Author: Akanksha Dubey


Popular Kathak Songs For your Next Performance

The melodious sounds of ghungroos, the graceful swirls of cloth, the hand movements which narrate a story and a mesmerized audience; a mention of Kathak evokes such a scenario in our minds. It is one of the eight major classical dance forms of India and is popular throughout India.Originating in ancient India as an art […]

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Prithvi Theatre
Acting and Drama

The Great Indian Drama

India is the oldest civilization in the world. Its rich culture is full of vibrancy and diversity. Yet,it still held together by similarities. Theatre is a part of Indian history. It forms the backbone of the movies we enjoy. According to certain scholars, the emergence of the Indian Theatre can be traced back to the […]

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Room on the Roof
Children's Books

Why You Should Read “Room On The Roof”?

The period of adolescence is a beautifully chaotic one. The mixed emotions one goes through along with the things one learns, stay throughout life. The books we read have a similar effect. Room On The Roof is one such book. Ruskin Bond published it in 1956. But, the story of a young Rusty lives on […]

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Classical Dance

Infamously Un-famous: Know About these Lesser-Known Indian Dances

Dance is one of the most creative forms of self-expression. But its quality to be a language of its own is exactly what makes it so beautiful to behold. Indian classical and folk dances have a special place in this lovely aspect of culture, history, and tradition.The movement or mudras of hands in Bharatnatyam, the […]

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Children's Books

Children Movies: 3 Children’s Movies from India You Should Watch

The world today is ever-evolving. This quality is present in its digital version as well. But these days, the digital world of social media often features a recurring trait, a gateway to past memories. Every day, we see posts of people from different age groups talking about the nostalgia of old and cherished times. People […]

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