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Best Ideas for Birthday Gifts

Birthday gifts are special and memorable. Finding unique birthday present ideas that are also within your budget does not have to be difficult. Podium brings you the best birthday gifts ideas to present to your loved ones. You can also check out How to Plan a Birthday Party on the Podium blog. Picking up the Best Gifts for Kids […]

18 Best Out of Waste Ideas

Best out of waste, ideas are extremely important these days because as technology changes rapidly, children start to play with tablets, smartphones, and mobile devices. This means they are unable to explore new things or create their own. They might not have the time or desire to create or learn new crafts. It is crucial to introduce arts and crafts […]

Renaissance Art: Definition, History And More!

The Renaissance was a period of great social and cultural change in Europe. From the late 14th to the late 16th centuries, artists experimented with new techniques in order to create a realistic style of paintings known as Renaissance Art. The Renaissance period began in the 14th century and lasted until the 16th century in Italy and much of Europe. […]

Acrylics and Oil Paints for Kids: 8 Key Differences between these

Paints are the heart and soul of a painting without which it can never get fully accomplished. They have the ability to transform a simple drawing into a lively and realistic masterpiece. But in the world stacked with a plethora of paint types, brands, variety, etc one gets confused as to which kind to pick? Especially the question of Acrylic […]