Creative Writing – The 21st Century Skill to Master for your Child

Quick Guide to Learn Creative Writing - Types of Creative Writing

Creative writing is among the trending vital skills of the 21st century. Writing is a form of art that connects with readers directly. In due course of time, writing as an art has evolved into various forms and styles. Each writing form has its own inherent values. Creative writing is a typical example of how the ancient writing style evolved into a much better and thought-provoking fashion in the 21st century.

And the art of writing is among the skills that are in most demand in the 21st century. It has become the centre of attraction for young passionate learners as they want to master this skill. Mastering writing in the 21st century adds value to your skillset; rather, it has several other advantages that make you shine differently in this competitive environment. Various scientific research proves that learning writing as a skill of the 21st century triggers creative thinking and improves the overall intellect. It offers several psychological benefits, such as an increase in the ability to withstand adverse situations in life. Therefore, Persons skilled in writing often remain calm and at peace.

creative writing
creative writing

What is Creative Writing?

Creative writing is more of an art rather than just a writing task. It is different from professional, journalistic or, academic forms of writing. Creative writing has a narrative tone and focuses on character development and plot production, such as in novels.

Creative writing includes several disciplines of writing. All of them have one thing in common: the involved creative thinking of the writer that helps establish a direct connection between the author and its readers. Following are the forms of writings that are included in creative writing.

Poetry and Prose-

Poetry writing is one of the classic examples of writing. It involves creative thinking over the elements of nature, life or, something that connects with the writer. Poetry reading also helps in developing the skill of creative thinking and writing.

Short stories and Novels-

Other great examples of creative writing are short stories and novel writing. These forms of writings focus on the narrative part of writing and include the development of characters because Creative thinking is the base that makes the foundation of writing.

Screenplay or Script-

Screenplay or Scripts are audiovisual displays of creatively written plots, therefore creative writing skill helps in the direction of a script or screenplay.

How is Creative Writing a skill of the 21st Century?

creative writing as the skill of the 21s century
creative writing as the skill of the 21s century

Creative writing is the most in-demand skill of the 21st century because it triggers creativity, intellect, and the thought processes in an individual. Learning writing makes an individual think creatively and increases the cerebral synaptic connections related to the processing of thoughts.

The 21st century has been witnessing a tremendous rise in the competitive aura across the business world. This huge competitive burst made a huge impact on the demand and supply chain of skills. Be it the traditional way of hiring individuals for different job roles or individuals looking out for business profiles. Every aspect is now changed in this realm of the 21st century. There are enough scientific pieces of evidence to support the fact that learning creative writing triggers the three Cs’, which are as follows-


Creativity is basically the ability to think and adapt innovations, uniqueness, and an ideology in whatever we do. It is now a proven fact that learning creative writing stimulates creative thinking centres of the brain, which are the hippocampus, and cerebellum.


Many socio-psychological research papers have already been published stating that learning creative writing helps in improving an individual’s conscience. In other words, it deepens our thinking ability and hence, provides a better state of peace to our mind.


Among all the other benefits of creative writing, the enhancement in communication is significant of all as learning creative writing improves communication and, hence, helps establish a better connection with society.

Understanding Creative writing as a 21st century skill

Creative writing is the most crucial skill in the 21st century. Hence, to implement the effective learning of creative writing as a skill of the 21st century, there is a progressive change happening in the basic curriculum of children. Educational institutes are now more focused on skill-based teaching methodology. As a result of which, there has been a substantial reduction in topics of curriculum that add zero value to skill learning. Moreover, the topics that deliver skill-based learning are now opted for teaching to the students. The modern educational institutes offer a plethora of new skill-based learning classes that helps in triggering the student’s creative thinking.

The 21st century is witnessing many technological advancements that assist the goal of serving skill-based education and learning to young minds. Some of those advancements include-

  • development of learning management systems
  • post learning analysis and feedback systems
  • digital literacy enhancement programs
  • group discussions based on thouhgt provoking topics
  • interactive communication tools

10 Benefits of Creative writing for your child

benefits of creative writing

Creative writing and learning this extremely vital skill of the 21st century both have several social and psychological benefits to your child. Some of them are as listed below-

Triggers Creativity and thought processing-

Creative writing triggers the amygdala and other higher brain centres responsible for the stimulation of creative thinking. Learning creative writing skills helps in developing an ability to think innovatively and in a unique fashion. Creative writing triggers the release of some chemicals such as serotonin in our body that causes generalized growth of our intellect.

Improves communication at social and individual levels-

Many psychological studies were conducted to determine the effect of learning creative writing. And they concluded that learning creative writing enhances communication skills at both individual and social levels. Your child will develop a sense of community participation while learning creative writing.

Growth of emotional intelligence-

Emotional intelligence is the term used nowadays for self-conscience and self evaluator state of our mind. Scientific papers are claiming the rise in self-conscience upon learning creative writing. Creative writing helps in unleashing the hidden potential of your child by developing his state of mind.

Develop resilience-

Another benefit of learning creative writing for your child is that it helps develop resilience and strength in the community. Creative writing enhances the community skills of your child.

Encourages Imagination-

It is said that imaginations are the fuel to your brain. The process of learning creative writing makes your child go through the development of imagination power. Hence, it tricks the brain into thinking and imagining more creatively and innovatively.

Boosts Confidence-

Writing as an artform has an intrinsic quality to enhance the confidence of the artist, the writer. Making your child learn creative writing consequently helps in boosting his morale and confidence to express and communicate his views.

Incorporates artistic values-

Another very good benefit of learning creative writing as a skill of the 21st century is that it leads to the incorporation of several artistic values in your child. While learning creative writing, the brain goes through series of thoughts and imaginations, leading to creativity. This results in your child being more patient, calm, and gentle to the community.

Enhance reading skills-

The process of learning creative writing indirectly improves our reading skills as well. Thus, it makes the coordination between reading and writing more efficient and smooth.

Clarifies the thought processes-

Thought clarification is another advantage of learning creative writing for your child. The neurotransmitters released during the process of writing creatively improve the conduction of action potentials across the synaptic junctions, making the thoughts more simplified.

Improves mental, physical and emotional health-

Learning creative writing serves as another important benefit for your child Because it improves the overall mental, physical, and emotional health of your child. There are enough pieces of scientific papers to prove that a sound brain rests in a physically fit body.

Podium School- An amazing platform for learning creative writing

Podium school is the perfect stop for resolving all your queries about learning creative writing. Therefore, we have developed cutting-edge quality courses for learning creative writing for your child. Our educators focus on simplifying the teaching and making it more creative by using innovative techniques. We believe that to make your child learn creative writing, the teaching should also be in a creative way. To quote,

Creativity nurtures Creativity.

Final Thoughts-

Learning creative writing is beneficial for your child in several ways. It helps in boosting self-morale and confidence. Therefore, Creative writing has now become an essential skill that needs to be get acquainted with to survive in this competitive realm of the 21st century.

Podium School is the perfect platform to choose for your child to learn creative writing efficiently. The courses for learning creative writing have been developed by subject matter experts skilled in creative writing. Thus, educators at Podium school focus on incorporating artistic skills into your child utilizing creative teaching.


What are some benefits of creative writing?

Creative writing offer several benefits including enhancing the communication skills and developing the innovatively thinking processes. The benefits of learning creative writing for your child have been discussed in the article.

What is creative writing for kids?

Creative writing for kids simply aim at making them think and write creatively. Consequently, it involves tricking brain into innovative thinking. Creative writing and its benefits for kids have already been discussed in the article.

Why do we teach children to develop creative writing?

Creative writing is among the most crucial skills of the 21st century. Teaching children develop creative writing hasplethora of advantages. while developing creative writing in children, they tend to think more innovatively and thus, it helps in bringing novelty to their work.

What is the importance of writing skills in the 21st century?

Writing skills are the center of attraction in the world of the 21st century. Among all the other writing skills, creative writing is the most crucial one as it helps in overall mental, physical, and, emotional development of the kid.

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