10 Best Ruskin Bond Books for Children

When a kid opens a book for the first time, he or she enters a world that is enjoyable, enlightening, and just mystical. Children can experience something in their thoughts before it happens to them in real life thanks to books. Books reveal the inner workings of numerous views and demonstrate that there are multiple ways to see the world. These greatly aid us to understand others by forming connections and broadening our capacity to empathise.

In addition to this, books also assist children in preparation for the next stage of development by preparing them vicariously for the “grown-up” world.

Children’s Books by Ruskin Bond are indeed a joy to read. While growing up, we would have all come across his works or stories in our textbooks or libraries, connecting us all closer to life in the hills. He is one of India’s most creative and beloved authors, has an unrivaled reputation in the literary world!

Who Is Ruskin Bond?

Bond is a fantastic writer, wrote and published nearly 500 short stories, essays, and novels

Pretty much every single child is not only familiar with but also adores the name, Ruskin Bond!

Ruskin Bond is a British-born Indian novelist who is well-known in India for his contributions to the fostering of children’s literacy. He is a fantastic writer, wrote and published nearly 500 short stories, essays, and novels. He’s also the writer of over 50 children’s books and two autobiographies.

He says “I had a pretty lonely childhood and it helps me to understand a child better”. Being born pre-independence, a lot of his work reflects his experiences in the ever-changing social, economical and political phases.

Bond’s early years in life were spent in the hills, which influenced his writing style. The beauty of the stories by Ruskin Bond is that he manages to create a magical space in the reader’s mind. Before you know it, he escapes it with an ever-lasting moral.

Bond’s Journey As A Writer

As a young man, he supported himself by freelancing, penning short tales and poems for newspapers and periodicals.

He sought comfort in reading and writing, and at the age of 16, he penned one of his first short stories. He then went to the United Kingdom in search of better possibilities, but he decided to return to India after a few years. As a young man, he supported himself by freelancing, penning short tales and poems for newspapers and periodicals.

He was approached by Penguin Books a few years later, and they published many collections of his work, helping him establish himself as a popular novelist in India. In 1999, he received the Padma Shri, and in 2014, the Padma Bhushan. His best-selling novel ‘The Blue Umbrella’ was remade into a Hindi film of the same name that earned the National Film Award for Best Children’s Film in 2007.

Blue umbrella official trailer

What Is The Age Range For Ruskin Bond Books?

It’s no mystery that his works appeal to children and teenagers alike. The books of Ruskin Bond are a treasure that no reader should overlook. The author has a humorous and innovative writing style. Furthermore, he connects with the reader as he writes, and the reader finds a buddy in the book. His stories also cover topics such as environmental preservation and the importance of flora and wildlife, which are excellent lessons for children to learn.

However, you are misinformed if you assume that his work is only for children. Bond’s literary collection contains stories that are suitable for adults as well as children and young adults. To get you going on exploring the beauty and diversity of his work, here’s a list of a few of his adult-friendly novels.

  • Time Stops At Shamli
  • A Flight Of Pigeons
  • The Sensualist
  • Delhi Is Not Far
  • Landour Days
  • Death Under The Deodars
  • Lone Fox Dancing
  • Love Among the Bookshelves
  • Tales of the Open Road
  • The Little Book of Comfort

Features Of Ruskin Bond’s Writing Style

Bond’s father was essential in instilling in him a love of reading and writing, which impacted his artistic abilities later on. According to the author’s own words, he has had this practise since boyhood. This is in keeping with Bond’s personal themes. In Bond’s writings, nature plays a significant role. It also serves as a silent character in his stories, forming the backdrop. The natural environs of northern India and the Himalayan foothills are romantically described by Bond.

Ruskin bond on Writing in Lockdown

Bond portrays nature as a living being in which animals play a significant role. His writing style is different in that it uses well polished words to try to convey the landscape and ethos to the reader. His works have garnered him widespread critical recognition as well as a devoted fan following across the literary world.


Ruskin Bond Books for Children

We’ll present you to some of the finest Ruskin Bond books in this piece, which you should read at least once in your life. His writing style is beautifully eloquent, and he creates an image in the mind of his readers. As a result, this ensures an instant connection with the tale.

Therefore, let’s waste no time and dive in to find out the top 10 reads by our very own, Ruskin Bond.

  • The Hidden Pool
  • The Tree Lover
  • The Cherry Tree
  • The Blue Umbrella
  • Rusty, The Boy from the Hills
  • Grandfather’s Private Zoo
  • Ghost Trouble
  • Cricket for Crocodile
  • Dust on the Mountain
  • The Thief

The Hidden Pool

The Hidden Pool

The story of an English boy Laurie who moves to India, to the hills where his father is posted for two years in a clear depiction of Ruskin Bond’s notable literary style which is connected to the hilly regions of India.

This is the story of three friends Laurie, Kamal, and Anil who introduce each other to their unfamiliar worlds and bond with each other. During this bonding period, Laurie tells them about the hidden pool which is one of the area’s biggest secrets. They explore the pool together and this is where they plan their extravagant trip to the Pindari Glacier. Hence, on the slopes of the beautiful mountains, they learn the true meaning of friendship and how trust is the glue that holds it all together.  

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The Tree Lover

The Tree Lover

Another one of Ruskin Bond’s marvelous writings, The Tree Lover is an autobiography of a boy named Rusty and his grandfather and nature. The narrative is about trees and how they love you when you love them wholeheartedly, as the title indicates.

The grandfather teaches his grandson that when you put forward unconditional love towards nature, nature gives it back to you. The watercolour illustrations in the book create an extra charisma that seems appealing to both kids and adults. It gave a little pizazz to this brief book, but the prose, as all Bond lovers know, is straightforward and descriptive, and the reader is treated to a beautiful experience.

It’s a must-read since it’s a wonderfully designed book that’s appropriate for both youngsters and adults who are still young at heart.

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The Cherry Tree

The Cherry Tree

The Cherry Tree by Ruskin Bond is a story on survival and resilience. The cherry tree, like humans, faces difficulties in life. The tree, on the other hand, demonstrates tenacity and the ability to persevere in the face of adversity. It teaches the children all about how a tree goes through its struggle while growing up as does a person but withstands adversities and has the strength to endure it.

It also communicates the affection that Rakesh has for his tree and how with care and nurture he helps the tree grow to its full potential. Even when the going becomes difficult, he never abandons his tree. Thus, demonstrating the commitment required to build strong and lasting bonds of affection and compassion.

The ability to start something new and help it attain its full potential is another motif in the novel. Rakesh contributes to the cherry tree’s growth by toiling and persevering.

Rakesh is proud of the cherry tree in the same way that a parent is proud of his or her child!

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The Blue Umbrella

The Blue Umbrella

A moral-based story specifically for people who are more attached to the materialistic world. It is a story about a small, poor girl who falls in love with an expensive blue umbrella. She gives up her precious lucky charm to obtain it. When she shows it to the villagers, a greedy shopkeeper tries to steal it from her. But unfortunately, his intentions come to light, and people in the village start disliking him because of what he tried to do.

Yet, the little girl because of her kindness lends it to the shopkeeper. During this time she realizes that her happiness did not only come from having the beautiful umbrella. Rather it came from being around the people she loved the most, her family and the villagers. The love for material comes and fades away with time, but the love for people stays for life.

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Rusty, The Boy from the Hills

Rusty, the Boy from Hills

A diversion from all moral-based stories, this story of a boy who lives with his grandparents in pre-independence Dehradun is filled with thriller experiences. He goes through a series of events from encountering ghosts in his garden to escaping enemy bombardment while visiting his father in Java. An uncertain situation forces him to eventually leave his hometown and he starts on a completely unfamiliar journey!

This first in a series of Rusty stories follow Rusty’s development from early childhood to early adolescence. It is a fascinating read for both younger and older children. This collection of practically autobiographical stories oozes the numerous scents of nature, parades people’s quirks, and reveals the coarseness of a troubled life through the eyes of a young kid. It’s amusing, attractive, and elicits certain emotions from Rusty’s idyllic environment!

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Grandfather’s Private Zoo

Grandfather’s Private Zoo

One of Ruskin Bond’s most famous tales among children, it depicts the behaviour of birds and animals brought home. The protagonist’s grandfather has a love for keeping animals at their house, forming a private zoo whereas grandmother abhors the idea of it. This story revolves around the experiences of these zoo animals when brought home.

If you’re a regular reader of Ruskin Bond books, you’re probably aware of his attempts to conserve the environment. This story, too, emphasises the need of saving and caring for nature and its associated species, such as birds, reptiles, and animals, and that the responsibility begins with children and youth.

Here, Bond’s major objective is to introduce the animal world to the children. And also, how they can be affectionate towards both- The Fauna and The Flora. Children are fascinated by animals, whether they are in a zoo or in the jungle. The goal of the novel is to introduce youngsters to the animals that live in and around us, in zoos, and in the deep, dark jungles. It also provides insight into animal behavioural patterns!

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Ghost Trouble

Ghost trouble

Sounds a little spooky, doesn’t it? Worry not! This humorous tale of a mischievous ghost Pret will have your child all cracking up. Pret who lives in the Peepal tree of the village performs silly tricks to have a little fun yet does not cause any harm. Although, due to commercial purposes the tree is cut down and Pret tries to take refuge in a nearby and home and befriends the young boy living there. Thus, the rest is what happens with this turn of events.

Ruskin Bond quietly calls for the preservation of nature in most of his stories and books. This cites the implications when trees in the city or surrounding jungle regions are cut down for commercialization and personal themes. People usually associate ghosts with horrifying and terrifying tales, but Ruskin Bond has simply personified the spirit to tell a lovely tale that children and adults alike enjoy. The plot is attractive through simple with captivating narration.

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Cricket for Crocodile

Cricket for Crocodile

This story explores the concept of what happens when humans disturb animals and their natural habitats. The story is about a crocodile, more lovingly known as Nakoo-Ji. The village boys usually bullied him with their tricks and played cricket near the river bank which disturbed and inflicted anger in his mind. This leads him to jump out of the lake to eat some of the human flesh!

It’s a charming depiction that conveys a vital point about why humans and wild animals can’t coexist. Both of their opinions and aspirations can never settle on the same basis. They will be upset by each other’s presence in one way or another. Humans occupying too much of nature is an alert to wild creatures. They’d battle tooth and nail to recapture their rights.

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Dust on the Mountain

Dust on the Mountain

The precious nature resides in the laps of our Mother Earth and it is our duty to protect it by hook or by crook. So tells the tale by Ruskin Bond in an audience-engaging manner through the eyes of this little young boy who too loves the environment and realizes the need to protect it when he comes across its destruction for industrial purposes.

Ruskin Bond’s Dust on the Mountain delicately depicts the troubling subject of deforestation on the mountains as a result of modernity. From the start, you’ll be enamored with the story’s simplicity. You’ll find yourself rooting for the young protagonist, who is hopeful, honest, and immensely adorable!

And, true to his incredible story-telling abilities, The Dust On The Mountain has a distinct voice that lingers long after you’ve finished reading it. But somehow the exquisite element of this book is the message it sends out, strong and proud. A message that is both everlasting and relevant!

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The Thief

The thief

Last but not the least, another one of Bond’s famous stories for children. It is about a 15-year- old thief, the protagonist of the story who meets a boy named Arun at a wrestling match. As he is a thief and always on the run, he finds the opportunity to work for Arun to seek shelter as his home. She does all the odd jobs and in turn, Arun teaches him to read and write. One day, when the thief robs Arun and tries to run away his conscience brings him back because of the trust, knowledge, and guidance given to him by Arun.

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Why should we read works by Ruskin Bond?

For his pieces of literature, Ruskin Bond has garnered numerous prizes and honours. In India, he is acknowledged as one of the finest children’s authors. His work is known for its endearing characters and stunning depictions of nature and the Indian terrain. Ruskin Bond teaches us that the appeal of any plot is in the elegance of the writing style and the scope of the nature of the content.

Which of Ruskin Bond’s stories is the best?

Ruskin Bond wrote several works that are very well worthwhile to read. However, among all of his innovations, there are two that you should not overlook!
Ruskin Bond’s masterwork of adolescence and coming of age is The Room on the Roof. It was written when the author was seventeen and perfectly portrays the hopes and passions that captivate the minds and hearts of young people. Moreover, it is Bond’s most beloved novel, and it is a poignant story of love and friendship.
The Blue Umbrella has received widespread acclaim from readers and critics alike and is considered one of Ruskin Bond’s best works. Although this is a brief tale, the moral lessons it imparts to us are profound.

Which of the following is Ruskin Bond’s first novel?

His first book, The Room on the Roof, was a semi-autobiographical tale about Rusty, which he wrote when he was seventeen years old in 1951. It also managed to earn him the John Llewellyn Rhys Prize in 1957.

What is Ruskin Bond’s most recent work, which was published in 2021?

With stories, poetry, memoirs, and essays, “Writing for My Life” offer a glimpse into the diverse worlds of Ruskin Bond, India’s most cherished novelist. This book is full of beauty and joy, as it captures childhood fantasies, anecdotes from Rusty and his friends, the Ripley-Bean mystery, accounts of his life with his father, and his travels in Jersey and London, among other things.

Did Ruskin Bond write poems?

Among his writings are many novels, approximately 500 short stories and articles, essays, poems, and children’s books. Some of his poems include:

Final Thoughts

Ruskin Bond books are known for their bright and brilliant stories brimming with confidence and the positive side of life. Though Bond is most famous for his children’s books, he has also authored works in other genres, including horror, romance, and poetry. Many more such short stories and novels have been written by Ruskin Bond. Both adults and children must give it a read!

Reading is amongst the most important skills for children to learn in order to succeed. These skills are not only useful in the classroom, but they are also important for long-term success.

Start by reading more if you want to be a brilliant writer. As a result, aspiring writers who establish good reading habits can earn much from the books they read. Therefore, actively reading will help you find creative writing tactics, word choice techniques, and syntactic control that you’ll want to use in your own work.

If you are keen to learn to write like Ruskin Bond himself, do check out Podium School’s Creative Writing course. Also, consider enrolling to enhance your writing skills and lay the groundwork to becoming a successful writer!

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