Author: Ambarisha Samantaray

Art and Craft

15 Types of Indian Paintings: History and Evolution

Indian art is among the oldest in the world. In fact, archaeologists have discovered paintings that were created over 70,000 years ago. Therefore, Indian paintings hold a special place in history and influence artists to this day.Traditional art in India depicted cultural, religious as well as political developments through clever metaphors. These nuances are still […]

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online classes

The Best Programming Languages for Kids

The rise of technology has made it compulsory for people to learn programming languages. The demand for professionals skilled in programming has sky-rocketed in recent years. Some advantages of learning this skill are higher marketability and the ability to tackle all kinds of challenges. Hence, Podium chooses to discuss this topic in detail so that […]

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Modern Dance

Dance Classes for Kids: Top 12 Benefits of Attending Dance Classes

Kids always seem to have boundless energy. Therefore, it can be quite tiring to keep up with them. A solution to this is to get your child to participate in a sport, but, this might not work for those not interested in team sports. Dance classes are the perfect alternative to this problem. It is […]

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Raise Confident Kids- The Ultimate Guide for Parents

 Self-Confidence is the foundation of all great success and achievement.To raise confident children, is a modern-day parenting dilemma. But it isn’t an overrated one. Higher self-confidence helps one to accept the true extent of their capabilities and gain an optimistic approach towards the curveballs life might throw our way. Therefore, we at Podium bring to […]

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