What is the Difference Between Copywriting and Content Writing?

Copywriting and content writing – as synonymous as they sound, the contrasting they are. But what exactly are they?

Copywriting and Content Writing?

Content writing is typically for digital marketing, which includes planning, writing, and editing web content. It involves writing scripts, blogs, articles, and other content for particular platforms such as Twitter or Reddit.

On the other hand, copywriting is slightly different from content writing. It is a process of writing marketing and promotional content that motivates people to make a purchase, click on links, donate, or even schedule an appointment for a consultation.

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Difference Between Copywriting and Content Writing

Content Writers and Copywriters Difference
Content Writer and Copywriter Difference
  1. Content writing is a technique of writing in which you inform or educate, or provide some information to your audience or reader. While copywriting is a technique of selling products by persuading the audience to buy them.
  2. In content writing, the writer builds the trust of the audience toward any particular brand, a company, through his writing. On the other hand, copywriting is a short form of communication in which the writer helps the audience build interest in a particular item to buy it.
  3. In content writing, the writer prefers using techniques used to get the audience’s attention without mentioning the product name. However, copywriting is straightforward, and they use emotional and sentimental techniques to help people buy a product.
  4. Content writing is not selling a product; it is indirectly related to the selling of the products. While copywriting is to sell a product or encourage people to buy it. 
  5. Furthermore, content writing is mostly based on SEO because it drives traffic to the website. The writer has much SEO knowledge, and they help in generating traffic on the website. However, copywriting is not based on SEO because it is related to selling a service or any product. 

How to Become Content Writer / Copywriter? [Expalined in Detail]

Now that we know the difference between copywriting and content writing let’s have a look from a career perspective –

Content Writing

Content Writing Careers

1. Film Critic

As interesting and funny as this job profile may sound, but do not be mistaken that it is not an easy profession. It is much more than getting to watch a movie for free; in fact, you need to build an informative review and analyze it too. In addition, be aware that a great number of people are going to listen and trust your word.

2. News Reporter Journalism

It is one of the most famous professions that individuals look upon. If you can make up interesting questions to ask and draft a neat and intriguing storyline, you can opt for this career. You need to write an informative article that the audience would love to listen to.

3. News Writing

If you do not wish to face the camera while being a reporter, you can look into the details to become a news writer. News that is published in newspapers as articles or online on websites needs to be written outstandingly by news writers. Therefore, for this profession, a person with a bachelor’s degree in journalism is preferred.

4. Blogging

If you wish to do a different kind of writing style and topics, then blogging can be your cup of tea. However, the competition in this field is much more than you think. So, you need to be exceptionally best to make your mark as a blogger. You can either write blogs for different websites and pages or create your own website to write them.

5. Freelance Content Writer

If you do not wish to work under a particular firm or a company and entitle your services to one company alone, then you can be a freelance writer. As a freelancer, you will get the liberty to choose your own clients and work for them. However, it is a risky profession. Freelancers also have the opportunity to work from home too.

6. Technical Writer

From writing FAQs, instruction manuals, and how-to guides, there is a lot that a technical writer is responsible for in this field. You need to elucidate typical and complex facts into easily understandable English to be a technical writer. 

7. Magazine Writer

Creating content for various popular magazines that are published monthly is another prospect for content writers. You will have to produce content like stories or any articles for the magazine on a regular basis as per requirement.

Copywriting Careers

1. Freelance Copywriters

Practicing as a freelance copywriter is equivalent to establishing a new house from the ground level. A freelancer is their own boss and establishes their own freelance writing skills to different places on a contract basis as per requirement. Freelance copywriting can range from part-time to full-time jobs. 

2. Agency Copywriter

As an agency copywriter, you are responsible for using the advertising briefs of clients in producing original copy ideas that target potential audiences. This can include creating slogans, quotes, body copy, jingles and scripts, and much more. 

3. Corporate Copywriter

Corporate copywriting is typically the kind of writing that requires to be produced by a corporation or any firm. This may involve marketing material content, article, proposals, case studies, speeches, newsletters, brochures, magazine articles, websites, prospectuses, and many more.

4. Creative Copywriter

A Creative copywriter has to pen down the story in a short, interesting, and in punchy way that will catch the audience’s attention. They have to come up with quirky content and extremely different and creative concepts for ads and commercials. Even they have to create brand awareness among the audience.

5. Marketing Copywriter

One must have good knowledge and know-how to influence the target audience to be a marketing copywriter. These have to write ads and curate content considering the consumer’s needs. For example, preparing texts used in billboards and online ads.

Final words

Copywriting and content writing are similar yet different. Although both of them have an ample number of carrier opportunities and require the same type of skillset, their filing of applications is different. Now that you know the difference between copywriting and content writing, you are good to kick-start your carrier. The best way to begin the carrier is to start writing now. 

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