Day: January 12, 2021


Know Everything About these 5 Bharatanatyam Postures

The very essential step in the learning of the Bharatanatyam dance form includes the learning of the various Bharatanatyam postures. Without postures, this dance form holds no meaning. Attaining and learning the right Bharatanatyam posture is a matter of giving time perseverance and just practice and is extremely helpful in adding finesse to the dance […]

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“Learn Kathak Dance” for beginners made easy (Online guide on How to learn kathak)

To learn Kathak dance, it is very important to understand a bit of history, the genesis and various elements of this dance form. Kathak is one of the most significant forms of classical dances in India. The origin of this dance form happened because of the “kathakars” or the storytellers. The kathakars were mainly the […]

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