Top 20 Books By Sudha Murthy for Kids To Read!

Sudha Murty is a prolific author in Kannada and English. She has written over 24 books that have been translated into several languages which include a variety of genres. Suitable for both the adults and the young, Sudha Murty has truly captivated the minds of her audience with her mesmerizing work. Therefore, today we will help you pick the top 20 inspiring Sudha Murthy books for kids.

Who is Sudha Murty?

Sudha Murty, born on 19th August in India, was raised by her parents and maternal grandparents in Shiggaon, Haveri, Karnataka. She is an engineering teacher, author, philanthropist, and social worker. Moreover, she is part of the Public Health Care Initiatives of the Gates Foundation and spouse to the co-founder of Infosys, Mr. N.R. Narayana Murthy. As the chairperson of Infosys, she has announced to get retired by 31st December 2021 and move to her family-held Murthy Foundation.

Sudha Murty

She is well known for her contribution to literature and social work in the country. Furthermore, the Government of India bestowed her with the Padma Shri Award in 2006. Not just that, she got her Best Teacher Award in Kannada film and Pitruroon, a Marathi film. She also showed up for the finale week of the show Kaun Banega Crorepati.

Top 20 Sudha Murthy Books For 7 to 15 Years Old Kids

Grandma’s Book Of Stories

Published in the year 2015, this is one of the most famous Sudha Murthy Books. The title itself engages the younger audience as stories enchant them completely. The stories in this novel revolve around four grandkids who visit their grandparents in their hometown. After a day of full-time Masti, the kids gather around their grandmother who recites to them stories of kings, monkeys, and hidden treasures. This Sudha Murty’s book is suitable for children of all ages.

Sudha Murty Book – Grandma’s Bag of Stories

The Bird With The Golden Wings

Another one among the famous Sudha Murthy books, is the Bird with Golden Wings, a collection of short stories that teach that even the smallest acts of kindness and compassion can help achieve life’s greatest gifts. It is a story about how a girl is rewarded for her kindness towards the bird and how the fisherman is punished for his greed. This is a great book for your child to read and to teach them about such values in life.

The Bird With The Golden Wings

The Magic Drum And Other Short Stories

A collection of old folk tales from in and around the world and stories recited by the author’s grandmother is what this book comprises. The first story is about a clever princess who decides to only marry the man who can answer a question she cannot answer and other such short stories. Super easy reading for your little one, this book is sure to keep them hooked up until the end.

The Magic Drum and Other Favourite Stories: Sudha Murty

The Magic of the Lost Temple

Famous piece The Magic of the Lost Temple is a book about a 12-year-old girl called Nooni who visits her grandmother in the village. She learns a lot of new things in the village. The village environment makes her content. One night, Nooni asks her grandmother to tell her a story. The story of the Lost Temple that her grandmother narrates intrigues Nooni and she along with her friends proceeds ahead in the search of the temple.

The Magic of the Lost Temple

This is one of the many Sudha Murthy books that are engaging and captivates young minds with adventures!

The Gopi Diaries

The stories in this Sudha Murty’s book are narrated from the perspective of a dog named Gopi. A light-hearted novel this book is a perfect read for kids who are inclined towards the animal world. The first chapter starts with how the dog adjusts itself into a new family who recently bought him. Gradually, it helps the children to develop a compassionate understanding of animals and their needs. Like many other Sudha Murthy books on this list, this one is suitable for children of all ages as well.

How the Sea Became Salty

A pure children’s book, How the Sea Became Salty by Sudha Murty is a fictional good read of about 20 pages. Set on the story of the sweet sea in its initial stages of life and its destruction leading to its saltiness is an intriguing story to keep your kid on the verge. The book is one among many Sudha Murthy books with its colorful illustrations that keep the children mesmerized.

Sudha Murthy Books

How the Onion Got its Layers

Sudha Murty’s style of writing is simple, audience-engaging yet evocative. Her stories run wild into imagination and transport us into a completely different world where everything is possible. The story in this Sudha Murthy’s book starts with how a princess is obsessed with clothes and gradually uncovers the question of how the onion got its layers. Intriguing right?

The Serpent’s Revenge : Unusual Tales from the Mahabharta

Sudha Murty’s 26th book, The Serpent’s Revenge was launched in the year 2015. One of the major highlights of the launch of the book was it being launched by school students at Koramangala. This Sudha Murty’s book comprises 25 different tales from The Mahabharata. Yet for the author as she says Mahabharata is of only Krishna. He and his eight wives. He and his compassion and affection towards them, towards the society as a whole. This book is more suitable for children above 7 years of age.

The Upside Down King: Unusual Tales About Rama and Krishna

Fascinated by Indian Mythology, Sudha Murthy feels books on such genres are generally difficult for kids to read as they contain elaborate explanations. Hence, using her caricatures and incredible writing skills, she wrote the book, The Upside Down King, a collection of short tales about Lord Rama and Krishna, for children.

The Upside Down King: Unusual Tales About Rama and Krishna

She says ‘’ A common problem with children is that they don’t understand the concepts of Mythology as it does not happen in day-to-day life”. She, therefore, tried to write it in a manner that answers even the minimalistic of questions. This Sudha Murty’s book is most suitable for 6 years old and above.

‘’Learning has no age bar” and this book is an incredible example of the same. An illiterate grandmother who develops the urge to learn at the age of sixty-two. Her granddaughter acts as her teacher. The grandmother’s dedication to becoming literate is what drives her granddaughter to help her learn.  Grandma starts with a novel called KASHI YATRE which is written in the language Kannada and slowly and gradually learns to read on her own. Do give this one a read!

Sudha Murty in this book quotes” Many a time there is no perfect solution for a given problem. No solution is also a solution. Everything depends on how you look at it. We make judgments on others depending on what we think of them”

Gently Falls the Bakula

It’s a love story of two couples named Shrikant and Shrimati. It shows how an eligible and studious woman has to give up her studies to play the role of a house maker after the marriage. Where Shrikant joins an IT company and reaches heights in his career; Shrimati, on the other hand, one day, while talking to a professor, realizes what she has done with her life. It’s a progressive mindset and values of the modern-day to learn from Shrimati when she finally chooses to pursue her dream. This Sudha Murty’s book is most suitable for 10 years and above age children.

Dollar Bahu

It’s a story depicting the message of how greed for money can corrupt your mind and soul. Vinuta, who marries a bank clerk, Girish, has to adjust according to her in-laws. When Girish’s elder brother Chandru gets married, Vinuta always gets compared to her wife, the ‘Dollar Bahu’.

Dollar Bahu

The name Dollar Bahu, as his husband gets to earn in dollars and has valuable assets. The story has a strong message as no amount of money can buy someone love and respect.

House Of Cards

House of Cards is a story of a woman named Mridula who is full of enthusiasm and passion for life. She falls in love and marries a poor doctor. With life, she realizes how materialistic and selfish the world is. But she doesn’t let the outer negativity of the world destroy her inner peace. Soon her husband starts earning more through corrupt practices, which leads to the separation of the two. It shows us realities of the society and the mistakes we should avoid doing.

The Day I Stopped Drinking Milk

It’s a fascinating story revealing life lessons learned from different people around the world. From Vishnu, who has accomplished all materialistic success but doesn’t know the real happiness, to Venkat, who just keeps on talking but never listens. A bundle of inspiring stories from the writer to cherish.

The Old Man and His God

The Old Man and His God

It’s a collection of 25 short stories experienced by the author from villages and slum people of India. The writer encounters numerous distinct strangers. Their real-life struggles and learning are all described in the story. It also highlights some simple and honest struggles and hardships faced by our common people. A visually impaired old man living in his little Shiva temple is one of its most fascinating stories. Among other stories are about voiceless and undiscovered problems from corners of the country.

Three Thousand Stitches

It’s a powerful story of how Sudha Murty transformed the life of 3000 women from a poor exhausting life to a respectable job and income. The journey of struggle and hardships faced by her when chappals and tomatoes hit her. But later, with the guidance of her father, she made this happen. She also got death threats, and some women had an acid attack on them. But Mrs. Murthy didn’t stop and eventually succeeded in her plans. It’s the determination and courage taken by the women and Sudha that we need to learn.

The Mother I Never Knew: Two Novellas

This book contains two novellas of two different men who don’t know about their Mother. One is about Venkatesh, who is a bank manager who learns the truth about his father having another wife and child. Another is about Mukesh, who learns about his actual truth after his father’s death that he was adopted.

The Mother I Never Knew: Two Novellas

These stories are so overwhelming to read and experience.

Something Happened On The Way To Heaven: 20 Inspiring Real-Life Stories

It’s a collection of 20 true life stories selected by the author from a contest run by Penguin. It talks of all the beautiful aspects of being a human. It expresses kindness, joy, and all the essence of life. Moreover, it has stories of all stages of life, be it old age, young, adulthood, or inevitable death. These stories will make you fall in love with humanity.

The Man From The Egg: Unusual Tales From Trinity

It’s the tales of chief trio Gods – the Brahma, Shiva, and Vishnu. Some of their extraordinary stories that are lesser-known are detailed in this book. It takes you to a magical and mysterious time where people can fly and can be teleported from one place to another. Some real magic and wonders for the kids to generate their curiosity and make them dream big.

The Daughter from the Whisking Tree

It’s the tales of female powers owned by the women in Indian mythology. Stories of strength and mystery are narrated in the epics from older times of all the Goddesses. The Devis defeated the demons and fought back the evils bravely. It’s a reminder of the courage and resilience a woman has.

Daughter from a Wishing Tree: Murty, Sudha

From Devi Parvati to Mandodari, from Bhamati to Ashokasundari, the fearless and fierce ladies who have the power and energy.

Interesting facts about Sudha Murty

Her Writing Journey

This leading Indian author studied Kannad in her school and college with little knowledge about English. However, she started writing stories in English when she turned 50 years old. Earlier, she wrote all her novels in Kannad.

Sudha Murty Career

Sudha Murty was the first female to get hired at India’s largest auto manufacturer TATA Engineering and Locomotive Computer (TELCO). An interesting fact is that she complains to the chairman of the TELCO company about the gender bias, ‘men only’ label in work. As a consequence of which she was called for an immediate interview and hired at the company. She also joined the company in Pune as a Development Engineer and has worked in Mumbai and Jamshedpur. Later she joined as a Senior System Analyst, Walchand Group of Industries at Pune.

Moreover, she has taught students at Christ University and is a visiting professor at the PG Centre of Banglore University. She is a published writer of many famous books. She was awarded the Prestigious Literary Award, the ‘Attimabbe Award’ by the Government of Karnataka for her literary contribution in 2011-12. Furthermore, in 2018 she received the Life Time Achievement Award at the Cross Word. She also got an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Science.

Sudha Murthy’s secret to happy life

The book that changed Sudha Murty Career

Wise and Otherwise- A salute to life

The book includes fifty inspiring stories personally experienced by Sudha Murty. This non-fiction book was released in 2002. It has some real-life incidents that astounded the writer about the ordinary life of people, which left such exemplary impact on her. Some of the stories in the book are also about the tribal chief who taught Sudha humility in receiving, a man who disregarded the old age father of his old age home, and how a woman shows gratitude even on her deathbed.

Her First Book

Mahashweta is the first novel written by Sudha Murty. It is a fiction story about a girl called Anupama, written in the Kannada language. One morning when she woke up, she looked in the mirror and saw white patches on her face. She was diagnosed with the disease Leucoderma. This separated her from the rest of the family members. Despite the odds, it’s the story of her bravery how she fought back against the situation.

Her Latest Book

Lately, Sudha Murty published a Diwali gift for the children to read. It’s a collection of lesser-known stories of mythology forgotten over time. The book ‘The Sage with Two Horns’ has stories of Kings and queens, of gods and goddesses, sages and wisdom of outstanding men and women.

The Sage with Two Horns: Unusual Tales from Mythology

Apart from being a visionary soul, Sudha Murty has also given some parenting tips to help the parents.

Parenting tips by Sudha Murty

  • Don’t chase after your kid all the time.
  • Avoid expecting your child to excel at everything. Let them blossom at their speed, and let them explore all the aspects of life on their own.
  • It is necessary to teach discipline rather than punish them for their mistakes.
  • Don’t just buy everything and anything they ask for. They lose the essence of the effort it takes to get it.
  • Children watch their parents and learn. So, they must be taught with love and affection.
  • Ask your kid to be kind and compassionate towards poor people. Also, help them to have such a thought process.
  • Professional life doesn’t come to an end after becoming a mother. It is a difficult road to walk, but at least there is a path to your destination. So, behind every strong and successful woman is an understanding and compassionate husband.
Gem of a parenting tip from Sudha Murty


What is the learning from Sudha Murty life?

The most important thing that one should learn from Sudha Murty is hard work. She is a determined and courageous woman who is not only a leading Indian author but also a dynamic businesswoman.

What are some interesting facts about Sudha Murty?

Sudha Murty is an extremely down-to-earth and simple person. She is a highly qualified woman, is a philanthropist, and focuses on the development of society as a whole.

What is unique about Sudha Murty’s novel-writing style?

If you are someone who enjoys reading inspiring and motivational books, then you have to give a shot to the books written by the iconic Sudha Murthy. Her writings will not only motivate you but also will boost your self-confidence. Moreover, her books are in pretty simple language. So, you can easily understand the emotions words carry and can enjoy her books.

Which book is considered to be the best writing of Sudha Murty?

Though Sudha Murthy has written several books touching various subject matter. However, “Gently falls the Bakula” is considered to be the best writing of Sudha Murty.

It’s a tale of a simple girl named Shrimati. It’s a journey of her life highlighting her uniqueness. As a strong woman, Shrimati doesn’t hesitate to make her own choices over following the world recklessly. Moreover, she opted for Arts over Science despite being a state topper. But like every other woman, Shrimati also had to sacrifice her profession for her family.

The book emphasizes the idea that everyone has to seek his/her own happiness. It might be a hard decision, but your happiness is important. Written in quite an easy language, the story can make you understand your potential and worth.

Though reading offline is the best practice actually to embrace the essence of art. However, if you prefer reading online, you can go for Amazon Kindle. It has various books by Sudha Murthy.

Is Sudha Murty a famous personality? Why do people like her?

Yes, she is a famous personality! Sudha Murty is an extremely humble and down-to-earth woman. As a philanthropist, her giving back to society and the collective development of society as a whole approach makes her unique. That’s the reason many people admire and look up to her. Not just that, her husband, Mr. Narayana Murthy, as well as kids do posess this humble nature.

For a kid in their initial stages, books by Sudha Murty are a pleasure to read. Super- easy and super fun they are sure to make an impact.

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Final Thoughts

Sudha Murthy is one such author whose books and stories receive immense love not only through children but through adults as well. This article surely sheds light upon the stories to which you can introduce your child. Nonetheless, these stories fulfil the task of teaching kids some great life lessons.

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