House Dance: The Ultimate House Dance Guide for Beginners.

Dance is one of the very interesting form of arts. Dancing can simply boost up your mood. All the dance enthusiasts must be very familiar to various dance forms like Kathak , Salsa , Jazz , Contemporary and all, which exist since ages . But, in the modern era there’s a new dance form which is very dynamic and becoming more famous among youngsters is freestyle dance . It is basically a street dance which has various styles like hip-hop, B-boying and house dance.

Talking about House Dance, originated in New York and Chicago in late 1970’s, takes its roots of inspiration from African dance and Latin dance forms. Since, it has African touch , it includes more of complex footwork and easy upper body moves .

House is the most different freestyle street dance style as, unlike others , it has its own house music . It is composed of fast beats and heavy-bass electronic music by DJs and clubs. Simply saying , house music is a fast track composed of fast beats , drops and tunes and doesn’t includes much of lyrics.

House dance is concerned with rhythm of body . That means, leaving the body to groove on its own beats and easiness. House dance releases all the stress , brakes all the barriers with the outside world and makes one fall into a zone where there’s comfort, easiness and ecstasy.

Famous House Dance performers.

To anyone who’s fascinated about house dance or moved by its history and wants to learn , the easiest and the first step should be is to watch some famous performers . So, here are some notable house dancers:

Jojo Diggs

Image Source : Google Images

Jojo , the freestyle queen , is from Virginia. When I think of house dance the first name that pops up in my mind is Jojo . I just love how she started her career and all the social things she is doing now. She started her career late at the age of 22. She got in limelight for her ballroom and house dance. Here are some of her most famous works and tutorials that I think will blow your mind and also will be of great help in learning house dancing :

To anyone who would like to learn more about her life and take some inspiration, here’s the link that you can follow:

Ejoe Wilson

Image Source: Google Images

The legend, Ejoe Wilson is known for house dance and the same is known by Ejoe Wilson. He was born and raised in the Bronx , borough of New York city. He did lists of remarkable work in his career and got featured in a documentary called Wreckin’ Shop from Berlin . Here are some of his great work and tutorials:

Brian Green

Image Source: Google Images

Brian Green a.k.a. “footwork”  masters in various freestyle dance like hip-hop , whacking and house dance obviously. He belongs to a family with dance background as his mother used to perform salsa and his elder brother did bboying and electric boogie. Whereas, he started popping in 80s. Brian has an amazing dance history with numerous dance choreography that he did like, Mariah Carey, Gwen Stefanie, Fergie etc. He was the judge of countless dance shows, one big one being So You Think You Can Dance in Singapore.

He also won ACA ( American Choreographers Awards ) in 2001 for his choreography in video called Free by Mya.

His legendary dance clips are:

Some other amazing  houce dance videos that you can look upon are :

House dance steps

By this time I think you would be curious about what are various house dance steps named as ,aren’t you? So, without killing your curiosity , here’s everything that you would like to know

The most basic and most important element of house dancing is “jacking”  “loose leg” “footwork” and “lofting”.  As mentioned in the very beginning , house dance is all about footworks like moving legs to and fro , criss-cross, jamming and shuffling. 

Here are the names of some basic moves of house dancing with a link attached i.e. the tutorials .




Side Walk

Salsa Step

Salsa hop


 Side wings

 Tip Tap Toe

  Compass turn


 Criss Cross ( house ver.)

  Cross step

  The Loose Leg

To learn upper mentioned steps you can check out this video.

Also here’re some dance tutorials by the famous house dancers:

  1. Jardy Santiago
  2. Harry “Fullout” Weston
  3. MaMSoN
  4. Sean Bjerke
  5. Rhhyme Koko

House Dance Music

We’ve talked about house dance and it’s origin, famous house dancers and house dance steps . So, what’s the only thing that you need to know more about? Yes, it’s house dance music. 

House music is a electronic house music composed of repetitive four-on-the-floor beats and a typical tempo of 120 to 130 beats per minutes. It was first introduced to the world by Chicago’s underground club in 1980s. 

House music is usually characterized by repetitive 4/4 rhythms including bass drums , off-beat-hi-hats, snare drums, claps or snaps . Unlike others, it’s not necessary to have vocals in it . House tracks have three sections i.e. intro, chorus and verse . Some tracks  do not have a verse , so they repeat the same chorus cycle.

Here are some of the most magnificent house tracks that you can use to move your foot along:

At last.

Life is all about trying out new things and brushing up existing skills. They say, life is too short to sit idle. Isn’t it a better option to dance your heart out? Everyone has a pair of eyes ,a nose, mouth , heart and brain but the thing that makes a difference among all is their skills , talents and knowledge . So, don’t waste your time thinking about trying new things. Just buck-up , grab your zeal to learn and wear a great smile and start learning . You can start with learning house dance with all information mentioned above . 

We hope you enjoyed reading the blog and got all the information you were looking for. Hope to see you again. Till then, happy reading.

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