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We have landed in 21st century. Its a digital era where people communicate through digital means. Now people around the world can communicate with each other as if they are sitting in front of each other, present physically. All this has been possible due to the invention of video calling and communicating applications.

Recently the world has experienced the CoviD-19 phase. The pandemic was a terrific experience for everyone and hence people were much horrified about it. All the organizations gave up on the idea of calling their students, workers and other staff physically to the workplace or school or any other institution for work. It was because the virus exploded on a massive level and calling them to the place was not a wise option.

This was exactly the time period when people started worrying about their work and education. But as a savior, people came to know about the video calling and business communication platforms. Platforms such as google meet, zoom and Microsoft teams were the last and final option to count on. It was a very difficult task for all the people around the world to adapt to the new way of working through internet. The video calling apps were a bit difficult to get used to. Thus, people found it difficult to use them.

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What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams was one such video calling apps which is used as a platform for business communications. It is also used for educational purposes as well. Many schools and other educational institutions switched to Microsoft Teams as they found it better than other apps. It was simply because of the fact that the Microsoft Teams offered a proper educational setup in the application. This feature made it easy for the teachers and students to learn its functioning in a short while.

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Teams offers wide range of facilities that facilitate the digital work of teachers, students and other workers. Many features like calendar, team section, activity section, screen sharing and other factors help make the work easy. We will know about all these features further in this blog. All other features other than the basic ones will also be discussed in this blog further. Keep Reading!

1. Teams Section

Let us start with the most basic ones that pops up instantly after we open the application. The teams section opens on the screen and it shows all the teams in which you are present. For students, teams section is just like different sections. The more the teams, the more are the subjects.

Teachers can add children into the appropriate teams, according to their choice. Students can know about their addition into a particular team in the activity section, about which we will talk about in the upcoming headings. For example – a student’s teams section would include six or seven tabs depending on the number of subjects they have. Similarly, for an office employee, a teams section may have two or three tabs depending on the number of different meetings of different issues they have.

Microsoft team tutorial

2. Activity Section

Just as we talked about it earlier, the activity section other thing that is the most basic section that one must know. It basically shows all the activity that you have been a part of since the time you downloaded the app. For example – the activity section of a student would include the time and chat of when a teacher added a child to a particular team or when a team leader added an office employee to a team related to a particular client.

This section makes it easy for students and work employees or teachers to go back and check their activity once in a while.

3. Chat Section

How to use chat section in Microsoft team

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