How to Write an Essay

Essay writing is an important skill for all phases of life be it student life or later. To write a good essay, understanding the procedure of writing is important. To make a good essay, give it a structure that when followed can give a great experience to the writer as well as the reader.

What is an Essay?

The definition of an essay is a certain piece of write-up which describes a subject or an idea, validating its theories through benefits, problems, solutions, questions, and answers. Writing an Essay is required in various places like schools, colleges, and research institutes to portray an idea properly. The main body during writing an essay can be divided into further subheadings which gives clarity to the content.

Types of Essay

Essays can be broadly broken into types based on tone, language, content, and purpose. Details regarding each type of essay along with the process to write an effective essay is given below:

  • Descriptive 

 Descriptive essay as the name suggests is written for describing an event a place, or an individual. A descriptive essay has a tone of vivacious rather than bland. Many times, the language used is dynamic to make the reading more interesting. 

  • Research 

A Research essay is written to outline and give details of a research topic. The language and tone used are formal and analytical. Generally, research essays are written in the third person and contain references to previous research in the same field.

  • Literary 

 A literary essay is written to analyze a piece of literature or critical evaluation of a literary piece or as a comparative study of two literary works. The language used is creative with various quotes and intonations.

  • Persuasive 

A Persuasive essay is written to convince an idea to the reader. Headings like “pros and cons” or “benefits” are used to support the idea. Using headings like “problems” or “cons” give validity to the idea. Includes verdict based on personal opinion.

  • Expository

 An Expository type of essay gives a detailed description of the topic of the essay in a way that covers both positive and negative aspects. An expository essay should not be confused with descriptive or persuasive types of essays. The personal opinion of the author is included but there is no verdict.

How to write an essay?

  1. Choose a topic for writing an essay 

This is the first and most crucial thing to do before starting the writing. If being blank about the topic is the problem, then start with the purpose of writing an essay. Once the purpose of writing an essay is sorted, referring to the types of English essay writing is a good idea.

  1. Research the topic 

Once the topic is final, researching it is inevitable. This research includes quotations, statistics, and data related to the essay topic. Including tables, and visuals make the work of writing the essay easy. At this level, information is for personal use so any data that seems relevant should be noted. If the essay is on personal experience, jot down the whats, hows, and whys of the event.

  1. Sorting the information 

Once all the data is collected, sorting needs to be done to avoid confusion while writing the essay. Putting tags while sorting, makes the process easier. Sort what will go into relevant headings and sub-headings. In a personal essay writing format writing events and opinions in chronological order is to be done.

  1. Start writing 

Delaying the process any further will result in loss of information. Many facts and figures are written down while researching but many things are relevant but not noted down. 

  1. Prepare the structure 

To write a good essay, preparing a structure that involves writing down all the headings and sub-headings is important. Once the structure is ready, it is easier to fill in the details to describe the points.

Structure of an Essay:

Any essay writing format has Headings and sub-headings depending upon the type of essay. The structure mainly includes the following things:

Introduction of an essay, introduces the topic and it makes readers understand what will follow next in the essay. It is the first part to be read so make it powerful with appropriate phrases and quotations. The length of an introduction should be around one-fourth of an essay or less.

  • Description 

Description is the second part of an essay and gives details about the topic. The description is where headings and subheadings are included. Some interesting events during the life of that person. Mentions and details about what inspired that person. Biggest achievement or contribution to society by that person. Progress in steps and main struggles faced by the person. All this will make for an interesting description.

  • Conclusion 

Conclusion is simply a summary of all that is written in the Introduction and description. Care needs to be taken that it should not repeat words from the earlier paragraphs. Instead, a small fact that is not in earlier paragraphs can be used to it better. Make sure that the tone of the Introduction and description should match. If the Intro and description support some idea, the same needs to be done in the conclusion.

Top books to write essays

S. No.Book NameBook Description
1.Fundamentals of Essay Writing and Answer WritingBy Anudeep DurishettyFundamentals of Essay and Answer Writing is specifically designed to improve answer and essay writing skill in a short time.For a beginner, you will take considerable time to understand the nuances of the exam. The principles outlined in the book will help to overcome hurdles fast and easy.For a seasoned aspirant, find new tools to further develop and effectively improve the quality of answers.
2.Junior’s Handbook of Essays, Letters, Paragraphs and Precis Writing PaperbackThis book has been prepared to help students to develop their ability to structure their thoughts and ideas logically and enhance their writing abilities. The huge variety of subjects covered in the book will help the students to become better writers and pen down their thought more properly and confidently.
3.Essays and Letters for Senior Classes (Two Colour)This book is designed to cater to the need of the students at school level, college level, Boards and ready for recruitment toa variety of services throughout the country.
Essay Writing

Interesting Points about writing essays:

  • Maximum number of people have to do an English essay writing course to write good essays at academic levels.
  • Many students opt for content writing services to write essays for their assignments.
  • Writer’s dilemma is faced by everyone at some point in time.

End note

Writing an essay is not that hard if the right resources are used. Internet is at a fingertip and knowledge is everywhere. The essay writing format is like a magical quest where new questions emerge at every turn. Answering those questions with integrity is the utmost requirement. If this is all too much, help is always at hand with content writing services, which will help with college assignments and essay writing services. Get in touch with us for professional content writing for your requirements. Learn More

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