Day: January 24, 2021


What are 7 Kathak levels and exams? What is the right age to learn Kathak?

Take a plunge into the graceful world of Kathak by knowing more about 7 Kathak Levels.Introduction to KathakKathak is an exquisite and graceful Indian classical dance form that is adorned by a plethora of hand movements, extensive footwork, and flawless facial expressions. It finds its origin in the culture of travelling bards or Kathakaars meaning […]

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Sitar Instrument – Overview, Facts and Types

What is a Sitar?Sitar is a commonly used stringed instrument in South Asian countries such as Bangladesh, India, and Sri Lanka. The Sitar instrument is a plucked stringed instrument that contains movable frets and a gourd resonator. “Sitar” is derived from the Persian word “Sehtar”(seh+tar) meaning “three-stringed”. Sitar received its name because the first used […]

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