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Do you find it intimidating to email potential hiring managers as part of a job application? When most recruiters are now conducting virtual hiring after the epidemic, it appears more complicated. We can assist you if you’re a fresher and need clear instructions on how to write an email to HR for a job application that will catch the attention of recruiters.

While there is plenty of guidance on writing the ideal CV, less is said regarding the significance of sending the perfect communication via a formal email for your job application. In addition to college placements, applying directly to jobs is one of the typical strategies for finding a career. However, given that recruiters get thousands of job-related emails every day, there is a higher likelihood that, if worded poorly, your job application emails will end up in the trash.

Your email message is the first thing a hiring manager will see when you give them your CV. Why waste a chance to stand out and receive a prompt response from recruiters?

What is a job application mail?

A cover letter that has been email-formatted is what a job application email is. This emails’ main purpose is to let the employer know your suitability for the position in question. Please demonstrate that you have the knowledge, abilities, and skills to benefit their team. If you copy and paste any email into a Word document, it should be around a page long. You should only submit the information pertinent to the position you are applying for. 

How to write an email to hr for job application

Comprehending what a hiring manager seeks and expects from a particular job email is critical. The main goal of drafting an email for a job application is to inform the hiring manager of some crucial details that need to be included:

    • Introduction – you should start by introducing yourself and outlining your professional background.
    • The job you’re applying for: Describe your interest in the position.
    • Do you meet the qualifications, talents, and other qualifying requirements a recruiter outlines? You can highlight your most significant professional accomplishments to come across as an ideal fit.
    • How the recipient can contact you: Request a call-back time and make your availability known.
    • Please include your resume in your email so recruiters can learn more about you after reading it.

Steps to write the perfect email to the HR

To create a more persuasive email for a job application, use these guidelines:

1. Begin with a distinct subject line.

There are often instructions for your topic line in job applications. If not, explain your motivation for writing. A distinct subject line will increase the likelihood that hiring managers will open your job application because they receive many emails daily. It would be appropriate to use a title like “[Your Name] – [Job Title] Application.” For instance, “Punya Kalra – Marketing Manager Application” makes it clear to the hiring manager what is contained in this email.


2. Include a proper salutation

To whom should you address your email? Try to determine who will receive it. This can be accomplished by carefully reading the job application, visiting the corporate website, or even getting in touch with the business. You could email the hiring manager if you are still looking for this information anyplace. To Whom It May Concern is another option, albeit it can seem a touch dated.

3. Describe the purpose of your writing

Give a brief introduction to your email’s purpose in the first paragraph. Mention the precise position you are applying for. You might also describe where you found the job description and your motivation for applying. Try to appear professional and approachable because this is your time to pique the hiring manager’s attention.

4. Write your application in the body of the email

Good manners and a formal tone are crucial while writing job application emails. You can either attach a cover letter separately or use the email as a cover letter. Keep it brief, up to three or four concise paragraphs, if you send the email as a cover letter. If you send a different cover letter, adhere to the same steps.
Most recruiting managers scan cover letters and emails rather than taking the time to read long ones. Your educational background, transferable talents, professional experience, and any attachments you include should all be included in the cover letter.

5. Include a cover letter, a resume, and other documentation

Get ready to email the recruiting manager your resume, cover letter, and any other materials you wish to provide. You have the option of sending them as PDF or Word documents. Each file should be titled “Your Name—CV/Cover Letter/Other” so that the recruiting manager will immediately recognise it as belonging to them and understand what it contains. Include the files in the email message requesting a task.

6. Review and proofread your work to make sure everything is accurate

Check the email’s grammar and professionalism before sending it by reading it aloud. Since it is simple to overlook spelling and grammar mistakes, you should at least go over and proofread the job application email three or four times. Ask a friend or family member to read it as well. To be safe, you can even run it through a grammatical checker.

7. Thank the hiring manager

While closing the paragraph, thank the HR for their time. The fact that your resume and other application materials are attached to the email should be mentioned in this part. Possibly say something like, “I look forward to hearing back from you and possibly exploring this opportunity in more depth. I have attached my resume for your perusal. Kindly have a look.”

8. Use a respectful closing

Include a closing in your email, such as “Best” or “Sincerely.” Your name should appear once you sign off, followed by your contact details. You can also include a link to your portfolio, your phone number, your email address, and the URL of your LinkedIn page.

Tips for writing the ideal job application mail

Use the following advice to create a strong job application email:

  • Adjust it to the job profile: You should thoroughly read the job description before composing your email. Consider how your prior experience qualifies you for this position.
  • Review the instructions: Some employers are very picky regarding resumes. To be a candidate, they should consider make sure to adhere to all the instructions offered.
  • Check back in a few weeks: The basic norm is to hold off making contact again for two weeks after the job posting has ended. Send an email to find out where they are in the hiring process if you haven’t heard anything after a while.

Template on How to write an email to HR for a job

Subject line:Job Role_Your Name_ Job Application

Respected HR manager,

I would be very interested in applying for the Graphic Designer position you recently posted on (name of job portal). My academic background and internship experience align with the position’s requirements. If given the opportunity, I would not let you down.

Please see my cover letter and attached resume. It would be a pleasure to talk to you about this excellent opportunity. I am looking forward to making this work and hearing from you.
Yours sincerely,
Full NameEmail IDContact Number


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