Know About The Must Include Phrases In Public Speaking!

Public speaking has been very popular these days. To know why is it so popular, click here. But it is a difficult task to do and requires a lot of things to be kept in mind. Usually, while going for public speaking, practice on many things is a must. He/she has to practice the proper body language, oral style of speaking, speechvoice modulation and many more. While we talk about speech, words and voice modulation are the two most important things that require utmost attention. To know more about, essentials of public speaking, click here.

Words are important. It is important to include effective words to grab the complete attention of the audience. Generally, even if a person has a lot of content to speak, they fail to attract the attention of the audience. This happens because of the absence of must include phrases which potentially grab the whole attention. Beginners are more prone to face this problem due to which. demotivation and stage fear shoot up. Thus, before going as a public speaker, a person must include certain phrases to deliver the speech effectively.

Let us know below what are those must include phrases for a public speaker!


We have always learnt from our childhood that it is good to give examples to make the concept understand better. Giving examples for any concept is important because the person would be able to relate more to the topic. The word “imagine” denotes a similar thing in public speaking.

When we say imagine, we mean to give an example where the person is himself/herself involved. This enables them to understand your point better. It is because the person puts himself/herself in the example and analyses what he/she would probably do. In such a situation, when you put your point across using the ‘imagine’ technique, the person would consider your point while analyzing your situation. This will finally fulfil your purpose as a public speaker.

By asking a person to imagine, you ask audience to think of the possibilities and to convince the themselves that the point you are putting across is a possible option and worthy to pursue. Let us consider some examples -Imagine yourself to be able to do what you always wanted to do.

  • Imagine having financial freedom
  • Imagine yourself in a workplace which allows you to do your work your way.
Just Imagine

Breakthrough – A Breakthrough in Public Speaking

The word “breakthrough” expresses the most important innovation done. It signifies that people have waited long for that innovation. It is a human tendency of people to get attracted towards the use of exclusive words.

Thus, breakthrough is one such word. Many famous public speakers also opt the “breakthrough” technique to attract the audience. Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple company, used the word breakthrough to deliver an effective speech in 2007. He said ” We are just at the beginning stages of what will be truly remarkable breakthrough and the iPhone is a breakthrough in mobile technology.” To know more about it, click here.

Thus, as a public speaker, you can try to use the word breakthrough while talking about your life experiences. For example – Doing this contract was a breakthrough in my life. This implies that getting that contract in work was a new discovery or new improvement of your life.

Smart English Phrases

You Have The Right To

Ever since childhood, we are taught about the concept of rights. Thus, the concept of rights is enshrined in the minds of people in such a way that merely inclusion of the word ” right” would drag the attention of the audience. People of modern world are more enthusiastic about knowing their rights and exercising them.

This saying is useful because it is human nature to strive for greater heights. People will pay more attention to what you say if it falls under their own underlying ideas. The statement “you have the right to” increases the impact of your message. It conveys a confident message to the audience. It shows that the person is very sure about whatever they are speaking. it creates a sense of trust relation between audience and you, being the public speaker. For example, US President Barack Obama, a well-known master of communication and persuasion, assured its citizens, in his talks, “you have the freedom to choose the doctor you choose.”

When you communicate about your idea by tying it to the concept of “right,” you are not only telling the audience who they are. You are also communicating about what they deserve rather than just imposing your ideas in general.

A Forensic Approach – A Good Approach to Public Speaking

The hit American television show CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) popularized the phrase “a forensic approach”. The main purpose of this phrase is to put emphasis upon the seriousness of your idea or speech. It shows that the speaker is serious about what he or she is speaking. It creates a sense of trust between the audience and the speaker because the speaker talks about factual things. Conveying factual things creates a good impression among audience.

The best advantage of using this phrase is that it indicates a more detailed, precise information. This guarantees the audience reliable and dependent outcomes.

Life Changing Decision

Whenever we hear the phrase “Life changing decision”, it immediately creates a great impact in the minds of the people. Using this phrase conveys that there is a personalized and permanent solution to something. It can be financial freedom, mental health or any other topic relating to the speech. This implies a personal benefit to the individual.

Whenever you use this term, it conveys the powerful and extraordinary value of your decision, topic or speech. It shows how that decision changed your life and how it can change the life of the audience. It stresses more on the personal benefit of the person.

For example- saying “Maintaining a health lifestyle was a life changing decision.” , will mean that maintaining a lifestyle was a decision that changed your life and resulted in your personal benefit. This also makes sure that the person means a permanent solution to the problem being discussed.

Life Changing Decisions

Final Thoughts

In the end, as mentioned above, Public speaking is a cumbersome task to do. It needs proper readiness. Thus, to do that, it is important to know the basics of it and must includes. Podium School provides a wide range of courses to improve the public speaking.

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