Day: October 31, 2021

importance of cooking
Personality Development

What are the Amazing Benefits of Learning Cooking for Your Child?

Gone are the days when children were excluded from the kitchen because they were too young to handle things. Today’s hands-on parenting style demands that children are adept at basic life skills which include cooking and cleaning. Children stand to achieve much from learning how to cook- right from an increase in creative skills, hand […]

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Classical Dance

10 Classical Dances From Rajasthan – All you need to know

India is known throughout the world for its cultural diversity . However, when we talk about the quintessential royal fare complete with elephant rides, colourful lehengas and brilliant naths- Rajasthan immediately comes to the fore. Known as the Royal Haven of India, though Rajasthan is an arid state, it brims with cultural richness, Folk dances […]

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Know About These Awesome Korean Music Facts for Kids

In 2021, the Hallyu Wave has reached its highest point with Korean Music, K-Dramas, and Korean food. Globally, ever since groups like BTS, Blackpink and NCT 127 have appeared on the international music scene, the popularity of Korean Music has only skyrocketed.Comprising numerous comebacks within a year, catchy songs and sharp dance moves. Korean Music […]

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Children's Books

Know About These Top 7 Christmas Books Your Kids Will Love Reading!

Christmas has a unique meaning for children, and they look forward to it the most. How should they not? They do, and besides, receive gifts from Santa Claus. But Christmas spirit is about more than just giving gifts and decorating the house. Your children will be on vacation throughout the Christmas season and will most […]

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online classes

Online vs Offline Classes: Know Which is Better for Kids and How?

The pandemic has brought in an enormous shift in the world of the education system. The lockdowns around the world have led to the shutdown of schools, universities, and colleges everywhere. This led to making online education the new norm. Both online and offline education have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. And there […]

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