The 26 Best Descriptive Personality Words from A-Z

Using descriptive personality words builds up your vocabulary and helps you develop an aptitude to assess personalities and vibes from a mile away.

descriptive words make literary characters and even real life people seem more interesting

Plus, it adds a dash of entertainment to keep up the lively tone of the conversation.

Using descriptive adjectives to describe someone’s personality is an important factor and particularly rewarding one if you are an aspiring writer. Descriptive adjectives create a long-lasting impression of the character you are reading about. Consider it an example of a ‘first impression’.

We don’t talk about it enough, but our world is composed of descriptions. Especially when we are dealing with people, the question of ‘describe me in a word’ is bound to pop up some time. Therefore, using descriptive words at the right time is a great conversational skill.

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Noted writers and speakers judiciously use this magic ingredient. It gives a sense of reality to their words. Moreover, if they don’t use the words, the story might lose its taste.

People are wired to relate with whom they interact. Therefore, a smattering of descriptive personality words will illuminate the way you express yourself. And, who doesn’t like a positive word or two about their personality?

Imagine Harry Potter being full of boring details with nothing to describe what they felt like. That’s right, we can’t think of it. Or, we would have dozed off like Ron, here.

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Using Descriptive Personality Words to Improve Writing Skills!

Okay, if you don’t believe us, try reading the paragraph below:-

John plays basketball. He studies a lot. He draws and plays a musical instrument as well. John’s friends always confide in him because he does not rat them out. John speaks less and listens more. He’s a quiet kid who accepts everyone with their flaws.

Don’t you think it was pretty one-dimensional?

We know John does many things- he’s a fantastic guy. But what does it tell about his personality?

Let’s try rewriting the paragraph with descriptive personality words-

John is a studious and enterprising young man. He harbours a love for basketball. A passionate artist and musician at heart, this taciturn gentleman is a young prodigy. Who wouldn’t want to engage with this dependable person and on top of that- an active listener? John’s friends are all over him- because, he is accepting of their deepest, darkest secrets.

descriptive personality words can be used for anyone

Didn’t descriptions make John’s personality juicier than it already is? Didn’t it add more character to him?

Therefore, to help your keen mind expand with the many possibilities of describing people– we bring for you our list of the best descriptive personality words.

What are Descriptive Personality Words?

A descriptive word ‘describes’ things by providing more details about their appearance, their traits, and other features.

Descriptive personality words or descriptive personality adjectives do the same.

However, these words go beyond appearances, because well, appearances are deceptive.

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And don’t you think that superficial visual summaries are out of fashion?

Descriptive words that highlight personality traits often go skin deep. This is because they tell you about-

  • how a person is in their interactions with other people?
  • if a person has to describe themselves, how will they do it?
  • what do they feel about things?
  • what is their behaviour or disposition, in general?
Using descriptive personality words at the right time adds value to conversations

Why should you use Descriptive Personality Words?

We encourage you to use descriptive words, not for sake of the brownie points you might get. But, who wants conversations ripped out from a dreary textbook? Won’t it seem like a chore?

Descriptive adjectives help us visualize people. It is not important that they always have to be positive or negative. Using these words comes with insight and honesty.

Using descriptive personality words is useful because it gives you an insight into other people's nature

Using descriptive comes in handy when appearing for interviews. Regular question panellists might ask you is ‘how will you describe yourself?’

It is at this moment that you will need to keep an arsenal of descriptive words at hand so that you may give a satisfactory description of what you are like. Also, it is not highlighted enough, but using adjectives at the right moment adds value to the conversation.

descriptive personality words will help you express yourself better

Such words will help you engage more with the person and think about why did you use a word to describe them. Using adjectives to describe people is not limited to your inner circle.

Hence, you can use descriptions to speak about a firefighter, a bodybuilder, a doctor, or pretty much anyone. Even an animal, a plant, a place, or a non-living thing!

Try this little exercise. Whenever, you go on a walk the next time, observe a person. Try to guess their body language, their expressions, etc. Then write a stanza about how would you describe the person.

Go for the kill and describe people accurately with great descriptive personality words.

Types of Descriptive Personality Words

Before diving into these waters straightaway, we would like to divide these adjectives into three categories-

  1. Positive- that convey an optimistic impression of a person.
  2. Negative- that paint a good picture of a not so good personality trait.
  3. Neutral- that is fine either way- if you want to play safe, go for these.

Hence, these divisions cater to every person you wish to describe. There is no such rule for using descriptive adjectives. They surmise almost everyone-the good, the bad, or the balance of the extremes.

Take a quick look at this video and give yourself a leg up on that vocabulary!

26 Best Descriptive Personality Words from A-Z!

And, here we are! We will experiment with some unique descriptive personality words. Read these words up, one for each letter of the English alphabet.

Now, it is time for you to pick up the cue and become erudite and eloquent with these descriptive personality words! Learn to employ them the next time you meet some friends! Or what’s better than putting your skills to the test during a public speech?


Meaning- One who is friendly, easy to get along with

Example- Miriam was an amiable hostess at her house-warming party.


Meaning- In a mood to fight

Example- The bellicose crowd of Paris thirsted for the blood of their atrocious ruler.


Meaning- One who is ready to assist or collaborate

Example- Despite his unwillingness, the prisoner was cooperative during the investigation.


Meaning- Shy, reserved or modest

Example- Jemimah was the oldest and the most demure of all the three children.


Meaning- Being excited, enthusiastic

Example- Tina was an ebullient little girl.


Meaning- Someone with a brash, vibrant manner

Example- Elvis Presley was one of the most flamboyant musicians ever known.


Meaning- Innocent

Example- Johnny is a guileless soul because he does not know the ways of the world.


Meaning- Being vain

Example- Eric was haughty because of his good looks and wealthy background.


Meaning- Fearless

Example- John Stuart Mill was an intrepid thinker.


Meaning- Jolly, good-natured

Example- As Lina was a jovial person, people loved being with her.


Meaning- Strange

Example- That scientist is extremely kooky.


Meaning- Being sluggish

Example- Yehezkel was feeling lethargic after the long marathon race.


Meaning- Feeling sad

Example- She is a poetic, melancholic girl who wishes for a miracle called love.


Meaning- Child-like, winsome

Example- Rapunzel was a naïve princess because she had never seen the world beyond her tower.


Meaning- Socially confident

Example- Nicky is an outgoing young lady.


Meaning- Cheerful

Example- Children are perky little beings.


Meaning- Whimsical

Example- Luna Peters was a quirky woman.


Meaning- Able to withstand tough circumstances

Example- Tim is a resilient man because he does not let sorrow affect him easily.


Meaning- Intellectually bright

Example- Max loves reading books. He is a scholarly person.


Meaning- Frightened easily

Example- Jimmy is too timid to ask what he wants from his parents.


Meaning- Cheerful

Example- Gina is the life of the party because she is so upbeat!


Meaning- Courageous

Example- Leonidas of Sparta was a valorous king.


Meaning- Clever

Example- Birbal was a wily and intelligent courtier.


Meaning- Being friendly with foreigners

Examples– Indian people are known to be xenial hosts. (Reminds us that you should check out this read about the vibrant culture of India to know how very xenial Indian people are!)


Meaning- Rude, aggressive

Example- You were extremely yobbish to the teacher yesterday!


Meaning- Unconventional

Example- Pablo Picasso was famous for his zany personality.

What do we have to say about descriptive Personality Words

We hope that with our list of these descriptive adjectives for each letter of the alphabet, you will describe people and even yourself like a pro!

Incorporate these words into your daily conversations and give them a little flair. Not only will you become more confident but, you will also be more cautious with your words. Just remember this- learn to use words in an apt context because timing is everything!

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Therefore, using descriptive personality words is a skill you will appreciate. The key to learning more words is to read and interact more. If you observe how noted authors and speakers use words to their advantage, you will follow their trail in no time.

Descriptive words are also excellent devices to predict someone’s behaviour. So, aspiring psychology professionals and analysts should perk up. In fact, using descriptions smoothly is a skill for everyone to possess. This is because descriptions are also a way to dissect personalities and understand them in a better way.

So, if you are an aspiring writer wanting to pen down the most vibrant literary characters- take note of these adjectives and get started!

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