Author: Parvathy Anil

Kathak Dance

13 Basic Kathak Mudras for Beginners!

Since the Vedic period, mudra has been an important component of Indian tradition and culture. The mudra is a technique for using the body to explain and execute things in a way that everybody in the audience can understand. The word gesture has numerous definitions in the dictionary, but it has a unique meaning in […]

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Origami Classes

Origami 101: Lovely Origami Folds You Must Know About!

Even the most eye – catching origami masterpieces use the simplest folds. Each fold has its own label and form in this japanese traditional arts. In a multitude of ways, innovators meld these folds to craft paper creatures, cups, and structures. The word origami comes from the Japanese words ori and kami, which mean “folding” […]

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Calligraphy Classes

Copperplate Calligraphy 101: Here’s Everything You Need To Know!

When most people hear the word “calligraphy,” they probably think of copperplate calligraphy. Calligraphy accentuates the beauty and history of the written word by allowing you to see each word and phrase, similar to how a painting allows you to put words to the tale displayed. Handwriting and calligraphy are no longer taught in primary […]

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Art Classes

The Gouache Guide : Top 5 Gouache Brands To Look Out For!

Do you want to make fantastic paintings with a lot of saturation and good picture quality? Forget about using watercolours. You’ll need gouache paints for this. These have more opacity and colour vibrance than watercolour paints, and the matte finish is considerably more appealing. Gouache is a versatile paint that may be applied to nearly […]

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Modern Dance

Swing vs Jazz: What You Need to Know!

Some individuals consider swing and jazz to be two distinct elements. Some consider swing to be a sub-genre of jazz. Others saw ‘swing’ as just the logical progression of jazz in the 1920s and 1930s. You can provide a fairly easy answer or a very complicated answer while attempting to describe the differences between the […]

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Creative Writing Classes

What is Symbolism? All You Need to Know about Symbolism

Literary devices are tools in use by writers to create an entirely new and focused effect in their writing or to help readers understand their work more deeply. In literary works, they widely help in conveying or clarifying a point in a very creative manner. Authors also use these devices to get readers to connect […]

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Music Classes

Flute and Shehnai: What are the differences between Flute and Shehnai?

Wind instruments produce sound by a vibrating column of air, either employing a reed or a musician’s lips. These have a wide range of framework and sonority. Wind instruments also have an important role in all cultures’ music since prehistoric times. The pitch of these wind instruments varies depending on the manual settings and the […]

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Children's Books and Films

What are the Best Books For 7-Year-Olds? (Updated 2021)

Although they are too young to read independently, many 5-year-olds are beginning to open books. Those budding bookworms can be fussy about which titles they enjoy and which they don’t, even if they don’t understand what’s on the page. Fortunately, raising a reader is enjoyable, gratifying, and quite simple. So, to assist you in finding […]

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Classical Dance

Karnataka Dance Forms: 5 Amazing Dance Forms Of Karnataka

Karnataka, one of India’s several states, has made a significant contribution to Indian culture.  The influence of Karnataka has moulded the cultural worldview of India.The various dance styles that have their origins in Karnataka are one of the most important forms that the world witnesses today.  Karnataka’s dances are a reflection of the state’s diverse cultural landscape. Dances from both the folk and classical genres are popular in […]

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Public Speaking

Speech Delivery Techniques: How To Make Your Speech More Relatable!

Being relatable refers to your audience’s ability to connect with you, your speech, and your call to action. “Make or show a link between” is what the term relate means. Speakers who don’t connect with their audience risk losing their message or failing to make an effect. If the speaker is unapproachable, there may be […]

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