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Books for kids allow them to dig deeper into their minds and simultaneously give them space that fosters new opinions and ideas. Moreover, it gives them the impetus for creative writing which can rouse other young minds like them. However, the wonderful world of child authors though has bubbling potential, it still awaits its due.

A child listening story

Therefore, Podium lists some of the top books for kids written by child authors who have been as successful as their adult counterparts in creating the magic of children’s and YA literature from scratch.

Griffin Blade and the Bronze Finger 

Written by Luke Herzog at the age of 14, this bestseller narrates the adventure of a thief, Griffin Blade, on the land of Alastian. The blade has been robbed of almost everything in his life but most importantly, his father and his childhood. Blade, therefore, sets on a quest to retrieve what was rightfully his, especially a jewel that proved to be far more significant than he could have ever imagined.

Griffin Blade and the Bronze Finger by Luke Herzog
Cover of Griffin Blade

His epic tale takes him on a journey to a cursed world with a band of misfits as his traveling companions. It is one of the most recommended books for kids as it prepares the readers for the unknown danger and situations they could encounter and encourages them to find a hero that lies within them. Buy this bestseller, here.

Just Jake

Jake Marcionette published his book Just Jake in 2014. The book illustrates Just Jake whose life has flipped upside down due to his family’s relocation, forcing him to adjust to a new school. Jake had always been popular in his old school, but when he transferred to a new school, there was a tectonic shift in his life.

Just Jake

Now he is this new odd kid and therefore has difficulty adjusting and making friends. But Jake knew he had to step forward and take this shift as a new opportunity. However, the tag of a newbie is not the only thing Jake has to deal with. Jake’s story imparts lessons of the practical world, the importance of friendships, and above all, the belief that a new path could lead one to a wonderful adventure and that every problem has a solution. 

Conspiracy of Calaspia 

The Guptara Twins, Jyoti, and Suresh were just 11 when they finished their first book draft. The story follows Bryn, an adolescent whose village has been destroyed by creatures presumed extinct. He is then forced into a world of political intrigue that makes him realize that they must fight not just monsters but also the monsters within humankind.

Conspiracy of Calaspia

This first book in the Insanity series takes its readers on many adventures and strange experiences. As one of the best books for kids, Conspiracy of Calaspia has captured the hearts of thousands of readers with its themes of heroism, illusion, reality, and, most importantly, the power of showing courage and strength. 

The Strand Prophecy

Brianna and Brittany Winner are identical twins who suffer from dyslexia. For many, this may have acted as a major hurdle but not for the Winner twins. The authors take their readers on an epic battle with Strand, the dark hero, to save mankind with extraordinary writing skills and creativity.

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The Strano Prophecy

A dreadful past has driven Strand, and instead of succumbing to evil, he lights this deep desire in his heart to do things right. This perfect adaptation of robots, dinosaurs, missiles, and explosions inspires its readers to overcome any obstacle that may come in their way and to never let evil be the guide of one’s mind and heart. 

The Outsiders 

Written by S.E. Hilton when she was just 15, ‘The Outsiders’ is an acclaimed book for kids. The book traces the journey of a 14-year-old struggling with the notions of right and wrong in society.

Readers Share Their Love for 'The Outsiders' - The New York Times

The boy always believed that he didn’t fit in anywhere; he always called himself an outsider who always lived outside and needed to watch his back.

Hinton takes his readers on a rather thrilling journey of murder, trouble, and survival. He also shows them that the hierarchy of class in society is pointless, destructive, and unwarranted. Hinton’s writing also rouses empathy, sacrifice, and honor. The book teaches its readers the value of individuality.

The Diary of a Young Girl 

The Diary of a Young Girl happens to be the oldest, yet the most contemporarily relevant work by one of the most loved child authors. Originally her personal itinerary, Anne Frank’s diary is a memoir of childhood naivete in troubled times. Anne and her family, who live in Frankfurt, Germany, and are forced to flee because of the Nazi Party’s treatment of Jews in Europe during World War II.

The humanitarian crisis had been so critical during that period that hoping for the future seemed like a ridiculous dream. Yet, with each entry that the readers read, one sees the hope and the yearning in the heart of Frank. Frank’s family spent two years in hiding, living with the hope that they could survive the darkness that surrounded them. With dark themes like anguish, pain, hope, and frustration, this book for kids succeeds in teaching its readers courage, resilience, and hope. 

To Understand more about Anne Frank, Watch this


Christopher Paolini was 18 when he published his book, Eragon. The story highlights the life of a poor farm boy who lives in Alagaesia. Eragon lived in a kingdom that was ruled by Galbatorix, a powerful but evil monarch.

The literature of this book teaches several lessons. Still, the most significant one lies in the thought that you are stronger than you realize and wiser than you know. Eragon was simply a farmer’s boy who wanted to protect the kingdom’s people from the evil monarch.

But he didn’t let that stop him, and he soon embarked on a dangerous journey with the hope to restore the glory of his homeland’s legendary Dragon Riders and depose Galbatorix. A significant takeaway is an importance of having a good heart, for only ‘pure goodness can defeat pure wickedness.’ 

Child’s Author Books

Final Thoughts

Therefore, with these blockbuster reads by young child authors, your children’s bookshelf will boast of diversity. Radiating the zeal, enthusiasm, and a fresh view of the world- these books are replete with magnetizing alacrity, but they never stray from the values we hold dear.

Dealing with issues such as bullying, isolation, self-acceptance, and hope, the above books by child authors stand as an inspiration for others who wish to write their own stories. Speaking of this, Podium School invites you to enroll your young achiever in our Creative Writing Neo-Academic course to hone their prowess with the pen.

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