Best Ideas for Birthday Gifts

Birthday gifts are special and memorable. Finding unique birthday present ideas that are also within your budget does not have to be difficult. Podium brings you the best birthday gifts ideas to present to your loved ones. You can also check out How to Plan a Birthday Party on the Podium blog.

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Picking up the Best Gifts for Kids

Multifunctional, long-lasting, and fascinating toys are the finest. High-quality materials, such as wood or heavy-duty plastic, are more likely to survive a toddler’s inevitable misuse.

Even though a toy is rated for children aged 2 and up, it might be a fantastic gift for a three-year-old. Any toy with a choking hazard must be labelled for ages 3 and up, as per standard safety rules. This also means that if a toy is safe for a 2-year-old, it’s probably unsafe for a 1-year-old. Your child may not utilize the item exactly as intended, but that’s a good thing because it reinforces the idea that flexibility and creativity are encouraged.

Cute and Productive Birthday Present Ideas

It can be challenging to come up with age-appropriate gift ideas for boys and girls. Manufacturers’ stated age ranges are sometimes overly broad, and because children grow so quickly, it’s critical to select something that’s a good fit for their level of development and maturity.

Boxing Set with a Punching Bag

You may get your child a boxing set if he or she shows an interest in action and likes action figures in cartoons and movies. With the right boxing gloves and a decent punching bag, he/she may enjoy the sport while also improving hand-eye coordination.

Improvement in hand-eye coordination

Classic Old Jenga

Playing this fascinating game is a must for all members of the family, especially for improving the strength and agility of children’s hands. You can get your child going on arranging the blocks to make a tower, then gently pulling out each piece one by one, until the tower falls apart. Make the game twice as fun by scribbling a small task on each piece with a pencil.

Jenga Game

Gardening Kit with Tools and Books

Get your children to help you with your gardening gear if you have a home garden or even a terrace garden. It includes a beautiful shovel, fork, a cute tiny bucket, and a gardening guidebook that explains the essentials. Some of them may include microscopic seeds that can assist your child in starting their first plant.

Gardening Kit with Tools and Books

Buckets to be Nested and Stacked Together

The activity of comparing heights is one that children enjoy the most. Make a fun game out of it by using play buckets that can be nested and stacked on top of one other. These can grow to be three feet tall or even more, and you can always acquire more as your youngster gets older.

Buckets to be Nested and Stacked Together

A Magnetic Sketch Board

Today’s children will choose to do everything on a digital tablet. Replace it with a tangible etch-a-sketch to restore the art’s materiality. The magnetic beads will self-assemble to reflect your child’s creativity and return art to their hands.

Magnetic Sketch Board

Stick-on Mustache

Allow your little child to play grown-up if he wants to be just like his father. Give him a stick-on moustache to add to the enjoyment. These are available in a variety of styles that can transform you into a clown, a pirate, a businessman, or even a jungle dweller. Role-playing with a moustache on your child’s face will make him very delighted.

Stick-on Mustache

Personal Diary

As they grow older, girls are usually extremely expressive and have a wide range of thoughts. By giving them a diary, you can provide them with a private space to express themselves. It can be themed after their favourite cartoon character or just a lovely colourful one with calligraphic writing, and it can be accompanied by a great pen to allow her to write down her ideas, making it a fun birthday gift for a little girl as she grows up.

Personal Diary

Piggy Bank

You can acquire a cute tiny piggy bank for your child if you wish to develop saving habits in them from an early age. Gift her a cute money bank to encourage and instil this habit. These come in several styles; choose the one you believe your child will enjoy. It will become a fantastic buddy in her room and teach her to save money.

Piggy Bank

Fairy-Themed Colouring Set

Children are usually fascinated by legendary creatures such as mermaids and fairies. Allow her/him to use her creativity by giving her/him a colouring book of a similar topic. There are mermaid or fairy-themed colouring books and canvases, as well as sparkly paint and other embellishments, to make the fairy more than just a painting.

Fairy-Themed Colouring Set

Bracelet-making Kit

You may also acquire a bracelet-making kit for your child as a gift if she/he shows an interest in arts and crafts. This present may be used practically immediately because it comes with a variety of coloured ribbons, as well as accessories to embellish and personalize them. All of her buddies will have one-of-a-kind bracelets, cementing their friendship.

Jewellery Making Kit

Styling Kit for Barbies and Dolls

Barbies and dolls are timeless and make wonderful gifts for young girls. Get a doll for a girl if you want to give her something lovely. A style kit can be used to complete the look. This set includes nail paint, a hairbrush, clips, hairbands, and other accessories that can be used to help her style the doll in a variety of ways.

Science Experiment Kit

This present is for slightly older children who demonstrate a strong interest in science at school. A science experiment kit includes practically all of the equipment your child will need to conduct experiments. It also includes chemicals or papers that are unique to the product. These allow the child to learn more about the underlying concepts of each experiment while also allowing him to demonstrate her/his scientific abilities to her/his peers or at school fairs.

Science Experiment Kit

Cars Made From Kinetic Clay or Sand

Plastic toy vehicles are outdated. Kinetic sand or clay cars would be a better idea instead. The fundamental car chassis is present, with the rest of the pieces created of kinetic sand. It’s a form of sand that, like clay, keeps its shape for a long time after being sculpted. Allow your youngster to play with the automobile once it has been completed, and feel free to crash the parts into one another. These can be quickly remade.

Cars Made From Kinetic Clay or Sand

Pair of Binoculars

You must have received this gift as a child and enjoyed it, didn’t you? It’s time you gave your child a set of binoculars and let him enjoy! He’ll undoubtedly take it with him wherever he goes. Toy binoculars are simple to use and last a long time. Your child can utilize it and include it into his activities to play the role of a secret agent spying on someone. You can also teach your child to watch birds in the neighbourhood or to follow an aeroplane as it glides through the sky.

Pair of Binoculars

Kiddie Shaving Kit

As a child grows older, he looks up to his father and often mimics his actions. If your youngster is a little older, you can purchase him a wonderful shaving kit developed for kids. It includes foam that is suitable for children, a lovely brush, and a toy razor. Your child can shave with his father in the morning, making it one of the best birthday gifts for a young guy.

Mock Shaving kit

Hip-Hop Robot Vidiyo Beat Box

Robot making box

Video Minifigures from LEGO allows kids to make music videos and star in them with their favourite Minifigures. The best bits included in the kit add interesting augmented reality effects to their movies, which they can store and share in the kid-friendly app. Additional sets can be used to add more characters—and sophisticated stages—whether they like “K-Pawp” or Punk Pirates.

Unique Festive Birthday Present Ideas for Kids

The Entire Collection of Amar Chitra Katha

All of our festivals are firmly steeped in our culture, history, and the legends that surround them. Allow your child to gain a better understanding of culture by immersing them in the intriguing world of the Amar Chitra Katha series.

Choosing personalised gifts for children’s birthdays and other special events raises a slew of queries about which ones are the best. However, searching beyond the obvious and customary possibilities might offer a plethora of options that can suit each child and make his day worthwhile.

Amar Chitra Katha Collection

Play Dough

Your child would be able to witness the Indian army’s might and prowess on Republic Day. Give her/him some playdough and let her/him make miniature foot soldiers, tanks, and missiles. When they’re finished with the parade, take photos of her/him with everything s/he’s made and give them to her/him as keepsakes.

Playing dough

Coupons for Kids on Thanksgiving

When your child does anything kind, you must praise them, and knowing that they are appreciated will motivate them to behave properly all the time. Purchase a stack of blank coupons for them to use every time they perform a good deed. You can also assign them specific tasks and reward them for completing the same.

Coupon Book

Lord Ganesh Calendar

Lord Ganesh’s idol is kept by many families in their houses. You can have a whole album of images of your former idols. Allow your youngster to choose from a list of 12 Gods and create a calendar based on them. For the entire year, you’ll have your favourite God on your desk in numerous forms.

What a divine gift

Bring Music to all Festivities

A celebration is incomplete without music, regardless of what is being commemorated. Allow your child to bring their music to the forefront by letting go of the music player. Give your child a toy guitar or a keyboard and encourage them to perform their favourite tunes.

Music and Sound Gift

A Baking Kit

Your youngster may want to assist you in making your favourite festival treats, but he may not know-how. You can always teach him, though. Get him a toy baking kit to get him started. He can prepare sugar cakes and a variety of other sweets with common household goods for the entire family to enjoy during Birthday.

Baking kits for your little chefs

 A Photo Frame

Why don’t you give your youngster something they can treasure? Give him a keepsake. Take a lot of pictures and give your child nice photo frames. You might even provide a large photo frame with photos of everyone in the family. Place it in your child’s bedroom and let the birthday memorable for him

What a thoughtful gift

Special Birthday Present Ideas For Best Friends

Each of us has a special place in our hearts for our best friends. You want to be able to offer your closest friend a unique and meaningful present that expresses how much their friendship means to you.

Custom Photo Puzzles

When you design your own puzzle for your closest buddy, you’ll have a one-of-a-kind keepsake and a fun activity on your hands. Upload her favourite images and set aside a day to work on this unique gift.


Spa And Pampering Basket

Give your best friend a basket stocked with their favourite spa products to pamper them. Fill a basket with nail polish, face masks, and everything else she’ll need for a relaxing evening at home.

Skincare Pampering Kit

Candle Jar

Give your best buddy something that will brighten up their room while also reminding them of you. Make a candle jar that reflects her personality.

Scented Candle

Lavender Soap

With just a few ingredients, you can make lavender soap for your best friend. Combine the soap base and the lavender essential oils in a mixing bowl. Before pouring in the heated liquid, sprinkle lavender in the bottom of a silicone mould of any shape. Allow it to sit for 24 hours before removing the soap bars from the mould and giving it to your friend to use.

Refreshing Lavender Fragrance

Lip Balm

Make your own lip balm for your best friend’s birthday instead of purchasing makeup for them. Melt the coconut oil, beeswax, and shea butter together in a saucepan over low heat. Add any essential oils to the mixture and store them in little jars for quick access.

Lip Balm

Best Friend Mugs

Make your best pal a friendship cup instead of a friendship bracelet. Paint half of a heart on each of two plain white cups. You can write different inside jokes or describe moments you’ve shared in the white area on the mugs. You might also build two mugs that complement each other and appear to be a set.

Customized Mugs

Photo Jewelry

The finest way to show your best friend how much you care is to give them personalised photo jewellery. Choose your favourite type of jewellery and then add a photo of you and your best buddy to it. You can even build matching bracelets or necklaces for yourself.

Customized Jewellery


Picking up gifts for birthdays might sometimes be tricky be it for your kid, friend, colleague, parent, or partner. Choosing the right gift becomes extremely important as later it becomes a part of the memory and a memento of your relationship with the person you have gifted the present to. Through this article, we learned and went through multiple quality gifts that can be presented to your kids that will not only help them enjoy themselves but will also a role in their development. Also apart from a birthday, check out this article on how to plan a birthday party!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 01: How to pick the best birthday gift?

Answer: When it comes to buying gifts for others (and ourselves), one of the most common blunders is believing that providing more items makes others happier. That is incorrect. Adding more positives does not make you happy. It results from the removal of negatives. So, if you’re wondering how to choose gifts, look for a problem in your recipient’s life that you can remedy with your generosity.

Question 02: How to become a good gift receiver?

Tips to become a better gift receiver – Video


  1. “I don’t need anything,” don’t say. “Please don’t give me a gift,” you can say if you don’t want one. Otherwise, consider it and let them know what you desire.
  2. Even though sending someone a wish list can appear selfish, tell them exactly what you want. Get a grip on yourself. It will be greatly appreciated.
  3. Always remember to be grateful. The person who presented it will know if it was a horrible gift. It’s not helpful to openly voice your dissatisfaction.
  4. Demonstrate your gratitude. Send a snapshot of you appreciating the gift to offer the gift-giver the satisfaction of knowing they got you a fantastic gift.

Question 03: Best gifts for parents?

Answer: Some Ideas

Sr. No.Gift
1Kitchen set
2Saregama Carvaan
4Health and Skin Care Kit
6Seasonal Clothes
7A  Photo Album

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