How to write wedding invitations

Imagine you have selected the venue, the right dress, and done with the catering and other work. Everything is looking perfect and your wedding planner is on schedule for each task. Everybody got jobs to do and you are resting finally after doing all the necessary planning. As you pick up your glass of wine to chill with yourself and spend some me- time, a hear your phone ringing. It’s your parents, you pick it up with a wide smile and they ask you about the wedding invites. 

Bam! It seems like somebody ran a bus over your leisure dreams. Now you are panicked and don’t know what to do. You call the planner in a jiffy and ask them about the invites. They instead tell you that you had told them that you will take care of the entire thing by yourself.

You sit down and think well if you had said that then you might have had a plan for it. Let’s not panic because how hard can writing for a wedding invite be? You just need to pull out the list of guests you have invited to the wedding and get started. It’s easy, right? 

Unless you have no clue about the major details that need to go on the card. 

The names of people sending the invites from the family. The theme of the wedding, does everybody needs to strike a chord with it. When is the exact time of every ceremony? And a bazillion questions buzzing your mind.

With these many questions, you need a break to think clearly but you don’t need to manage everything because yes, we are here.

Fret not, even if you are stuck in such a situation we are here to help you get out of this smoothly.

You don’t need to pace it up so that you miss the important details to align with the design of the card. You just need the right structure. With the right structure, the only other thing you will need is the details of which you are in control. So sit back and relax to read this guide as it will help you follow baby steps to the completion of your wedding invite.

Things you require for a perfect wedding invite

There are a few questions and details you need to be sure of as you draft your first wedding invite.

Here is a list so you can keep yourself in check-

1. Blessings from the almighty

The best part of any ritual or wedding in India is that you start your wedding invite with the pious chants welcoming the almighty’s blessings. Every religion puts this on the top of their wedding invites that they are blessed to have organized the wedding and are happy to invite people over to share their happiness. 

We do not recommend anything specific, you can go accordingly as per your family traditions or with something you believe in.

2. The Hosts

At an Indian wedding, it is very important to know the hosts of the wedding. Well, we understand it is you and your finances big day but your family isn’t left behind amongst all the chaos. In the wedding invitation, the first thing that the recipient should know is who is hosting them at the wedding.  

Along with the host which is the parents mostly in Indian wedding invites, you also need to mention the name of the grandparents, and other extended family relatives sometimes. You also need to keep in mind to choose the side of grandparents you are mentioning. With the inclusivity today, most couples mention the names of both maternal and paternal grandparents. You can choose yours after consulting with your family.

3. The salutations

There are so many cultures in this country that it keeps changing how you address your elders. Addressing your parents, grandparents, and other important family relatives is important; not only for your own but also for your spouse. Prepare the salutations and keep them in mind while addressing them on the card. 

You would not like to forget the names and salutations of the deceased elders.

4. The request for presence

It is an opening statement similar to the subject of an email. It is important to draft a short crisp welcoming opening line by the host to the recipient of the invite. To keep it simple and elegant you may write “ we request the honor of your presence” or “ we request the pleasure of your company on our big day”. From the fancy openings to the simple, it all works till you keep it cordial. 

5. Who goes first?

The most important names are obviously of the bride and groom but who goes first. It depends on who is sending the invite for the wedding. It is from the groom’s side, the groom’s names will go first. If it is from the bride’s side then the bride’s name goes first. If the couple is sending out cards together, then mostly we have witnessed people choosing the bride’s name to go first.

6. The function details

We now witness an increase of functions in the big fat Indian wedding. There are only so many functions that you wouldn’t want to miss on briefing the guests about the theme, the timings of the functions, and the venue. If you send the invitations in blocks or separately for every function then you might want to mention them separately. 

If you are mentioning it in a signal invite then you may want to mention it in the main card section at the end.

Most people have two cards- first to mention the venue, timings, function, and theme, and the second for requesting their humble presence on the biggest day of your life.

The structure of the details can be kept simple like-

“ The function name



  Dress code (if any)”

7. The RSVPs

Here is the time to mention your other family members in the RSVP line along with a good closing statement. As you close the main invite with holds the welcoming request for the presence of the guests in your wedding, we recommend choosing a simple statement like “ as per the program enclosed”. Here you can mention while closing the invite all the names you wish to include like an Indian wedding card usually have a young member of the family requesting to attend the wedding. You can choose this accordingly.


Smt. Meera & Sri P. S.  Krishnamurthy

request the honour of your company on the auspicious occasion of the wedding of their daughter

Maya with Arjun

(D/o Smt. Niven and Sri Chathresh Reddy)

on Sunday, the 6th of February, 2022 at 4.30 am


Dinner on Sunday, 8th February, 6 pm onwards

Template 2

Shree Ganeshaya Namah

With the divine mother’s blessings

Late Smt. Leelavati & Late Shri Mukund Lal Barot

Smt. Manjulaben & Shri Rambhai Parekh

warmly  invite you and your family to the grace us on the wedding of their grandson


son of Rita & Anek Barot

to Minaxi

daughter of Smt. Sheelaben & Shri Dhanwik Amroliwala

on Saturday, 17th February 2022

at the Siddhartha Farm, Sama, Vadodara

Varghodo 6:33 pm onwards

Jaimala 8:00 pm and dinner 9:00 pm onwards


There is a ton of things to plan during weddings. Despite wedding planners and all the help, you can never let go of the burden that onto your head while planning and checking out every detail carefully. These templates and tips will definitely help you out in planning the structure of your own beautiful wedding invite.

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