Good Sleep Habits: How To Improve Sleep Habits?

Imagine your child slouched and yawning all day? Or dozing off in between studies? These actions may cause concern to any parents and they might ponder what is wrong with their child. The simplest answer to such concerns is sleep deprivation. Good sleep is essential for your child to be healthy and full of vitality. It makes them energetic as well as ever curious about what the sunshine has in store for them. Good sleep keeps your child’s mind and body refreshed and away from idleness. 

Good sleep is essential for your child to be healthy and full of vitality

How Can Parents Help?

Parents influence the behavior and lifestyle of the child. whatever the parents do or hold beliefs in, the child acquires it and tends to follow ahead in life. This is because a child is at the tender age of understanding things, applying logic to what he or she sees, and differentiating between situations. They learn and comprehend things in similar patterns as their parents do. 

In other words, children tend to imitate their elders in multiple aspects. This initial yet growing age can be the right time for parents to inculcate good habits into their children. It is also an age where parents shape values, ideals, and ethical thoughts for the children to carry forward. 

To gear your child in the right direction, they should act as the guiding force- be it in moral lessons or their daily routine. It is important for parents to set a good example for their children. 

Setting a precedent also includes inculcating a good sleep routine for the child. An appropriate sleeping routine involves encouraging your child to accept, follow and repeat better sleep routines. 

How To Get Better Sleep

Here are the ways Podium School suggests you help your child have a good sleep and let them implement a better lifestyle:

Framing a Bedtime Routine

Help your child in framing a proper, comfortable bedtime routine. Always maintain that the sleeping hours are not less than 8 hours per day.

Make sure that your child’s sleeping timetable follows the quotation ‘Early to bed, early to rise.’ This will help your child to wake up early and not miss out on the day. It will also keep them active and refreshed. Once you frame out the sleeping routine for your child, ensure that it is maintained thoroughly. 

Framing a Bedtime Routine

Have a Relaxing Time Before Sleep

Before your child goes to sleep, make a habit of giving them some soothing time. This includes reading them a story, listening to gentle music with them, or practicing slow breathing together.

Six tips for better sleep

By doing this, the child will ease up and at the same time have a better sleep. This will also avoid the child from just lying down with hyper thoughts or restlessness. You must also fix this relaxing period accordingly. For this, you need to understand the duration that your child takes to move from an awakened state to fall asleep. 

Have a Relaxing Time Before Sleep

Ensure Silence And Dimness For Good Sleep

Before putting your child to bed, make sure that all the unnecessary lights and noises stop. You must understand that for a good sleep, the room environment must be calm and peaceful. Along with this, the lights must be either switched off or dim. If your child is afraid to sleep in complete darkness, it is better to have dim lights installed in the room. You must also make sure to maintain the same silence and obscurity even after the child is sound asleep.

Ensure Silence And Dimness For Good Sleep

Timely And Light Meal 

It is advisable for teaching your child to have their meals on time before it’s time to sleep. This is because complete digestion of a meal takes place within six to eight hours after having the meal. Having the meal in late hours will interrupt the digestion process. It is also good for your child to have a light meal before sleeping as this will fade the risk of suffering from indigestion and other problems. 

Timely And Light Meal 

No Spooks before Bed!

Never entertain the idea of encouraging your child to watch horror generic shows, movies, or video clips before sleeping, even if they insist. The instances in the movie or the show might impact your child’s sleep.

Children might get scared while sleeping or it might affect their sleeping routine by disheveling it. Make sure that they watch something good and subtle generic shows which will impact them less while they are sleeping. 

No Spooks before Bed!

Winding Tasks Beforehand

Make your child do the next day’s tasks beforehand. This will help them to be free from being anxious about doing the tasks left for the next day. These tasks can be packing the bag according to the timetable, doing the homework, setting out their clothes, etc. It will also ensure that nothing is amiss which would cause further tension. 

Winding Tasks Beforehand

These are the ways to ensure that your child has an ideal sleeping routine sans any lacking or tackling. 

Parting Words

Good sleep is very essential for your child to be active, happy, and full of life. Remaining fresh will initiate their pivotal participation in different, creative activities. This is where we can be your children’s best friends. At Podium School, we offer the leverage for your children to try our courses in Creative WritingPublic Speaking, and many more. It will boost up their spirits and at the same time let them have days filled with fun learning and creativity exploration. 

We are also the best help to our dear parents. We understand the obstacles and confusion you would feel as a parent to shape your child in the best possible ways. Podium School, through its updates on Parenting , aids you in your task.

Till then keep reading with us. Adios!

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