Author: Chelsea Dlima

Acting and Drama

All You Need to Know About Broadway Theatre

Broadway is a lengthy strip of area covering Manhattan in the city of New York. It linked with the theatres of America right from when the first theatre originated on the street. The Broadway was the talk of the town by the end of the 20th century.Broadway can be referred to an area of theatre […]

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Story Narrative: What You Need to Know About Story Narratives

Narrating a story will need you to pick the point of view that the story should take. ‘Narrative’ indicates the person who is telling the story. It also indicates the relationship that the person has to the characters playing in the story. The different types of narratives play a major role in the entire story […]

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online classes

Online Learning: How to Face the Challenges of Online Learning?

As education has taken the online route, many students are being asked to learn from home. We know that this sudden and drastic change is difficult to adapt to as children are used to traditional classroom teaching.As for teachers, it sometimes makes it uneasy for them to change their way of teaching. With all the […]

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Public Speaking

Mind Blanks: How to Deal with Mind Blanks in Public Speaking?

Almost all of us feel edgy to some extent whilst delivering a public speech. However, for a remarkable number of speakers, just the thought of public speaking sends us into a frenzy. Though many people would like to think otherwise ever since online learning came in, but it is not so. Instances of mind blanks […]

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