stress and to soothen your muscles, meditation can work magically. And not just that, researches reveal that it also contributes abundantly in enhancing your concentration. Needless to mention, meditation acts as a friend for every age group.

To improve your patterns, you can begin to take a step back by learning to recognize and identifying negative thought patterns when they occur. Just that, just an idea. We only listen to them if they feel they are valuable or useful.

Enhance your approach

Values and attitudes regarding education are key determinants of students’ academic achievement in times of instability. But because of the specific challenges given by online learning, they are likely to be even more important now! Students must rely on intrinsic motivation and self-directed learning in order to succeed in online learning.

Developing good learning attitudes, for example, is critical if students are to stay engaged and motivated in challenging learning contexts. And could thus be crucial to addressing the main challenges that students may face again in the near future.

Impact on mental-wellbeing

Whereas the versatility of evaluation process and the possibility of a home environment can surely reduce stress, improving student well-being and performance through assessment design necessitates a delicate balance of practical, pedagogical, and policy considerations.

Impact on mental and social well-being

It was no surprise that peer mental health became increasingly problematic. Many of the social, intellectual, and financial disparities and difficulties to mental health in India’s higher education sector have been aggravated by Covid.

Tips and techniques to release exam stress!

As a result, there are more students in need of mental health services now than there were before the epidemic, and when compared to other populations.

Across all dimensions of the school experience, organizations are fighting for mental well-being that includes inclusive, mentally healthy structures, systems, and cultures. Indeed, it is interesting to note how in school teaching, learning, and evaluation can affect students’ mental health has risen as a result of this foundation.

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