How to Improve your Blogging Skills?


Today the number of blogs online is as many as 600 million. If you aim to be one of those many blogs you are bound to have something special in your blog writing. Writing may be an art but blogging is a specialized skill. It requires an understanding of some unwritten rules and regulations that every writer should follow. If you are looking to stand out from the rest and create your own identity in the blog writing field you must have great communication skills. Along with the basic skill set, knowing the techniques of blog writing as well as following the basics is the key to success. The list of factors making a perfect blog may be so many but keeping in mind the essentials to improve the writing these 10 factors can be very helpful.

10 Tips that can improve your blog writing skills

1. Follow up the habit of good writing

Just like any other job, writing is a job that gets better with time. When one writes again naturally he improves as a writer over the years. Writing frequently is one thing but writing good content, again and again, is more important. Blogging is not creative writing most of the time it’s content writing. It has three important steps to making a habit of good writing.

(A) Research

Research is key to any information-providing work. Writing and especially blogging is not just presenting random Information based on the topic you write, it’s well-thought-out information that is very precise. So research is most important to be able to write good content.

(B) Notes

It may sound very simple but creating your notes always helps in creating a blog that has a bit extra from your side. If you carry the information that you feel is important to the topic you bring something new to the table making the content unique. It’s a very important element of blog writing skills.

(C) Bookmark the Source Information

You might come across different websites or videos or even some posts, it is a reference point that you would want to get back to while writing a final product. Sometimes it’s not just the data or findings but the approach of the reference content that can help you while blogging.

2) Understand the Basics

The basics of writing lie in two things: language and grammar are one of those things while other is making it personal and professional at the same time. You should be able to create a structure that gives the reader something new while keeping it formal and pointwise. There is no point in having great information which is not well distributed and has plenty of errors in writing and there is no point in having a great presentation without a strong base of content.

3) Use Proper Grammar

It is a misconception that having a good understanding of the English language and being comfortable speaking and writing makes one a great blog writer. In reality, though, being able to communicate in English doesn’t mean your fluent communication skills will be enough for readers to find your blog useful. If the grammar of the article is up to the mark then it makes people least interested in reading the article. Grammar is the spine of your body of writing, if it doesn’t work it doesn’t let you stand tall. You can always learn grammar rules and brush up on learned information using grammar guides, an Oxford guide can be referred to for grammar and vocabulary issues anytime.

4) Avoid distraction while Blogging

Distraction while writing. Writing may come across as a job that you love but it’s a job at the end of the day. Any job that comes your way needs complete attention and dedication from the person working on it. Losing focus while writing a blog can lead to a lack of quality and lack of clarity as well. A content writer is looking for a wide range of references. If the concentration is not on point, content from all the references can lead to being repetitive or it can lead to it being blank where there are only words with no strong meanings behind them. Keeping your phone away while writing can always help in giving your all to writing.

5) Bring up your Style

Amongst all the rules and techniques, blogging requires the writer to be being original. Now you might feel there is no content on the internet that is under the original content. The topics of blogs are indeed similar and many articles on the same topic are already there online. It’s not the knowledge but the style of the writer that makes people read the blog. If someone reads your blog from thousands of available blogs it means you have something different. It may be a unique presentation or perspective. You can make it your own. It’s not easy to discover your style initially as a writer but if you keep writing eventually you reach that stage where you are aware of your originality.

6) Evaluate your content while Blogging

It is very important to look at your content as a third party. If you are not being brutally honest with your blog writing you may get stuck at the same level as a professional. Compare the contents of similar topics of other bloggers. It gives you an idea of where you stand in terms of your blog writing skills.It is important to understand the difference between being unique and being ordinary. If you keep thinking that you write something original without evaluating the content, it is more likely that you will become ordinary and not write well.

7) Focus on the targeted audience

The target audience for blogsBlog writing is about so many diverse fields and it has a wide range of audiences If one article is about some discovery in the field of science while the other article is about some beauty tips the target audience for both blogs would be entirely different. It is therefore very important that each article targets its set of audiences, the most important hack about blog writing is that it should be written in a way that it is understood by all the readers across different age groups and education.

8) Work on technical things

Keywords and technical aspectsTechnical knowledge about writing content for the web is a must. Blogging may seem easy and flexible in its style. It does follow certain technical aspects, which include making use of the keywords, keeping the language simple, making shorter sections, using keywords and making those short titles that seem catchy to the readers. There are many videos on YouTube as well as articles which highlight technical aspects of writing for the web. These are a few points but you can search for information regarding technical aspects for improving your blog writing skills. You will find a lot of information online.

9) Remove fillers while Blogging

Availability of content is unlimited when it comes to web writing content. It makes the competition between the articles tough, if there is any point in your blog that feels like extra and you feel it doesn’t contribute to the information that you want to share you should remove it quickly without thinking a bit about it. One must search for the filler content that lies in any corner of the write-up. It should be removed as it affects the readability of the overall well-written blog. The standard way to identify fillers while blogging is to find the information repeating itself, again and again, it’s better to write less than just adding fillers to the content.

10) Review your blog

Blog writing is not just a personal expression that you can write without expecting its output. It is a commercial writing tool that expects outputs on an immediate basis. If something is expected to deliver it should be assessed by people before it reaches its final output stage. The same thing is done by the process of getting your blog reviewed, this review can be done by your colleague or a friend, someone who has knowledge and experience about the topic of discussion in the blog. It presents the writer with a fresh perspective and also minimises the errors before giving the article for publishing.

Blogging is one of the most luxurious professions of the 21st century, with the internet boom seen in the last few years. The importance of communication skills to attract customers for businesses, SEO plays big business in marketing. It is a perfect ingredient for the recipe for blog writing to succeed in the coming years. It is also an opportunity to establish yourself as a writer while staying completely remote and working on your terms. These all factors may look very attractive but if you lack the skill set then your writing may not take you anywhere. So do follow these factors to improve your writing and shine bright in this whole new world of opportunities.

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